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Mike Kollin

Healing from Narcissist Abuse

Healing from Narcissist Abuse

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Healing from Narcissist Abuse for Good!

I will Help you Get out of Emotionally Traumatic Situations and Help you to Heal Emotionally and Change your Life forever! This will be an Empowering Experience that Makes you Stronger, more Confident and More Self Sufficient!

Mike Kollin is a Professionally Trained Life Coach, NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy and I Specialized in Emotional Healing and Energy Healing! I have a Life Time of experience Dealing with Narcissist and Narcissist Abuse on a Personal Level! 

I have over 41 Certifications and 30+ Years of Professional Experience in helping people heal emotionally and spiritually! It's time to heal!

I have Personally Suffered from Narcissist Abuse for a Long Time and I Understand the Extreme Hurt, Fear, Damage and Emotional Pain and Suffering that comes from this form of Abuse!

I Understand the Severity of Emotional Abuse, Trauma and Emotional Fear that goes with Narcissist Abuse!

With the Right Coaching and Healing, Recovering from Narcissist Abuse is very Possible and can be Extremely Empowering and Life Changing!

Recovering from Narcissist Abuse is a Spiritual Battle that We will Win Together!

I've been in the Healing business for over 30 Years! You will Heal Emotionally and Find your Inner Strength and Confidence again!

Give us a Call and Let's Talk about your Situation and Let's Deal with it Effectively in a Powerful way so you Can Heal from this and Finally Move on with your life in a Powerful and Creative way!

415 747 8598 


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