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Mike Kollin

Stop Struggling and Start Thriving!

Author, Speaker, Professionally Trained Life Coach, Elite Dating and Relationship Coach, Communication Expert and Former Boxing, Kickboxing and Wrestling Champion, I.K.F. / ISKA Fighter and Warrior!

NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, Master Practitioner of HNLP, Certified in Reiki, Huna and Pranic Healing!

Awesome Inc. is a Personal Development / Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Emotional Healing Business - That gets you Results!

"Live an Awesome Life and Kickass in 2022"

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Image of Beautiful Napa Valley at Sunset in the Summer. A Beautiful View of the Grape vines looking across the valley to the west into an orangish light. Mike Kollin Dating and Relationship Coach


Graduated from Vintage High School of Napa, Ca., I was deeply and proudly involved in Athletics, Music, Art. and the student body and later attended and wrestled at Chico State and transferred to Arizona State. "Go Sun Devils!"

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Cut Man Jacob "Stitch" Duran | My Former Coach and Cut Man | Professional Cut Man for MMA UFC and Professional Boxing | Sports Hypnotherapist Hypnosis Mike Kollin


Fighting, on the National Level, Under World Famous Jacob "Stitch" Duran was one of the Highlights of my Fighting Career!

There was a Knockdown, Drag out, Epic Fight in Bakersfield California where I knocked this much better fighter out Cold in the 2nd Round. To this day "Stitch" and I still talk about it! It was Awesome! 😊👻

The #1 cut-man for the UFC, (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Top Ranked Boxing, MMA Fighters and World Champion Kick-Boxers, Who has also been in 5 block buster movies including 3 Rocky Movies!

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Tony Robbins Professional Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Success Coach

Trained by the Best

Tony Robbins – Robbins Research International
Dr. Bob Bays, PHD. – Professor of Psychology of Syracuse University 

Uncle George Naopi - The Big Kahuna, Literally! 

Dr. Krazner, – A.I.H American Institute of Hypnotherapy
Dr. Tad James, M.S. PHD. – Advanced Neuro Energetics
John Overdurf, C.A.C. – Owner/Trainer Neuro-Energetics

Dr. Richard Bandler – Creator of NLP

Buddha Kham – Head Monk of All the Northern California Laotian Temples (R.I.P.)
Buddha Chandy - Head Monk of Richmond California Laotian Temple (R.I.P.)

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