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Mike Kollin

Healing from Narcissist Abuse

Healing from Narcissist Abuse

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Ending the Narcissist Abuse Nightmare for Good!

I will Help you Get out of Emotionally Traumatic Situations and Help you to Heal Emotionally! This will be the most Empowering Experience of your life! This will make you Stronger, more Confident and more Self Sufficient!

Healing and Coaching Sessions via:

: In Person

: Phone / WhatsApp 

: Zoom

: Remote Healing Sessions

: Small Groups

Heal Your Emotions | Unleash Your Power

I have Personally Suffered from Narcissist Abuse for a Long Time and I know How to Get you out of this Nightmare!

Mike Kollin is a Professionally Trained Life Coach, NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy and Specializes in Emotional Healing, Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing! I have a Life Time of experience Dealing with Narcissists and Narcissist Abuse on a Personal Level! 

41+ Certifications and 30+ Years Professional Experience in helping people Heal Emotionally and Spiritually!

Recovering from Narcissist Abuse is a Spiritual Battle that We will Win Together!

With the Right Coaching and Healing, Recovering from Narcissist Abuse is very Possible and can be Extremely Empowering and Life Changing!

This is a 1 on 1 Coaching and Healing Sessions!

Call Now and Let's Talk about your Situation and Let's Deal with it Effectively in a Powerful Way!

Fight Back!

415 747 8598


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Louis Piazza
I feel lighter, i can stand up and say no more.

I spoke with Mike for 2 hours. i feel a little lighter. With my life situations i felt limited, powerless, and optionless. Mike showed me a its ok to say no. After this coaching with Mike I have found my voice. Its up to me to keep using it.I can fight back. One thing Mike said its about intention. I have to set it,,,,for me several times a day. and have fun!!!!

Claudia S. - Italy
You will make the world a better place! ❤️

Hi Mike, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience at the dentist. My heart opened widely hearing this and that a man is able to feel this. It made me cry of joy❤️.Yes, the world should be like this. Thank you for your beautiful session Mike. It was the best session I ever had. I am aware more of my inner child now : she is so in pain also because all the good and beautiful things ,the talents God have her were supressed and she was punished for her talents and gifts. It's time to let her express all of that. Thank you so much. You have the talent working and understanding on mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level at the same time, you got the whole picture. I hope that many people can profit from your talent. It would make the world a better place.God bless you ❤️❤️❤️

Claudia S.
Empathy and competence.

Mike is working on mental,emotional, spiritual and energetical level and this is very powerful. He really knows what and how deep narcissistic abuse goes. Thank you so much Mike. I am so greatful.With only one session you get me out of the cognitive dissonance, you gave me the tools I need to work with. I feel my own presence in my body again. God bless you, Claudia

Rick Clark
I'm literally crying ❤️

This message was for me.....and this is precisely how God communicates with His sons and daughters. Thank you Mike.....your words. I'm literally crying

Sincerely, Rick

You're Welcome Rick!
'Happiness, Joy and Emotional Freedom!'

Rick Clark
You are giving me back what was stolen from me! ❤️

Mike. This was such a great message - I can't even tell you how much this particular message means to me! God bless you Mike. You are giving me back what was stolen from me by a very terrible person who "claims" she's a great Christian, yet tell me she thinks "[I] will not see Heaven"! What a terrible, pure evil person I WAS in love with!
.....tears of joy here! Thank you Mike....🙏

Sincerely, Rick

You got it Rick! I am glad this has helped you reclaim your Happiness, Heart and Power!

Narcissists used Advanced Word Salad Technique to Destroy You | Destroying Narcissist Abuse 💥