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Michael saved my marriage

"He showed me the way men express their love."
"All this time my husband did Love me! After taking Michael's course we moved back in together and have been happy ever since. Thank you Michael. Now I understand."

Julie Ng - Salon Owner, San Rafael California


Took the first half of the course with Mike and was in awe. I learned so much and had several moments where I was struck, as I finally understood something that had happened in my past. This course is well worth the cost. It’s unlike any other course that I’ve ever taken and I feel that it’s benefitted me more than any other course. It’s fun, exciting, and rewarding!

I'm Definitely coming back to finish this course!



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It's so much more than just meeting girls and relationships. It's about Enjoying Life and having fun too!! 


Mike Kollin is a PowerHouse of Wisdom

Happy Man with a short Beard | Relationship Coaching

Hello Everyone...

I cannot express in complete words the amazingly powerful knowledge, and self empowering teachings Mike Kollin has shared with me.

He is a powerhouse of easy, simple, and practical wisdom.
I have a long history of uncertain doubt within myself, and had always found this to be my achilles heel in creating the life I have always desired to live.

Mike guided me into a way of rethinking, and understanding this life we all live. Mikes knowledge is life giving, and life altering in a way that promotes empowering ourselves to live a life of self mastery.

I no longer look at my life or for that matter other peoples lives with doubt, and fear. I am fully realizing the many possibilities each, and everyone of us have, and how to easily utilize this knowledge to benefit each of us fully, and completely.

I fully, and wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in breaking through the blocks that might be holding you back in achieving your dreams, and desires to communicate with Mike Kollin, and take that next step in living a better, stronger, and more fulfilled life..Thanks Mike

- David Garcia on Dec 02, 2018




Blew my doors off       

New Zealand Guy in Blue Shirt | Dating Relationship Coaching

This book blew my doors off.

It connected the dots of half baked "pick-up" ideas that seemed to apply sometimes,

Experiences that I'd put down to "some women are just crazy" became clear to understand.

After reading this I felt a lot more confident in relating to a women that was authentic to both me and them.

If I'd read just one book right at the beginning - I wish it had been this one.

Karl G. - Entrepreneur - Advanced Psychological Children's Teaching Techniques  New Zealand / Japan, Sep. 28, 2017


Come Learn the Secrets to Understanding Women



"This is the Most Amazing course I have ever taken in my life! I've never experienced anything like this!"

David P. 22, Computer Science Engineer - Silicon Valley / San Francisco California



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"Make Her Chase You"

Have Fun and Learn the Secret Arts to "Making her Chase you" It's Fun, it's easy and it is Life Changing! Save your Marriage, Meet the Girl of your Dreams!
Meet some of my former & current Clients.


Knowing what women want


"Knowing what women want Blew My Mind!! This course is Absolutely Genius. There's nothing on the Planet Like it. I know, I've taken all the Pickup artist and Dating courses on the planet. Now I know. If you want to Save your Marriage or meet the girl of your Dreams, You have to Take Mike Kollin's Courses! Thank you Mike Kollin. You sir are a genius."
- Adam W. Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Gym Owner - London, UK


"Step into your Power" Life Coaching   Awesome Fun Chasing Girls
                  "Come out and Have Some Fun"


 One of a kind. 
"Mind Blowing! This course is Awesome! If you want to Understand and Feel Comfortable with women and Learn how to Attract Women to you, you have to take Mike's course!"
- Abhinav Kumar. - Asst. Trainer, San Francisco, Ca. 


How to Make Her Chase You


"This is Life Changing and Empowering. This is The Game Changer. After I read "Crack The Female Code, I saw the Light."

- David Garcia -  Kombucha Maker / Product Developer - Chico California


How to Love & Understand Women

 "You have to take this course! This course is Eye Opening and Life Changing. Trust me, Buy his book "Crack The Female Code" first and see for yourself! Mike's course on Dating and Relationships is the Core of how to Understand and Love Women. So glad I took Mike Kollin's Course.

- Mark S. - Masters in Psychology - Counselor


Learning Dating tips & How to Meet Women is Fun!Sausalito California Learning How to Pick up Girls
                                 In Sausalito California
"This Far Surpasses anything and everything I have learned in 15 years of studying Dating tips and Relationship coaching and Pickup artist courses! This stuff is Powerful! You won't learn this in a Pickup Artist or Dating tips Book or course!"
– Eric M. Roofing Contractor - Detroit, MI.


Learning Dating, Marriage & Communication skills work.

 "So you want to know how to Meet and Understand women? Take Mike's Course. He'll Show you how!" 

- Desiree H. - Marketing / Hotel Director - Florida


Master the art of Picking up on WomenHow to talk to women comfortably
"Learn to to be a Master at Picking up Women"

 "Hahaha... Mike knows how to talk. That's all I am going to say!!" - Cindy - Hooters Waitress San Francisco Ca. 


"You have to Read this book. If you want to finally understand women for the first time in your entire life, Read this 1 Book and the Answers will be Revealed to you."

- Steve R. Business Owner - Napa Ca.

"Mike Kollin is an Extremely intuitive Healer, Coach and Teacher. He is one of a Kind. He is right. I came to him for what I thought was how to meet women. He told me, 'You are here to find your "SELF And YOUR INTERNAL POWER!"' And I did. Thank you."

 -Mark H. SEO / Web Developer - Burlingame, Ca. 

"Make her Chase you"  Elite Dating Tips And Relationship Coaching!

Get Real Life Results through making Real Life changes Fast!!


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