Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crack the Female Code?

Crack the Female Code
is a Hidden Code that Catches a Woman's Attention and Turns her on in a Natural Way! This Code is Hidden from the Male Brain. 

This is the way a woman Truly Feels Loved and Understood and Directly triggers her Mating System!

This can Save your Marriage, Teach a single guy how to meet the girl of his dreams and brings Clarity into Romance, Love and Communication!

Romantic Seduction

This is the Most Powerful form of Romantic Seduction there is! This is a Powerful Discovery in what Women Truly want from their Man!

This is a Love and a Hidden form of Romantic Seduction She Craves!

This makes it Easy to Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Save your Marriage!

Without this, you are doomed when it comes to Love and Marriage!

This is the Equalizer and puts the Power into your Hands in Dating, Relationships and Sex! Now you have what She Wants!

She "Literally" can't Resist this Hidden form of Romantic Seduction!

What is Love to a Woman?

This is form of Love is Hidden from the Male Brain!

There is something called "Emotional Fulfillment" and this is what women Truly Need and Desire in a Relationship because this is what Love Truly is to a Woman!

The Challenge is, Mother Nature hid this from the Male Brain! 

Come Learn the Discovery of a Life time and learn how to Create a Happy, Loving and Thriving Relationship Together!

Do Women Speak a Hidden Language?

Yes! And this is why Men and Women Fight and Argue So much and there's so much Confusion between the Sexes!

This Hidden Language is the Key to Love and Romantic Seduction called Romance to a Woman!

This brings Absolute Clarity into Relationships for Romance, Love and every day communication between men and women!

This is the Hidden Secret that Opens all the doors to Love and this Directly Triggers her Mating system and turns her on like a Wild Fire!

Love, Communication and Understanding?

Yes, this teaches you how to speak the Hidden Right Brain Language! 

Why? Because her Mating System is Directly Connected to her Right Brains Communication Center! 

Speaking this Hidden Language Directly Triggers her Mating System and Turns her on Powerfully in a very Subtle yet Romantically Seductive way she "Literally" can not Resist!

Is this Healthy Seduction?

There are 2 types of Seduction!

There's Left Brain Seduction and there is the Right Brain form of Romantic Seduction!

The Kind of Seduction I am talking about is the Natural, Loving, Open and Romantic form of Right Brain Female Seduction! Because this is what She Desires! This is what her Mating System is Directly Connected to!

The other kind is the "Closed" Logical, Left Brain form of Manipulation! And that's not actually Romantic at all. It's about Memorizing Lines and Openers and thinking, not being Genuine at all. It's based on Lying to a woman, telling her what you think she wants to hear, to get her into bed! This is Bad! This is Toxic!

That is not what I am talking about! I am taking about a Genuine, Honest, in the Moment, Deeper, more Meaningful form of Enticing, Clean, Loving and Romantic Communication that comes from the Heart and adds Clarity. Where both of you Open up from the Heart and Connect on a much Deeper Level Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. 

This Creates a Deeper Level of Bonding, Meaningful Emotionally Fulfilling Connections through a Greater Level of Clarity and Understanding where the 2 of you Become One!

This is Powerful and This is Healthy Love!

Do you want to Meet the Girl of your Dreams?

Do you want to Save Your Marriage?

Do you want to Create a Loving, Meaningful, Happy, Romantically Passionate and Fun Relationship where both partners are Content?

Then Sign Up for my Course "Crack the Female Code" Now and watch a Whole New World Open up to you!