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What is Crack the Female Code?

Crack the Female Code is a set of Hidden Unconscious Patterns that Trigger her Mating System and Makes her want you Badly! She can’t resist this form of Hidden Seduction!

The Most Powerful Way to Melt a Woman's Heart and Make her Fall in Love With you!

Dating Relationship Pickup artist coach at the club with 2 Cute Asian girls sitting with him at the Matrix Club San Francisco

Powerfully Attract Women To You!

There are literally a set of Hidden Codes and a series of Unconscious Patterns that I will Reveal within my course that will Show you how to Attract and Powerfully Draw women to you, Melt her heart and trigger her mating system to go into over drive, for You!

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Elite Dating tips and Relationship Coaching | Mike Kollin with 2 Cute Asian girls in their mid 20's, one sitting on Mikes Lap, at The Matrix Club in San Francisco


Have you ever seen a cat chase a mouse? Well, this is exactly what we are going to be doing with her. There is literally a trigger that triggers the Cat and Mouse game inside her and will make her Go Crazy for you!

This is the funnest and most exciting part of the Game for her! She literally can’t resist this! Come learn how to Be “Irresistible!”

Bring Back the Happiness, Fun and Love!

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Elite Dating Tips and Relationship Coaching | This is me wearing a Yellow Dress Shirt Kneeling in Buddhist Temple Teaching Buddhist Monks Communication Skills | Buddha Chandy was my mentor and Teacher for Years

Powerful Secret on Love I Learned from a Buddhist Monk

These are  Powerful Teachings and Secrets Mother nature hid from the Male Brain that I learned from a Laotian Monk, Buddha Kham, whom I studied under for years. He was the Key to my understanding Women, Love and Myself on a much Deeper level!

Love and Hidden form of Consciousness!

(These Hidden Teachings are not taught anywhere in any other course.)

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Romantic Seduction | Elite Dating tips and Relationship, Pickup Artist Coach Mike Kollin getting Kissed by a Beautiful Asian Girl

Be the Man She Trusts

Because you Understand her Heart!

The Power of Understanding Women will change your life!

I will teach you the Secret to being on the same page as her so she truly knows you understand her!

See, the Secret is knowing how to access a certain part of your Brain to enter into her world. So you begin to process, communicate and think literally on the same page, in the same way as she is doing!

You do this and she will Happily Surrender to you willingly! Without this you will Struggle and Suffer with women for the Rest of your Life!

Choose Wisely!

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