Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course about Manipulation?

Answer: Absolutely Not! This course is about the #1 Most Important thing to a woman! This course is about Romance, Love and Clarity in Communication! This course is about the Hidden Way! 

No it's not Hidden from her! She's very Aware of what this is and wishes you knew the Hidden Internal way to her heart of hearts! Now this is Love to a woman! This was Hidden from the Male Brain not hers! So you are the one we need to Awaken! 

Come Discover the Most Powerful Discovery in Romance, Love and a Hidden form of Romantic Communication! This is The Answer you have been Looking for!

Pickup Courses are about Lying, Manipulation and telling her what you think she wants to hear by using Canned openers and Memorized lines! There are no lines or memorized anything in this course!

This is about a Natural, Hidden way, Once Revealed, opens you up to suddenly talking from your heart in a very natural, comfortable and easy way that relaxes her and you!

This course is simply and Powerfully about telling her what you want to tell her, how you feel, what you are thinking! And doing it in the hidden right brain language so she can understand you by allowing her to sense and feel your emotions by expressing your emotions and feeling in a language she can relate to and understand with clarity!

This is about Clarity in Romance, Love and Communication!

Now she Can Understand you and You can Finally Understand her on every level, mentally, emotionally and Sexually!! This Creates a very Powerful relationship where 2 people are on the same page, loving each other and meeting each others needs and become a Powerful Force in the World on the Same Team together! 

 There are no Memorized anything in my Course, Crack the Female Code! Because this is about Learning how to Open up to your Heart and Speak from your Heart using the Hidden Language she Loves! This is the Way to Reach a Woman's Heart!

Meet the Girl of your Dreams or Save your Marriage and Start Having Fun with the Lady of your Dreams by actually Understanding her and how to Communicate effectively with her heart of hearts!


  • What's the Difference Between this Course and a Pickup Artist Course? 


  1. Pickup artists Courses are Left Brain, Logical Male Brain Courses. They are designed after the way the Male Brain and the male's mating system are Designed. Unconsciously Pickup Artist Courses are teaching you how to trigger the male mating system because that's they way they are designed So Unconsciously they are projecting the way they / men are designed onto females. Thats' why there are so many struggles, fears and anxiety, confusion in Pickup artist Courses! It's problematic from the beginning conception all based on blind assumptions and projection.
  2. Crack the Female Code teaches you how to Open up to the Right Brain. So this is a very Right Brain Female Form of Seduction. In other words, This Hidden way is the Female way! It's the way a Females Mating System is Triggered, Turned on and Seduced!
  3. And this is where All the Power in Romance, Love and Seduction is! This is the Hidden Secret you have always been looking for!

  4. Pickup artists courses are Logical and Linear meaning they go in a line like the way the male brain is hard wired to process information! That's why these courses rely heavily on Openers, Lines and Games and tons of memorization! 
  5. Linear means "Line-Ar" meaning it goes in a line! The way men think!
  6. Crack the Female Code Teaches you and Reveals to you "The Hidden" way you hear about in Martial Artis Movies, Bruce Lee Movies and Spiritual, Buddhist Practices! Remember, this is not Hidden from the Female Brain! She is very, very well versed in the Art of the Hidden Way and form of Romantic Seduction. When a male Learns how to do this, it directly triggers her mating system and makes you unstoppable because she literally can't deny this form or Hidden Seduction. And her Girlfriends will be Jealous because they can see and hear it too! Thus you now become highly valued in the community!
  7. This is the (Non - Linear Way!) The Right Brain Processor, processes through the Non - linear processor meaning it's not a Line! It processes in a circular, expansive way! Thus men may say, "she's speaking in circular logic!" Yes! You are right! It's what you don't understand. So we are going to teach you how to communicate in this hidden non linear way so you don't have to rely on memorized openers and lines! Instead rely on truth, emotions and just you being you naturally! This is the easier, faster and a whole lot funner way! This is Love to a Woman!
  8. We teach you the Non Linear way! This is the Hidden way! If you study Physics or Math at the Highest levels, they speak about the Non linear way! There is linear math and science and non linear! This is not new at all. This is the same process the right brain processes information and communication! And this is the Key! It's very Hard to Learn but once you get it, it's Life Changing and is Empowering!
  9. So we do not rely on Lines, Openers or anything like that! What we do at Crack the Female Code is Teach you how to #1 Open up to your right Brain! #2 We then teach you how to Speak and Process the Hidden Right Brain Way! It's a Hidden Language! #3 We teach you how to be "Internal" Because this directly triggers her mating system and she can't turn it off!! #4 This "Internal Way" I keep talking about is Literally where you True Power is! It's inside you! The male brain is external and thus disconnects you from your Power! And thus it turns her off!
  10. There's a Hidden World inside your World that has always been there and has existed from the Beginning of Time! When this World is Revealed to you, you will see it everywhere! This World and Way was Hidden from you! The Real Question is, "Who Hid this from you?" The Answer: You did! You hid your own Power and Awareness from yourself! Why? Because you were Afraid of your own Power!
  11. The God's said, "Where can I hide his Power from him so he doesn't find it before he is ready to use it appropriately?" God said, "I will hide it in the very last place he will ever think to look for it! Within, inside of his emotions!"
  12. This is Crack the Female Code. It's a Spiritual Awakening and it shows you how to Reconnect with yourself and find your True Power and teaches you how to think for yourself! 


  •  What's the Most Powerful form of Love and Romance to a Woman? 

Answer: Love, Communication and Understanding!

  1. I mean the Right Brain form of Love, Communication and Understanding! Most men think they understand women but they are doing it from the logical, left brain, External, Disconnected from of left brain Understanding. The kind of understanding you do in a science lab, Externally, looking from the outside in. Like you are  looking at a rat in a cage or looking into the fishbowl from the outside! This is not Understanding at all, this is disconnected!
  2. When a Woman says she is looking for a man who can understand her, she means from the inside as if you step into her space, into her world, perceiving the world from her perspective from the Inside! This is Understanding to a Woman and makes her fall in Love with you and want to make Love to you for the rest of her life!
  3. When I walk into a room, instantly women can sense, feel, see and hear in my voice that I am on the same page and in the same space inside with her! She automatically within seconds "KNOWS" I am understanding her in the very present moment she is in, in that very Moment in time... I can feel her emotions and energy in this space! And this comforts a woman because this is "Being With" a woman, not looking at her like a science project from the outside! 
  4. This is how I created my course, from the inside out! This is where the understandings and clarity came from, within! This took me 12 years of meditation from 3 hours to 14 hours a day to learn how to open up in this way! Buddha Kham and Uncle George Naopi helped me and so did a list of energy healers and courses!
  5. So yes, Understanding is The Most Powerful form of Romantic Seduction. It allows her to Feel Completely comfortable with you and allows her to open up and surrender completely to you! This is the Hidden Way!

Welcome to the Hidden Way


If you have any Questions, please send an email to and send me your questions and I will post them on my Faq's page! 

Thank you all very Much!