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Mike Kollin

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

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Energy Healing | Reiki, Huna, Pranic Healing

Call first and Let's Talk Then Make an Appointment before Making a Payment:

415 747 8598

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing

Mike Kollin is a Very Powerful and Gifted Healer! Certified and Trained in Reiki, Huna and Pranic Healing with 30+ Years Experience. You Will See Results!

Heal your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions and Come to a Place of inner Contentment and a Peaceful Calm.

As a World and Universe we as humans and the Planet are going through a Spiritual Awakening! And you may have heard about this Spiritual Awakening we are going through. Well for many people, going though this Spiritual Awakening can be a rough ride at times and not so rough at other times!

I Specialize in Helping People to Wake up Spiritually and be More Conscious. And I help you go through this ride and ride along your side with you through the rough times and good times!

I am Certified and Trained in Reiki, Huna and Pranic Energy Healing. 

I am also an NLP Trainer, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy, HNLP and Consciousness work with over 30 years Professional Experience!

Yes, this is me with the Monks in Laotian Temple!

If you are in Need of Emotional Healing that is my Speciality! I will help you to Calm Down, Relax and Create a Space of being Emotionally Grounded and reconnected within your Heart Center and Emotions! 

I have Healed:

  • 2 people of full blown Cancer after their doctors told them there was nothing else they could do!
  • Successfully healed Hip and Spinal Injuries after years of suffering and going to any and every Medical Doctor they could find!
  • Completely Healed women of Blocked Menstrual Issues
  • Traumatic Life Long Emotional Abuse
  • Traumatic Narcissist Abuse
  • People with Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • And Much More... 

 I can Help you Heal Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally! I can Help you Discover a Place of absolute Contentment and a Solid Feeling of Calmness Within!

Come Experience Unconditional Love and Emotional Healing

If you are in Need of Emotional Healing, Energy Healing Sessions and or Personal Coaching for Emotional Issues, Relationship Issues or Spiritual Issues, please contact us here:


415 747 8598

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary Patterson, Maine
Broken Back! Suffering the Worst Pain of my Life. Compression Fractures L1 and L3

Suffering the worst pain of my life I called 911 for an ambulance. The ER X ray on 3/29 showed 2 compression fractures: L1 and L3.

"I feel like I will die if I go home.  The pain was so bad, I'm not eating or drinking" and can't take care of myself".

It was still extremely painful to sit and excruciating to urinate!
Then I was transferred to a rehab on 4/4

It was shortly after that you helped me.  And shortly after Energy Healing Session, that I noticed as I sat up in bed it hardly hurt at all (!!!!), and for the first time I could actually sit on the toilet!!!!  which started a chain reaction of positive feelings of hope. 

So this is a major turning point of getting my strength back.  (I also think you really
helped with the #2 situation! -- if you know what I mean! 🙂)  

I have dry eyes and didn't have my drops with me, but that got better.  I'm amazed you picked up on my eyes and shoulders, without me telling you anything about them, which were stressed from trying to support my weight on the walker.  

I can see how all the other things you did were at play increasing my well being.
I am so fascinated with what you do and am so thankful.

I'm SO grateful for your help Mike.  You are an expert guide in this new inner world we all need to go to and learn how to maneuver. No one is like you on Youtube.  

Sheena Nolasco, Mother Small Store Owner
Thank you Again for Healing me

I was in so much pain in my back and feeling so tired and dizzy this past few days. I don't know if it's I was so stressed or over fatigue.
Then I ask some help to Sir Mike Kollin to heal me.
After an hour ago he did a session for me. Then at night I feel some pressure and little pain.
After next day . I'm feeling better and light. I feel Some energy comes to my body.
Thank you to his healing power . God Blessed 🙏

I'm glad you Feel Better now! Thank you for the Review!

Adam White
Energy healing

I did an energy healing session with Mike last night. It was insane. I'm in the UK he's in the US.

I felt really sleepy. BEFORE THIS session I dropped into a lot of built up frustration. Anxiety stress frustration and lack of self esteem.

After the session I literally fell into deep deep sleep. I havent slept like that since a kid. In my adult life I sleep 6 to 7 hours if I'm lucky. Last night I slept for 10 and woke up from my sleep feeling all peaceful, joyous and childlike with fresh eyes.

I had no desire for my routine ocd caffeine in the morning. I had a craving for fruits fresh produce and nature warmth and friendships. It was amazing.

I even dreamt of not letting people into my life who are not meant to be there. Mike is a great teacher and master of teaching you the art of self protection to raise your energy your inner divinity.

This is truly an incredible experience. Life changing in fact. Thank you Mike.

Summer Darcey - Nursing, Business Management & Mother - Texas
Wanted to Thank You Mike

For helping me out, a lot sooner than this. He was on the phone with me for several hours giving me exactly what I needed to hear.

Mike I can't thank you enough! Wish I could keep you on speed dial ☺️. Hugs and best of wishes to you! Always xx

Sheena Marie Nolasco, Mother - Samar Philippines
Thank you for Healing me

"When I first talked to Mike I was really, really worried about my health because I have missed my period for over 5 months. I was super stressed and worried for a really long time...

After Michael did some Energy Healing on me last week, I finally got my period today. And I feel so much better emotionally and physically now. Michael Thank you so much for helping me."

Healing Ricks Spinal Injuries with Energy Healing