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Professional Mixed Martial Artist MMA and UFC Fighter Robbie Lawler | In the UFC Ring Flexing Screaming with Veins Popping Ready to Fight | Sports Hypnotherapist Mike Kollin

Enter the Attack Flow State

Unleash your Power by Clearing your Doubts, Limitations and Internal Conflicts that hold you Back, with NLP Trainer, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist, Coach Mike Kollin!

I'm Mike Kollin - Your Trainer & Coach.

I am an NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist with over 41 Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, HNLP, Time Line Therapy and Energy Healing and over 30+ Years Professional Experience!

Not only have I trained with the very Best in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, from Tony Robbins, John Overdurf, Dr. James, etc., I am an NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist with over 30+ years Professional Experience!

With me, you get the Absolute Best in Mind Coaching!

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Cut Man Jacob "Stitch" Duran | My Former Coach and Cut Man | Professional Cut Man for MMA UFC and Professional Boxing | Sports Hypnotherapist Hypnosis Mike Kollin

Jacob "Stitch" Duran

That's Right! I use to fight for Jacob "Stitch" Duran in my Kickboxing Days fighting in the IKF and ISKA! "Stitch" was my Coach, Cut Man and Manager!

Jacob took my mindset to the next Level. His Motto started with us, his fighters at A.S.K. American School of Kickboxing. 

He Said, "Give me One More Round Mikey!" He Stopped the Bleeding from the Cut and I got up and Knocked that guy out!

Train with the Best, Fight with the Best!

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Professional MMA Fighter and Kickboxer Tony Sanza wearing his Gracie Gi holding his Daughter | Sports Hypnosis with Mike Kollin Sports Hypnotherapist

MMA Fighter Anthony Sanza

Yes! I Trained this Crazy Fucker for 5 of his Fights!

When Tony was Fighting in the IKF, the President of the IKF called me and said, "I heard you are doing this New NLP Psychology stuff? Can you help a fighter of mine? He's a Great Fighter but he has a mental block?" 

I worked with Tony, and in 3 session we completely cleared his mental blocks and Tony went on to win his next 5 fights!

The Shift was Obvious!!

It was an Absolute Honor Brother! We all Miss you!! See you Soon but Not Yet. Not yet.

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Sports Hypnosis | Tony Sanza my Former Fighter beating Adam Torres in an MMA Match in Boxing Ring | SherDog Post

One of my Clients!

Tony Sanza!

If you have a Mental Block, no Matter how Good you are, if you can't get passed that, it's like Having the Brakes on! Thus you Massively Limit your Talent!

Our #1 Goal is to clear your Mental Blocks, Limitations and Internal Conflicts, so you Stop fighting yourself psychologically!

And then we Combine these Forces and turn them so they are going in the same direction working together to Unleash your Full Power!

"I call this the Attack Flow State!"

I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, Master Practitioner of HNLP and very well versed in Psychology and Much more with over 30 years Professional Experience! 

You want the Best, You Found the Best! Now let's get to work!

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Sports Hypnosis | Dan "Bam Bam" Stell my former Kickboxing / Striking coach! 9th Degree Black Belt, Professional Referee | Giving 8 count to Downed Fighter who was Knocked out in KickBoxing Fight


With the Right Mental Coaching and Right Techniques you'll Be the Champion and Start Winning Again!

This is why guys with less experience and or skill seem to surpass those who have better techniques, more skills and years of experience.

The guy with the Mindset that he/she is the Champion and he will win, is the ONE who will win!

When it comes right down to it, the Athlete who wins is the ONE who steps into the ring with the right mindset! Period...

Do you Want it?

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Mike Kollin Professional Life Coach, Dating Tips and Relationship Coach and Success Coach wearing Sharp white Kiton Dress Shirt and Brown Kiton Dress jacket

Coach Mike


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