Beautiful Couple in Love and Embracing Tightly!

She Needs to Know She is with her Best Friend, her Best Teamate!

She Absolutely Needs to know you are with her All The Way!!!

She Needs to Know She is with her Best Friend, her Best Teammate!
She has a lot to lose and she is the one ultimately risking it all emotionally!
Save your Relationship before it's too late before the damage is too much!!!

What I am about to share with you is going to... Shock you!

She wants to make that Decision to stay with you!
But she needs to know you are with her!!!!!
Once again I am sitting here in Starbucks writing to you! You know, I have been doing this work for a very long time... I can't stop! It's not possible! Its' in my Heart!

And it's because Once again another client has come to me after the bomb went off!
And, he's a good person. A really, really good person with a heart of gold... And he did what every normal, healthy male does when he gets into a relationship... he became and was very male. He Loved her in the male way. He payed attention to her in the male way. He was with her in the male way. And that's where he went completely wrong! But he didn't know, he didn't understand.

Everything he was doing was destroying the relationship slowly and surely leaving her feeling unloved, unwanted and disconnected.

It's in my heart and soul and at times it hurts deeply to see you hurt emotionally in a way that it literally feels like your hearts are being ripped out, leaving you feeling the ultimate pain of life! Being in love yet not feeling the love, instead feeling an emptiness, an open empty almost soul-less chasm that seemingly feels like you will never feel Love again!

The Worst part of my pain, is knowing there is an answer and once you learn it, it's as if an entire New World Opens up to you! A World of Clarity, Peace and Absolute Understanding between you and your better half, the Love of your life begins to fulfill your emotions!

How do I reach you Before the Bomb Goes off???? 
How do I reach you before you Rip each others Heart out???
How do I reach you before all the Emotional Suffering?

The Way a Man Loves a Woman is not the Way a Woman receives Love!

In Fact it leaves her feeling completely empty and disconnected!
She needs you to be with her!!
Yes, it's very, very, very possible for a man and women to Fall in Love, Stay in Love and Be in Love for Life! 

But not the way men and women understand each other right now in this day and age! Sadly men have no clue what it is a woman wants in a relationship!

In one Phrase that would be Emotional Fulfillment!
In three phrases that would be Emotional Fulfillment, Clarity in Communication and Awareness or Being in Tune!

Let's Get to Work!

Ok, so let's make the theme of this blog, "She wants to Make that Decision to stay with you!"

Not only does she want to stay with you, she wants to commit fully and completely to you! And that's what you really want in a relationship in the first place!

But she needs something from you in order to make a solid decision! And that's what I will attempt to get across to you in this blog!

"She needs to know you are with Her"

I want this Relationship to be the Kind of Relationship she Fights to be in!

See, there are a few things that women so deeply desire and need from a relationship in order to feel she is truly Loved and Wanted! 

#1 We are speaking 2 completely different languages!

She can not understand you! Women say to me all the time, "Why won't men express themselves? Why don't men tell us what they mean?"

Answer: Men do express themselves to you all the time! Men do tell you what they mean! But they do it in the male way in the male language which is not the way you understand communication or meaning. Thus no matter how hard he tries she never feels truly understood or Loved! 

* You have to learn how communicate in her language otherwise she will feel like she is living with a stranger who she can connect with no matter how hard she tries or you try! It's a never ending nightmare!

Now the languaging part is done in the 1 on 1 coaching sessions. It's very hard to get across to the male brain, at least I the beginning! But it can be done!

#2 She needs to feel Emotionally Connected to you! 

If you learn how to shift into this part of your brain, your system that allows you to open up to her she will melt like butter into your arms and hold onto you for dear life and never let you go!!! 

There is nothing more important for a woman than to feel a deep, emotionally bonding connection with you!

Sadly men and the male brain are the external, disconnected, disassociated... So on accident, merely by talking to you and spending time with you, because you are in you left, logical brain it forces her into her left brain, the disconnected, disassociated brain. 

And thus she doesn't feel any connection with you at all. And sadly after a year or more of this she simply feels and believes no matter what you say or do or buy her, that there is no connection emotionally between the 2 of you!!!

And this just absolutely emotionally and physically kills her inside! She is Dying!!! But you can save her and you can fill her with your Love!

* So you need to learn how to be fully connected and what we call "Associated" in order for her to feel emotionally connected to you! No! I did not say be a cry baby! I said be "Associated!" This opens you up to your right brain unconsciously! 

#3 You have to learn how to open up to your Right Brain and learn how to speak the Internal Language!

Why? Because this is the only way she can possibly receive your Love! 

Once you open up to the Right side of your Brain, you then have to learn how to speak her language, literally the Right Brains language! Again this is what we mean by being "Associated" or "Internal.

Both being "Associated" and "Speaking the Internal Language" Will powerfully melt her heart, turn her on and make her want to hold onto you for dear life!

This is the only way she can receive the #1 More Important, the Most Powerful form of Love that she absolutely Has to have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are In it to Win it! This is what Women call "Emotional Fulfillment!"

 She needs to Feel your Love because this is Love to a woman! This is what Opens her heart and fills her with your Love! Answer: Emotional Fulfillment!

And this is something you are going to have to learn how to do! It's going to take at least 10 Long 3 hour sessions to learn how to do! But it will change your life and put the Power of Love into your hands and she will be able to fall deeply in Love with you!

 Be Her Emotional Super Hero of her Heart

Sadly our Super Hero in this Real Life Story came to me... after!

What did he do wrong?

Answer: Nothing! Yet he was doing every single thing wrong to her heart of hearts but he didn't know what it was or what was going on. He was simply Loving her in the "External Male Way!" Which sadly is not Love to women at all.

The Male Brain is the "External, Dissociated Brain." It's the Disconnected Brain. And the more he went into his Logical Male brain to relate to her to what was upsetting her so badly just made it worse and worse and worse, because in order for her to understand him when he is in his logical processor, male left brain that means she has to go into her logical, left brain, male processor and this is what disconnects her and dissociates her and leaves her feeling emotionally empty!

Because the Right brain is the Associated Brain. The Right Brain is the Emotional Processor Brain!

Her Mating system is directly connected to her right brain's communication processor! And thus the logical, male External, disassociated language makes her feel disconnected and Horribly empty inside.... 

So the Harder Matt tried to Love her and Understand her and Listen to her and be there for her, the more she felt alienated like she was living with a complete and total stranger!

#1 The Harder you try to Love women the Male way, the more hurt, alone and empty she will feel inside!

#2 Matt made another mistake that most men do as they move into their professional life! Matt started his own business.

As men become more and more professional they become more and more Logical, Left Brain Disassociated and Disconnected!

I've seen this in my practice hundreds of times with men in their 30's or 40's or later come to me saying, "I don't know what happened? I use to be really good with women when I was younger in my teens and early 20's."

I say, "Yes, of course because you didn't have to stay focused all day long and stay in your logical left brain." One Client Adam had this very same thing happen when he started his Professional Training business. He become overly logical and relied on it for dating and relationships and as he moved into his professional life becoming more and more linearly focused he started having major problems with the ladies!

He flat out told me, "I don't know what happened, when I was younger I had a girlfriend all the time. It was easy, I didn't even have to try. It was just fun."

I asked, "When did you start your business?" If I remember right he said something like around 24. I said, "Around the age of 25 did you start noticing that was when you were having problems with women?" He said, "Yeah, how did you know?" 

Hahaha... well it's pretty obvious what happened. He as most men begin to solely rely on their logical left brain for everything. Unfortunately this is the worst thing a man can do in a relationship or meeting women. It kills all the romance!

Adam was like most guys in middle school and high school, playful, open, fun, outgoing, social, which is all right brain processes. As men become older they lose this right brain capacity or ability to access this part of their system.

Remember her mating system is connected to her right brain's communication processor! And the right brain is the "Social and Relationship Brain!" Its' the brain you are supposed to be in when you are in a Social Situation or Relationship. This is how "HUMANS" Connect! 

And this is how and the only way a woman can get to know you! This is how a woman knows you are the man she wants to Commit to and Stay with! 

Do you want to learn how to open up to this part of your brain and body?

The Gods, the Heaven's, someone Played a trick on Mankind!

 It was not meant to be a Cruel Trick. It was meant to be an Unstoppable, Unbelievably Powerful Trick to Drive Mankind to Greater and Greater Heights of Life, Love and much Greater Understanding to pull us out of the Caves and into the Heavens!

In this blog I have not been completely open, just not yet! 

What I am about to reveal to you has not been shared with Mankind... because no one has ever discovered the Hidden Answers to Love between men and women until Now!!

We Now have the Answers to what you have been looking for your entire life!

Ladies you can start here with my 2 short books for understanding "Why Men Just Don't get it!" But he can learn how!



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