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Finding my voice in my business and how to market it and share the Higher Purpose, Emotionally, has been one of the toughest things to do.

How do you reach the people who don't know that they don't' know about a New Discovery that is only being taught here by me, Mike Kollin?

A Discovery that will shift your entire Perspective of yourself, the opposite sex and Love! This is the Most Powerful form of Romance, Love and Emotional Healing on the planet for men and women!

It's all about Healing Emotions and teaching men how to communicate in a way that Fills her Heart with Love and Emotional Fulfillment!

This course is about a Powerful, Powerful New Understanding that finally brings clarity into your lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have The Answer for Love and Relationships!

Stop the Pain

You are Getting your Ass Kicked! Yes, You Are!!!

Okay! So here's how it goes! You both fall in Love with each other! You date romantically for a year or more. Then one day you decide to get married and all is well in Wonderland!

Well at least it seems to be all is well... but actually the time bomb has been ticking since the first day you started dating! But neither one of you knew it....

The reason why I say this is because we are wired so differently for Romance, Love and Communication we couldn't possibly have a chance... 

And I have seen it my entire life starting with my mother and father who fell in madly in Love, only for about 5 years later the yelling and screaming and blaming and accusing and all the Emotional hurt and pain and suffering ... 

And decades of watching my clients and friends share the same exact story, heartbreak, sadness, lost love, emotional hurt and pain about how it all started out so well only for the arguing and fighting to take over!

And after my clients take my course they "See the Light!" 

All of them say the exact same thing. "If I knew this 2 years ago I would still be happily married. This is what my wife was telling me for years! It went right over my head!"

And yes, before I learned this, I went through heartbreak 2 times myself...

There is a Reason this happens so very, very, very often!

No matter what my father did it simply wasn't good enough...

And here's why!

I. Being in Love the first 12 months to 2 years or so.

A. Well in the beginning everything is wonderful because our hormones and hopes are up. So he could say the most boring, mundane, logical, linear thing on the planet but her brain will still process it through the right female brain's processor. So all his words go through her Emotional, 5 senses processor. And thus she is still experiencing emotionally fulfilling communication and just thinks it's wonderful even when it's not!

B. Another thing the female brain does is what we call double pictures. 

What that means is saying A. but not meaning A. at all. Rather meaning something completely different B.. Why? Because this form of communication is symbolic and is deeply meaningful to her heart!

And this is What Women Want From Men! = Emotionally Fulfilling Communication!! Because this tells her mating system that you are the man to mate with and create a family with! Because you are open to your right brain.

Well... sadly!

He is not doing double pictures... He is still saying A. and Meaning A. But unconsciously she is doing this for him without realizing it. And she gets so excited and her heart melts and she thinks, "I found him, he is the one!" 

Only to realize after a few years, he isn't doing it. So she cries or yells to him, "Love me like you use to when we first met!"

So as the direct, logical, A. means A. male that he is, he goes out and buys you a bunch of flowers or card or maybe even both... she smiles waiting for the right brain double picture communication. And you the man stand there smiling so proud that you bought her things, flowers, dinner, drinks, a dress, date, movies or chocolate thinking you just expressed your Love!

And you know what brother? You did! I mean to a man.... you expressed Love in the only way you, a male, know how. The way a man experiences Love!

The way a Man Loves a Woman is not the Way A Woman Receives Love! 

Sadly that's not the way a woman receives Love!

I know, I know sounds crazy doesn't it?

I mean you go out, buy her things, cook her dinner, clean, shower, shave, dress nice, pay for dinner, buy her flowers and candy and a card and even jewelry.

What you don't know as a male, is that's more like the setting for the Romance to happen! So she smiles expectantly, waiting and waiting and waiting and you assume because she's smiling it's a done deal! Right? 

Well let me tell ya Mr. that's not so...

See, she was waiting for you to communicate, speak in the Hidden, Internal, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling language of Romance because this is Love to a woman! 

#3 See, the Right Brain is the Emotional / 5 Senses Processor. 

The Right Brain processes words and body language through the 5 senses and thus it gives her an Emotional Experience of what you are saying! 

And!!! And!!! You also have to say A. but actually mean something more Meaningful and Emotionally Deeper B.!

Sound confusing? 

But wait! There's more! 

#4 There is a literally a Hidden language called the "Internal Language." And you have to speak this language using

#5 Descriptive Language combined with a hidden you say A. But you mean B. Sexual Language. 

And you have to combine all 5 of these in order to Melt her heart and fill her up with your Love what she calls "Emotional Fulfillment!" 

This is what we teach in our Men's coaching courses!

Now ladies if you are reading this and winding, "Why are you telling him this?" 

My answer, "Because as I mentioned above the male brain is not wired this way!

The male brain is the Logical Processor, not the 5 senses / emotional processor.

The male brain is the external brain, thus he buys you external things and pays for external things and he thinks it makes you feel Love! He is unaware of this hidden right brain language and this thing called Mentally stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling and Meaningful language / communication that your heart of all hearts deep, deep within desires from him! 

#6 Our Mating system are connected to 2 different parts of our brain. Thus we are Romanced and sexually turned on / Seduced in 2 completely, different and totally opposite ways!

Trust me guys, nothing and I mean nothing irritates and pisses a woman off more than the way men try to Love them and turn them on!!!

Yes, yes, the male form of Linear, logical, external Romance literally pisses women off.

I can't tell you how many women clients that have asked me, "Why do men do that?" 

And I say, "That's his way of expressing his love for you!" Or, "He was trying to turn you on?" 

* See guys the female system is indirect. You can't say A. and mean A. if you are trying to attract her, meet her, Romance her or Love her!

You have to say A. but mean something totally different, B.

For example. You don't walk up to a woman and say, "Wow... you have the most beautiful crystal clear, blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. They have such a soft warm glow. They have this deep, crystal clear blue color that makes you feel like your are in an ocean of Love and Warmth! Hi, my name is Mike."

Oh No!!! Don't do that... She will think you are lying or just trying to take the short cut to get into her pants!!! Oh No!! Do not do this!!

See, the linear male brain is always trying to get from point A. to point B. in the shortest possible route because it was designed to hunt food and get it home as fast as possible to feed the children, wife and family. That's why men are direct. Sadly the female mating system is not direct. Her system is the Romantic, Passionately Powerful Romantic "INDIRECT" system! And this is the answer you have been looking for! 

Instead do this:

"Wow... you remind me of a really, really good friend of mine who I was so close to... She has the most beautiful crystal clear, blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. They have such a soft warm glow. They have this deep, crystal clear blue color that makes you feel like your are in an ocean of Love and Warmth when you are with her! Her name is Irini. We were really close at one point in time." 

Now you might be thinking as a male, "Wait, you just said the same thing basically."

And you sir would be right. Except:

I said A. but I actually meant B.

The first example is what men do. It was direct. A. means A. 

So men will walk up to a woman and say, "You are Beautiful." Or "Your eyes are so Beautiful." Or "You are so cute!" And after 1, 2, 3 seconds she gets pissed off and storms off cuz this is not the right way! This is direct and her brain gets pissed off when you are direct.

Now the 2nd way I did it:

I was talking about a friend of mine, Irini, who had these qualities such as "crystal clear blue eyes and how they make you feel like you are in an ocean of Love and Warmth and how Irini and I were so close."

Now here's the deal...

The 2nd way when I was tasing about my friend Irini and her qualities, this is the way she will hear it.

She will hear you talking about Irini's Beautiful Qualities A. but then her brain will go, "Well what does he really Mean?" And then she will think, "Oh he's complimenting me on my qualities." 

This is what shhe hears, when you are talking about Irini:

"You have the most beautiful crystal clear, blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. They have such a soft warm glow. They have this deep, crystal clear blue color that makes you feel like your are in an ocean of Love and Warmth." 

Now here's the deal. I can go on and on about all of this, but this is just a Blog. If you really want to take it to the next level, then take the next step and buy my book for men:

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As a Child, I watched my father Struggle and Struggle to Love my Mother! And no matter what he did it just upset her even more!

Luckily you don't have to go through this pain and unnecessary Emotional Pain! We now know what's going on and how to fix it so she can receive your Love! 

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