Crack The Female Code eBook

Crack The Female Code eBook

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This ebook has been specifically designed to help you confidently meet, attract & seduce women while still being yourself.

No pressure tactics or false bravado we give you an insight into what women look for so you can show your best self and even end up with her chasing you! I call this technique ‘Romantic Seduction’ as it’s not down to plays and pressure but still has women wanting you powerfully triggering their mating system and turning them on sexually.

This ebook isn’t just useful for the dating scene either. It also provides insights to get that passion and seduction back into your marriage too.

I’ve had a number of clients say just by gaining this knowledge they have much more confidence with women and it’s all down to 3 main points that we cover in the ebook focusing on what women want and look for in a partner and how women’s mating systems are wired completely different to men’s.

So if you’re ready to feel confident with women, get the girl and turn her on sexually while still being yourself then I highly recommend this ebook as the ultimate resource in understanding how women think.

This is the Raw, Unedited version that has people flying in from other parts of the country and even other countries including Ireland & London. You get everything I put into this book now. Buy it before I have it edited.

Get started today! This ebook can be downloaded from the confirmation page after checkout and is also sent to you via email.

If you’d like a more advanced, guided approach, I also offer one to one relationship and dating coaching in person or via Skype to help you quickly and confidently meet women and gain confidence in yourself.

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