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Mike Kollin

Women's Coaching | Why Men Just Don't Get it

Women's Coaching | Why Men Just Don't Get it

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Welcome to Women's Dating and Relationship Coaching

Learn how to Connect in a Way that Expands your Awareness, Energy and Emotional Connections!

Come Discover Emotional Healing in Relationships with a New Discovery in Communication Combined with Energy Healing and Expanded Awareness! 

You do not Have to Suffer anymore all alone, misunderstood and lost in a Trap you believe is unescapable! There is an answer and it will relieve you have a ton of heartache, pain and emotional suffering!

Once you understand these Core Teachings you will be Relieved of a lot of Emotional Hurt and Pain in your Relationship due to complete Misunderstandings! 

This is a Healing Process.

First complete the 3 sessions, 2 Hours per session on Sale at $225 total.

Then we can then Delve Deeper into your individual and Relationship Challenges so we can find better ways to Fulfill your Emotional Needs! This is the Fastest and Most Efficient way to approach this!

  • Heal Emotionally
  • Create Clarity in Communication
  • Discover the Reason why men and women don't understand each other
  • Learn the Hidden Languages men and women speak unconsciously
  • Develop a Deeper Rapport with your other half
  • Breakup Coaching Support
  • Full Emotional and Educational Support
  • Heal your Relationship
  • Save your Marriage
  • Have Fun again and Discover the Secret to Emotional Fulfillment
  • Recreate that Passion you once had

For Group Trainings, just ask!

Individual Sessions on Sale Now = $125 per 2 hour session!


3 Session Package 2 hours per session = $225 total for 3 sessions!

Life was Meant to be a Meaningful and Emotionally Fulfilling Experience! 

Call to Set up an appointment and ask Questions!

Women's Relationship Coaching

 415 747 8598

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sab F., Stay-At -Home mom, Philippines
Michael can really speak to you

This will make you understand that men and women aren't really that different. We just have different ways of expressing and and giving love. After taking this session, it opened up my eyes that maybe I was just not appreciating the way he gave me love because I didn't know that was "love" in his eyes. And I'm truly thankful to Michael for opening my eyes and really, this is the best thing that happened to my relationship.

Julie Nguyen - Salon Owner, San Rafael California

"He showed me the way men express their love. All this time my husband did Love me! After taking Michael's course we moved back in together and have been happy ever since.

Thank you Michael. Now I understand."

Mary Beth, Dental Assistant, Mother - Cebu Philippines
"Wish I took Mike's Relationship course a long time ago!"

"For the first time in my Life, I Finally understand why men don't get it! Not only does this course enlighten you on the folly's of men and women. It will make you laugh to see the other side's view!"