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Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching for men and women

Why Men Just Don't Get It

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Why men just don't get it

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Mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling communication

Bridging the communication gap

I teach men how to open up to their right brain to learn how to speak the "Internal, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling" language for romance, love and clarity in everyday communication. 

I teach women "Why Men Just Don't Get it" to alleviate a ton of hurt and emotional pain to begin the healing process.

Whether you are single, dating, married or in a relationship our New Discovery in communication will help you Bridge the Gap and connect on a much deeper level emotionally… 

This is a unique body of knowledge only provided here!

Michael Saved My Marriage

"He showed me the way men express their love."

"All this time my husband did Love me! After taking Michael's course we moved back in together and have been happy ever since. Thank you Michael. Now I understand."

Julie Ng - Salon Owner, San Rafael California

How to Love Women | Dating and Relationship Coaching

There's a Better way

Mind Blowing! 

"If you want to Understand and Feel Comfortable with women and learn how to Attract, Love and Turn women on you have to take this course Now!" 

Abhinav Kumar, Asst. Trainer, San Francisco, Ca

 Mike Kollin is a Powerful Dating and Relationship Coach!

"If I took Mikes course 2 years ago, I would still be married. This is what my wife was saying but I didn't understand her. After taking Mikes Dating & Relationship course life is Fun again! Meeting quality women has never been easier."

Mark H. PhD in Physical Therapy and Chiropractor, Santa Rosa Ca.