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Would Have Saved my Marriage if I met Mike 2 Years Earlier! | Relationship Coaching

Save your Marriage Before it's Too Late! 

When I first met Michael I was going through a horrendous divorce. I was hurt, I was lost, I felt betrayed! I was a mess and didn't know who to turn to.

I thought it was all One Big Lie. 

I did everything in my Power in both of my marriages! For Years, I went to all the Love & Relationship seminars and trainings! I even hired 1 of the greatest Relationship experts on the planet for months for 1 on 1 sessions!

I read all the books and bought all the Home study courses!

I took Copious Notes and I studied like I did when I studied for my Doctorate degree. I really, really thought I understood women.

I Truly, truly thought my marriage was going great! 


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Meeting Mike Kollin

I remember one of the very first things I said to Michael just before our first session was, "What could you possibly teach me that I don't already know?" Boy was I wrong!

I said to him, "I went to all the Love and Relationship Experts! I went to all the Love and Relationship Seminars and trainings for years with my first wife and my 2nd wife! I even hired 1 of the greatest Relationship experts on the planet for months for 1 on 1 sessions!

I read all the books and bought all the Home study courses! I took Copious Notes and I studied like I was studying for my Doctorate Degree!"

I just remember the way he looked me in the eyes, with a dead stare, as if to say, "You don't know anything!" Man was I soon to learn how much he was right! 

And then he said the Most Profound thing I had ever heard someone say. It wasn't just what he said, it was the way he said it. Just flat straight forward.

He said, "Well, Did it work?"

I said, "Did what work?" He kind of huffed, rather actually kind of growled and said, "Did it work?"

I said, "Did what work?"

He said a bit louder, faster and more intense, "Why did you take all of those Love and Relationship courses and study 1 on 1 with the Experts and pay all that money?!!"

I said, "To save my marriage!"

He said Louder, "Did it work?!!"

I got really quiet and I actually had to think about it for a few moments. I came back out, looked up at him and said, "Well no, I mean if it worked, I wouldn't be here!"

What I was about to learn was going to change everything I ever thought I knew about women into what was really going on! 


I went from Thinking I understood women to Knowing women!

There's a Big Difference!!

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 Once Mike began this mind bending journey, using all this hypnotic languaging patterns, there was no stopping, taking you deeper and deeper into the realm of the Female Mind allowing you to suddenly have these amazing experiences of understanding women more and more and more!

Ok, how do I say this? Women are not Nutz! Women are...???? Well... Women are Deeper! Once you understand women, life suddenly opens up and becomes a fun, really fun place to be!

It's like Mike says, "The Curtains are pulled Wide Open. The Windows are Opened and the Clouds Clear. And suddenly the Light Shines through... Now you can See!

There's 3 Core Pieces to his course!

#1 Women are speaking a different language! 

Yes! I am serious! We don't know it but men and women are speaking 2 completely different languages. And once he shows it to you, when you go out in public on your every day journey into life, like going to the coffee shop before work or anywhere, all of a sudden you see it everywhere!

I mean you see it and hear it everywhere you go! 

It's on billboards, in movies, in commercials. Even Macy's uses it on there logo and in their marketing and even on their Big Shopping bags! And suddenly you can see why women are so Happy showing off their bags! It's the language / wording they put on the bags!

It's a Hidden Language. Mother Nature Hid this from the Male Brain!

And it's the Key to Understanding and Knowing how to Love a Woman!!

Standing in line at the Grocery store you hear women use it all the Time!!! Hahahaha... 

It makes you wonder how in the hell you didn't notice it before, because once you start hearing it and seeing it, you start remembering you mother and sisters using it and teachers and female family members, past girlfriends, wives, they are all speaking it "All The Time!!!" 

It's even in Music! No! It's especially in music because it's the language of Emotions, Love and expressing your emotions and feelings! It's the way women understand everything! And we, guys don't even speak it let alone notice it!

#2 Women Receive Love in a the Complete opposite way that men express or give her Love! It's the Hidden Way!

This one is Mind Shattering!!

All those years of buying her stuff, paying for, as women yell in anger, "THINGS!!!!!!!!" "That's not Love!!!!!!"

Things do not give women what she really wants!!! At all... Things are meaningless to women without connecting it to emotional fulfillment which is meaningful and means "Everything" to women! 

Women are looking for something they call "Emotional Fulfillment!"

 And what Mike Explains in his course is shocking! Women do not receive Emotional Fulfillment in Relationships. A better way of saying the exact same thing is, "Women do not receive LOVE in relationships with men. Rather they wait years and years and years in "Hope" that 1 day he will learn how to speak in this "Hidden Language!"

When a woman Says Emotional Fulfillment she means Love! And what that is is not what you think it means!

Mike Taught me, that it's the same exact feeling men get after having an orgasm with a woman. That same, total relaxed, calm feeling where your entire mind, heart and body are just totally relaxed, no worries just feeling good all over your body!

This is what women want from men but they can't get it through sex like we do!!!

Now I know why my 2 wives were so angry all those years! And now I know why they left me to find the allusive "Unicorn" as women say. To find that 1 in a Million man who knows how to communicate in the hidden way!

I have to say one more thing. 

Sometimes, Women Actually say 1 thing, but then don't actually mean it. They Mean something else!!! In other words she will actually say A. but not Mean A. at all. But Rather she will mean B.!!! They Do this on purpose! Especially when it comes to Love & Romantic Seduction! This absolutely blew my mind when Mike showed this to me! 

And you know what? He's Right! Women do this all the time! It's the way they process information in their right brain. It's how they understand and relate to the world, to each other and to you!

Guys, I am telling you, if you want to save your marriage and actually understand your wife, this is the course to take!

#3 Love and Romantic Seduction are the Fulfillment of what Love truly is to Her Heart!


The oddest thing! "YOU CAN SEE IT!!!!" Women approach you!

Women perceive the world in a  completely different way! And this is the Gold that Mike Kollin gives you. He gives you the ability to perceive the world from the same space a women experiences the world. And all of a sudden a new way of understanding women with absolute clarity opens up! 

It's like a Brand New World begins to reveal itself to you. And this Revelation continues to reveal itself for months and months and even years and years later! It's a constant, amazing life long experience of constantly learning and expanding and understanding life in completely newer, richer ways! 

Life becomes Amazing and Constantly Enriching, Stimulating and Deeper, More Meaningful than ever before! 

 Women actually feel lost when a man Talks to her!

All Mike really does it teach you how to communicate in the Right Brains Language so you can Express yourself in a way she can understand and relate to! 

The Power of Understanding is sexual in Nature for a woman!

 If I had taken Michael's course 2 years ago I would still be married, happily married because everything Michael teaches in his course is what my wife had been telling me for years!! 

I really, really thought I understood what my wife was saying! But Michael was right! I was hearing and listening / processing what she was telling me through my logical male brain but she was processing / communicating it from her right brain. 

My left brain was literally changing everything she was saying to me. I really thought I understood what she was saying but it turns out I wasn't even hearing what she was saying! And no matter what she said to me, no matter how many times she would yell, "You don't understand or you don't hear what I'm saying," 


The learnings you will gain form Michael's course will Open your eyes to what's really going on between men and women & change everything! 

It's like he Opens up a closed window, opens up the drapes and suddenly the light  shines in! And you can clearly see what women mean when they say, "We need to work on our communication!!!" All of a sudden it all makes sense! The Level of Clarity is amazing. It's like looking out on a bright, cool, spring day and you can see for miles and miles and miles with absolute clarity!


Mike Kollin is one of if not the Best Dating & Relationship Coaches on the Planet! Nobody and I mean nobody compares to him!

Trust me! Do yourself a Favor, take Mikes Training Courses and coaching right now and save yourself a ton of heartache, hurt, pain and suffering and turn your marriage into the most amazing places on the planet to be! Because that's The Goal! To have Love in all it's Fulfillments!

If I could just express my gratitude for what I have learned about Life, Love and Relationships from Mike Kollin I wouldn't know what or how to express that! All I can say is "From the Fullness of my Heart, Thank you for Changing my life and bringing light into my Relationships! I am living a life most men would dare dream of! It's real and it works!!"

Take Mike's Course. You truly can Save your Marriage before it's to late with the right Relationship Coaching.

Good Luck Guys! Have faith. You have met, "The Master of Love, Understanding & Relationships! You are in Good Hands with Mike Kollin."

Mike Kollin is one of the most Fascinating, Intense and Passionately Caring Human beings you will ever meet on the planet! 

I am entirely Grateful for what he did for my life. He sent me on a completely different trajectory, in a New Direction. And Now life Makes sense and is a continual life long meaningful experience that opens you up to More!

Mark H. PhD in Physical Therapy and Chiropractor, Santa Rosa Ca. 


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