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Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching

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Find Your Freedom ❤️

I specialize in Unlocking your Limiting Beliefs and Opening you up to your Greater Potential.

So you can Get the most out of Life and Live your life to the Fullest!

Discover you Internal Power!

Discover the Possibilities!

Open up to your Power!

About Us

Mike Tyson of Energy Healing

  • So much pain and sadness from decades are coming out! ❤️

    Mike I intended to write you ...before I saw you wrote...( synchronicity:)))because I wanted to say how grateful I am for your book. I am in tears and it doesn't stop....I cannot stop crying....so much pain and sadness from decades are coming out.Reading your book I became aware that I am not wrong, that I have not to supress my "needyness" because it isn't wrong.

    I became aware that I have not to work on myself, to fix myself for not having the needs I am designed for.I became aware that I was bitter, angry, sad and hurt because I felt like a fish in the desert my whole life. I felt like a fish needing water and sold my soul for having water because I needed it so much to survive only to be told by nearly anyone that I have not to crave water because this is not mature. So I worked hard against myself because I thought this was personal development. No wonder that all the pain became worse.God lead me to your book today (I am talking to him every day for guidance) and reading it, it became so clear for me. I feel so much peace now.Thank you so much.

    My next step is to continue to rewire my mind with this and I am sure that I will get better. 

    Sending a big hug 🫂  

    Claudia S. - Italy

    Why Men Just Don't Get it 
  • Knowing what Women want Blew my Mind!

    "This course is Absolutely Genius. There's nothing on the Planet Like it. I know, I've taken all the Pickup artist and Dating courses on the planet. If you want to Save your Marriage or meet the girl of your Dreams, You have to Take Mike Kollin's Courses! 

    Thank you Mike Kollin. You sir are a Genius."

    Adam W. Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Gym Owner - London, UK 

    Men's Dating Coach 
  • Dating Tips and Relationship Coaching Client talks about his Amazing Experience Taking Mike Kollin's Dating and Relationship Coaching Course!

    This Blew My Doors Off!

    It connected the dots of half baked "pick-up" ideas that seemed to apply sometimes, but not at others and I didn't know why. Experiences that I'd put down to "some women are just crazy" became clear to understand.

    After reading this I felt a lot more confident in relating to a women in a way that was authentic to both me and them. If I'd read just one book right at the beginning I wish it had been this one!

    Karl G. - Entrepreneur - Advanced Psychological Teaching, New Zealand / Japan

    Crack The Female Code 
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  • Finding you has been a blessing for me.

    The way you explain things is 100% spot on.

    I am extremely glad I found your channel and I absolutely love listening to your videos. Your insight on what this is has been so helpful.I was so blind for so long to what I was dealing with because I had never even heard about narcissism before and was completely being used and abused by this demon in my own home.

    - Teresa Marie

    Fight Back 
  • Thank you Mike, I'm literally crying!

    This message was for me.....and this is precisely how God communicates with His sons and daughters. Thank you Mike.....your words. I'm literally crying!

    Sincerely, Rick

    Fight Back 
  • Healing from Narcissist Abuse | Knight in Chrome shining Armor holding Long Sword in right hand. Destroying the Narcissist!

    You are giving me back what was stolen from me! ❤️

    Mike. This was such a great message - I can't even tell you how much this particular message means to me! God bless you Mike. You are giving me back what was stolen from me by a very terrible person

    - Rick Clark

    Fight Back 
  • Emotional Healing

    When you need to talk to a Gifted Healer.

    Emotional Healing 
  • Energy Healing

    Come Experience the Power of Energy Healing! Reiki, Huna, Pranic Healing

    Energy Healing 
  • Single Men

    Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching and Romantic Seduction!

    Crack the Female Code 
  • Men's Coaching

    How to Save my Marriage for Married Men! Hidden Discovery on Love and Romance Revealed!

    Save my Marriage 
  • How to Talk to Women | Dating tips for men | Discover the Hidden Code to a Woman's Heart | Cute Blond Lady Looking back over her shoulder with a smile at a Bearded man in blue suit jacket with white T Shirt Smiling back at her.

    Women's Coaching

    Powerful, Simple Discoveries Break Through the Communication Barriers Healing Emotions and Your Relationship!

    Why Men Just Don't Get it 
  • Healing from Narcissist Abuse | Knight in Chrome shining Armor holding Long Sword in right hand. Destroying the Narcissist!

    Destroying Narcissists

    Healing from Narcissist Abuse and Taking Back Your Power!

    Fight Back