Relationship Advice eBook for Women | Why Men Just Don't Get it

Why Men Just Don't Get it | Relationship Advice eBook for Women

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"Why is it So Hard for Men to Fill you with their Love and Emotional Fulfillment?" 

This is the Answer for Romance, Love and Emotional Fulfillment Between Men and Women! A Powerful New Discovery in Romance, Love and Meaningful Communication!

The Way a Man Loves a Woman is not the Way a woman Receives Love!


Have you been asking yourself:

"Why won't He Love Me?" 

"How come he doesn't talk to me?" 

Do you feel like you're on the brink of melting down and just shouting at him to talk to you and open up?

Do you feel like you are living with a complete stranger you can't understand?

I know that this makes you feel Empty and Alone inside even though you shouldn't feel that way because he's supposed to be your rock!

Does it seem like he doesn't love you? And all you want is to learn, "How do I get him to Love and Understand me?"

This Powerful "New" Discovery Changes Everything.

What you are about to learn in this book are new insights which will help open your eyes into what's going on his head. This book is not all about him understanding you alone, but also you understanding him as well.

This 58 Page ebook guide gives you an outlook into the male mind, their thought processes and how they express their love to help you bridge the communication gap and open the doors to more Love!

You will learn the following:

#1 We Communicate in 2 completely different languages and process communication in 2 different parts of our brain.

#2 The way we express our Love is completely different and expressed in the opposite direction!

#3 Our mating systems are wired to 2 different parts of our brain! He tries to Romance you in the Male Way! Thus Romance Goes right out the Window! 

There are 3 Huge misunderstandings in Romance, Love and Communication!

And this is where all the challenges, hurt, and anger starts!

I’m proud to say this ebook doesn’t just tell you to sit down and discuss things in a safe environment and say "I feel…". This book will give you the ANSWERS to those lingering questions in your head which slowly deteriorates your relationship with him.

It will satisfy and quench your thirst for Why Men Just Don't Get it! 

You will Learn the Difference between how men and women Romance, Love, Communicate and Express our Love! Which will take your Relationship to that New Level adding that Romantic, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Spark that Leads to an Explosive Romance Filling you up with that Deeply Held Romantic Passion inside, leaving you feeling Whole and Complete inside.

After you read "Why Men Just Don't Get It" to learn more, buy my follow up book to this ebook, "Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love and Emotional Fulfillment!"

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