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'Why Men Just Don't Get It' Event | Relationship Advice for Women - Napa Ca.

'Why Men Just Don't Get It' Event | Relationship Advice for Women - Napa Ca.

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May 7th, 2018  


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Hotel Villagio - Napa Valley / Yountville Ca.

6481 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Hotel  Villagio - TELEPHONE/RESERVATIONS (707) 944-8877 / 800-351-1133


10am - 5pm


Free parking available

Info - 

Snacks will be provided, wear comfortable clothes and bring anything you'd like to take notes with. 

We will have 1:15 Minutes for lunch. And 2 - 15 minute breaks.

Details of the event will be emailed to you

This is a Brand New Journey into the Hearts & Minds of men & women. What you are about to Discovery will shock you and open your hearts! This is Love!

If you ever felt emotionally unfulfilled, like you’re living with a stranger or constantly battling with your man then this event will show you why.

Based off my new ebook Why Men Just Don’t Get It I hold events for women who want to understand their partner's thinking, to help build stronger communication & add Clarity, Romance & Love between each other and become more emotionally fulfilled by simply increasing your understanding of male neurology & his communication patterns.

Learn how to create meaningful experiences together through a Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling form of communication together.

Find yourself and your heart once again and remember you are here to succeed in happiness, love and understanding with one another once again!

Fall in Love with Love again with clarity and understanding and rekindle the bonding you may have given up on a long time ago.

This course helps you understand the miscommunications and neurological differences that can sometimes make romantic love between men and women difficult. Bridging the gap of communication and helping you understand each other on a much deeper level than before.

What we'll cover:

  • The psychological differences between men and women
  • An insight into mens minds and how they process women's words & communication
  • How to understand miscommunication & improve it
  • Daily communication changes to help improve your connection
  • How to approach communication better with your partner
  • Why The female form of Romance & Seduction can anger him
  • Why men Express Love & try to Romance you in this odd, Strange & Foreign way
  • Why men don't play the stimulating Cat & Mouse game
  • And the Ultimate, "Why Men Just Don't Get it"
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