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Mike Kollin

Why Men Just Don't Get it | Relationship Book for Women

Why Men Just Don't Get it | Relationship Book for Women

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"Powerful Relationship Book for Women with the Answers to Romance, Love and Clarity in Communication!" 

Turns out Women are Right? Men Just don't Get it! Come Discover the Answers you've Always been Look for! Romance, Love and Clarity in Meaningful Communication!

Men and Women are Different in every way from Romance, Love and Communication! But there is a New Series of Answers that will Heal you Emotionally and help You Break through Emotional Barriers!

I am talking about Finally, Truly being on the same page Mentally and Emotionally! Yes I am talking about through Right Brain Communication. 

You know the Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Level of Communication that Creates a Deeper, More Emotionally Fulfilling and Meaningful Connection!

Yes, I created a way for men to learn how to do this and understand you too!

Turns out you were Right all along! Men Just Don't get it! 

But now they can!

"The Way a man Loves a Woman is not the Way a Woman Receives Love! A Powerful New Answer to Romantic Love and Emotional Fulfillment!"

But he can learn how! This book is an Emotional Healing book for women and adds Clarity into the misunderstandings between men and women!

- Mike Kollin

Have you been asking yourself:

"Why won't He Love Me?" 

"How come he doesn't talk to me?" 

Do you feel like you're on the brink of melting down and just shouting at him to talk to you and open up?

Do you feel like you are living with a complete stranger you can't understand?

Do you feel Empty and all Alone even if when you are with him or sleeping right next to him?

Does it seem like he doesn't love you? And all you want is to learn, "How do I get him to Love and Understand me?"

Well that's all coming to an end real Fast!

Come on Ladies take a Look inside these Super Powerful and Very Valuable Books that will Change the History between Men and Women!


After you read "Why Men Just Don't Get It" to learn more, buy my follow up book to this ebook, "Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love and Emotional Fulfillment!"

Get started today and don't get left behind! This ebook can be downloaded from the confirmation page after checkout and is also sent to you via email.

Take your first step - Buy Why Men Just Don't Get it Now!

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Customer Reviews

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Claudia S. - Italy
So Much Pain and Sadness coming out! ❤️

Mike I intended to write you ...before I saw you wrote...( synchronicity:)))because I wanted to say how grateful I am for your book. I am in tears and it doesn't stop....I cannot stop much pain and sadness from decades are coming out.

Reading your book I became aware that I am not wrong, that I have not to supress my "needyness" because it isn't wrong. I became aware that I have not to work on myself, to fix myself for not having the needs I am designed for.
I became aware that I was bitter, angry, sad and hurt because I felt like a fish in the desert my whole life. I felt like a fish needing water and sold my soul for having water because I needed it so much to survive only to be told by nearly anyone that I have not to crave water because this is not mature. So I worked hard against myself because I thought this was personal development.
No wonder that all the pain became worse.

God lead me to your book today (I am talking to him every day for guidance) and reading it, it became so clear for me. I feel so much peace now.
Thank you so much.

Sending a big hug 🫂


I was never into coaching like this because I have my beliefs and hopes when it comes to dating. However, after reading the e-book. Everything has changed and now I have a better view on what really communication is between the two genders. Thank you again, Mike! You just came out of the blue hehe

Well of course. You're Welcome. Glad I could help! Enjoy!!