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"Become the Kind of Man Women Have to Have!"

Our Men's Dating and Relationship Coaching is the Best in the World! 

This is about Results and you getting what you want! Period!!! It's going to take work, practice, learning and effort but it will pay off Huge!!

Using the Most Powerful Technologies on the Planet from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and much, much more, including my Powerful Discovery (that no one else is teaching) on how to Romance and attract women that is Absolutely "Unstoppable!" 

"Become the kind of Man she will Respect & Admire!"

This will Transcend the Boundaries of what You ever Thought was Possible in Dating, Relationships & Life! 

* Learn How to Love Women in a way that melts her heart!

* Learn how to Understand her in a way she wants to be with you!

* Learn How to Make her Chase You and Turn the Tables into your Favor

* Save your Marriage and Make her Really Happy!!!

* Single men, Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Romance her Heart in a very Powerful, Hidden way she Secretly Desires within!!!

* Once you see the Core Patterns you will Clearly see How easy it is to Understand and Attract women to you!

* Learn Core Secrets on How to Comfortably Talk to women

* Become The Man she Respects, Admires and Sincerely wants to Be With

* Gain Greater Social Power and Influence

* Learn how to Feel Comfortable with women

* Learn the Most Powerful form of Love and Romantic Attraction / Seduction possible because it "Literally" Triggers her mating system directly!

* Learn the Most Powerful Secret to Loving a Woman's Heart and Watch Her Melt

* Change your Entire Life including your Social and Business Life

Not only is this 100% Ethical, Moral, Healthy and Congruent, it teaches you how to come form a Genuine place inside in a way she Likes, Desires and needs in order to connect with the real you INSIDE!!! 

Simply put, "This is What women have always wanted from you!" 


It's like Setting Sail. Only we are going to Turn this Ship Around 180 Degrees and head you into the Right Direction.


"This is all about a Hidden Discovery Within Love"

Mother Nature Hid this from the Male Brain

"Awaken to your Internal Power"


You want the Best, you have found it! 

I have been doing this for over 25 years. And I have over 41 Certifications!

I have worked with Marines, Professional Fighters, Boxers, Kick Boxers, Mixed Martial Artist, Business men and women, sales men/women, Top Entrepreneurs who are worth Millions. I have worked with Top Executives and Men and women who have their Masters and Doctorate Degree's from Major Universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, USC, Etc..  

All of my clients say 1 thing after they take my course. "How come no one else is teaching this?" Answer: "No One else knows what this is?" This is my New Discovery & it's Powerful! 

People usually come to me after they have exhausted their resources, spending $10's of thousands of dollars going to all the supposed Experts. After they come to me, they finally get what they are looking for - Results!   

"I just spent a week training with Mike Kollin and he helped me understand how easy everything is using his New Found Discoveries combined with NLP. This Guy is an Awesome Trainer and the best Coach I've ever come across. The surprising thing is, this is all Healthy, Ecological and considerate of her Heart & Emotions "

"After Taking Mike's course and Training for 1 week my entire Life Changed. After Struggling with women for years and years, no matter what course I took, I simply couldn't meet women. 5 days after Mikes Course. I went out to a club, met a girl & took her home." 

"Mike's Course is Life Changing & also Eye Opening"

David P. 

Former Military - Police Officer

Kansas City


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