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Mike Kollin

Crack the Female Code How to Confidently Meet, Attract and Seduce Women Fast!

Crack the Female Code How to Confidently Meet, Attract and Seduce Women Fast!

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How to Confidently Meet, Attract and Seduce Women Fast!

Mike Kollin's "New Discovery" Elite Dating & Relationship Coaching

Discover a Brand New Way to Understand, Love, Attract and Turn Women on! Crack the Female Code Changes the Game and Levels the Playing Field in your Favor! You want Power? Buy Now!

The Most Powerful form of Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction!

This is an Amalgamation of 20+ Years study of NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Psychology, Human Behavior, Anthropology, Zoology, Personal Development, Linguistics, Communication and Dozens of years of studying The Female Mating System, Right Brain, Female Psychology and the Female Hormonal System!

This also includes over 20 years of in the field application, practice and study at night clubs, dating sites, book stores, cafes and coffee shops to Mastering the Art of teaching this to thousands of clients from 25 years old to 55 years old, from College Students to Multi Millionaires to Harvard Graduates to men with 2 Doctorate Degrees and 1 man who was worth over $100 Million Dollars who immediately Flew in, the next day, on his own plane to take my 5 day course immediately after reading my book "Crack the Female Code!"


What you will learn:

  • How the Female Mating System is Hard Wired
  • How to Directly Trigger the Female Mating System
  • How to Romance, Love and Turn a Woman on
  • What Sexual Attraction is to a Women
  • Why the Female Right Brain is so Important when it comes to Romance, Love and Seduction!
  • The 3 Step Pattern a Woman Must Go through in Order to have Sex with you! If you Fulfill this Hidden Pattern she will be Sexually Turned on and can't resist you!
  • 1 Overall Hidden pattern in everything that gives you Power in every area of your life, including Romantic Love!
  • Why you struggle so much with women
  • The Entire Female System from Romance, Love and Communication are Hard Wired Neurologically in the opposite Direction than men's!
  • The Way a Man Loves a Woman is not the Way a Woman is Loved! Learn this Secret and Change the Game! Story of my Dad and how not knowing this Broke his heart, is in the book!

  • The #1 Most Important thing a Woman needs from a Man in order to Fall head over Heals in Love with him!
  • The #1 Hidden Secret to Attracting Women to you! Without this she won't even Notice you!
  • Why Communicating on Multiple Levels and Speaking in the Hidden Indirect Language triggers her Mating systems in a way she can't resist!
  • There's a Hidden Symbolic language that Fills her Heart with Love and Triggers her Mating System and Makes her Chase You! This is the Hidden Key!
  • When a Woman says A. She actually Mean's B.
  • Speak the Hidden Internal Right Brain Language in a way every Woman in the nearby area will "Immediately Notice, Tune in and Find a way to start a Conversation with you! 
  • This and Much, Much more! You want Power? You want to Discover the Easiest, Funnest way to Attract, Meet and Seduce women? Then buy this book Now!

    This and More is Possible once you Discover the Hidden Female Code.

    This is Only the Beginning!

    A Secret so Powerful you will have to Hold back using it in certain situations!

    Start here with my Ground Breaking Book "Crack the Female Code!" It will Change your life! 

    There's a Powerful Secret I learned from Buddha Kham that will Attract Women and Bring Peace to any Situation!

    There’s something Powerful I learned from Buddha Kham on Love! He was the Key to my understanding of how to Create a Loving Energy that Attracts Women!

    You will Only learn these Hidden Teachings Right here in my Book and my Courses for Men!

    500 plus Power Packed Pages of Valuable Information that Absolutely will Transform your Dating, Relationship and Social Life!

    Discover a Brand New Way to Love and Attract Women.

    Finally: Fully Edited, Revised and Expanded - 4th Edition. 3/10/2022

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