Mike Kollin

Emotional Healing Specialist

Emotional Healing Specialist

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Are you Feeling Lost, Drained and Emotionally Empty?

Do you Feel completely Stuck and nothing else has actually worked with Real Life Results that last?

Is it almost as if the meaning of life has just been sucked right out of you and you can't feel the joy and fullness of life anymore?


I can Help you Reconnect with who you truly are by guiding your energy back into the Greater you inside, reconnecting you to a much calmer, more emotionally grounded state of mind allowing your emotions to open back up again and flow naturally!

I have been specializing in Emotional Healing and have been helping both men and women for over 30 Years with Tremendous Results.

Say Good Bye to Stress! Say Good bye to being Stuck in Life! And Get Ready to get Back on Track in a Happy, Emotionally Free and Emotionally Fulfilling Way! Life can be Better, a Lot Better!

I will Help you to Open up and Fully Embrace and Reconnect with who you truly are on the inside to Finally Feel Emotionally Free and Emotionally Grounded and Connected in a way that is deeply relaxing, calming and emotionally fulfilling!

Complete Emotional Release from within!

This will release all your Pent up Tensions and Emotions in a way that allows you to experience a Full and Complete Emotional Release that allows your entire body to relax into the moment where the Energy Flows through you and into you from Head to toe so you can let go and Completely relax into life again!

Come Experience Unconditional Love and Emotional Healing

NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, Huna, Pranic Healing, Communication Expert and Consciousness Coach, Specializing in Communication between Men and Women!

30 Years Professional Experience!







Narcissist Abuse

And Much more... 


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Pat Ebert
Thank you

Mike, Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I have been doing different therapy’s over the years. The way you work really encompasses all of the different techniques of the different types of therapist that are out there. You really do bridge the gape between all of them.

Working with you even over the phone it was much easier to continue grounding and breathing through the emotions as they come in the different waves like the sea. It’s crazy to think I can be crying one moment to laughing the next. Thank you for also validating me and helping me to see and feel the bright ball of light inside.