Come Enjoy the Romance & Mystery of Napa Valley

Hi, My Name Is Mike Kollin & this is Napa Valley, My Home!

As a Child I was fortunate to Grow up in the Napa Valley, 1/2 a block from the Vineyards, in a huge Italian Family! So spending time in the Vineyards running / racing around on our motorcycles was par for the course. A bit wild, a bit crazy but always Passionate, Loving & Fun. This is Life! 

Learn how to be Romantic with women.

Where to take her for a Romantic Evening - Napa Valley


I grew up with the Belief and Culture that
"Life was Meant to Be Enjoyed to the Fullest!"
Including the Love of your Life. 
Love, Communication & Understanding of your spouse, children and friends are the
Key to living a Rich and Fulfilling Life!


How to Pickup Women and Melt her Heart! Take her to Napa Valley 

 And this is why I Teach Male to Female Communication. A New Discovery in how Men & Women Love, Communicate and Understand each other on a much Deeper Level Unconsciously for a Richer, More Meaningful Life & Relationship Together! 

Competing in Sports & Life is what it's all about!


When you first Come into Napa on Highway 29 you may notice a 16 Foot Statue of a Crusher. The old Fashion way we Crushed Grapes. This statue was built, in 86', and placed on this land, at the entrance to Napa Valley in 87', my Senior Year in High School, Class of 87', Vintage High Crushers. This Statue is a symbol for all of Napa and her Rich History. 


As a Child and Young Man, I grew up Playing sports year round for 2 decades. I competed in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Football, Racing & BaseBall. 

I had the Great Fortune of playing on a Few Nationally Ranked Championship Teams and Winning a few State and National Titles & Championships. 

Along the way I have had the Great Fortune of Learning from  and Training with some of the Greatest Coaches, Cut Men, Black Belts, Martial Artists and Teachers on the planet. Most of who are still my Mentors and Friends. Here are a few of the Gentlemen I have had the Honor to learn from and Step into the Ring with in my Corner.

Jacob "Stitch" Duran Cut Man MMA KickBoxing Coach

"One More Round"

Yes, "Stitch" saved 2 of my fights I was winning, by Stopping the Bleeding.

The man, Jacob "Stitch" Duran. He was my coach and Cut man for over 5 years and is still a mentor. He would always tell us in Training, "I'm going to the Top." "There's always room for more at the Top!" 

Twitter Kickboxing Coach "Stitch" Duran


Personal Development Guru & Motivational Coach Tony Robbins

This man helped me get back on Top!

After years of Struggling, Tony Robbins Personally helped me overcome the Greatest Adversity I have ever faced in my life; The loss of my Greatest Friends.

WWII Veteran My Grandfather George McCuen   

George McCuen, my Grandfather. 

On the right is my Irish grandfather. He left Ireland for Philly with his parents and sack full of siblings. There were so many Irish in his house in Philly that George had to sleep at the orphanage. He ran #s as an 8 year old and joined the army in 1942 at 16 (faking his birth certificate). He landed at Normandy. He drove an armored car while carrying 44. I've heard rumors that he used to play poker at picnics with his knife stuck in the wood table. He was a champion who wore red socks every day until the day he died.
George McCuen, you will always be with us.

My Grandfather was Napa To Me!

He was the Sweetest, most giving man I ever knew and always was kind to me… Everyone Loved my Grandpa!!

He taught me to be Strength & Love Combined.


Kickboxing Judge, Referee & Trainer

Mr. Eugene Ray!

One of the Greatest Athletes & Martial Artist & competitive Fighters to come out of Vacaville California. And an even Greater Coach and Trainer of Professional Kick-boxers including the Great Dennis Alexio.

Eugene has been and will always be an Icon as to what it means to be a Good person to Work Hard, stay focused and be kind to others. One of my Greatest Mentors to this day.

Not to mention he taught me the Core Patterns to Fighting, Martial Arts and how to Live Life! 


Stay Focused and Reach your goals and success 

 Steve Fossum the President of the I.K.F. 

Because of this man and the man below, Danny Stell and a lot of other people, I had the Great Fortune to fight in the World Famous I.K.F. 

The first day I met Steve I made him laugh and laugh and laugh. I was on a Roll that day. I made a Great Friend, I say that with Great Respect, and an even Greater Mentor. A lot of people are Fortunate to have a Platform to compete at the highest level in the world because of Steve's Unbelievable commitment to making all of these events Happen. 

Steve Taught me, 1 day at a Fight, the art of Focus, on Accident or Indirectly mind you!  

They call him the Eagle. I call him "Steve Awesome Fossum" 


Dan Bamm Bamm Stell UFC Referee, IKF Vice President & Fighter

Danny Bam Bam Stell

UFC Referee, IKF Vice President, Coach & Champion Fighter

One of my personal Coaches, mentor's and Friends to this day. Danny was a 4 time Kickboxing Champion (Before the IKF was founded) and is a a (Professor) 9th Degree Black Belt in the Kajukenbo System.

Danny "Literally" taught me my Left Hook and Body shot not to mention a few combinations that are devastating.

Danny, Living by Example, Showed me to Keep on Keeping on, to Persevere no matter what. You will Grow and become a better person. 


NLP Trainer, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist & Motivation Speaker Mike Kollin

NLP Trainer, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist & Motivation Speaker - Mike Kollin

I am an NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist with over 25 years of Professional Experience & over 41+ Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, HNLP, Time Line Therapy, Huna, Reiki & Pranic Healing. I am also a Male to Female Communication Expert with a Powerful Discovery in how to Understand, Communicate with, Love and Passionately Seduce the Opposite Sex! Trust me, She will Love this.

There's a New Answer and it's Awesome!

I have also Trained & Trained with Professional Fighters, Boxers, Wrestlers and Kick boxers on the Top levels, including National and World Champions!

One day the President of the I.K.F. Called me up and asked me if I could help out one of their fighters. He said, "I heard you are doing some great work with that New NLP Psychology." 

He asked me to personally work with Tony Sanza to help him overcome a mental block.

Here he is, Tony Sanza, from Napa, with his daughter.

Tony Sanza Mixed Martial Artist, MMA, Gracie Jiu jitsu Fighter

The President of the IKF came up to me after Tony Won 3 Fights in a row and said, “I don’t know what your doing, but keep on doing it!”

Not only have I trained with the very Best in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, from Tony Robbins, John Overdurf, Julie Silverthorne, Dr. James and a lot more, I have had over 25 years Professional Experience working with some of the greatest Professionals, Athletes and Clients possible! This has been a Fun Experience & Honor all the way around. Thank you all for being so Great.

With me, you get the Absolute Best in Personal Development, Life Coaching and Mind Training/Conditioning!

You get an NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist who is also trained by the very best in knowing how to train your very specific mind in the exact way of learning that suits your mind and your system best!

I have a Gift when it comes to coaching. I have developed a unique way of seeing where someone is blocked and knowing how to unlock their Potential & Power. With decades of training Professionals in all walks of life, from Business to Sports and Relationships, I have developed a Powerful form of coaching that reaches your Unconscious system so you make Powerful Changes that you came for.

When you come in, you will Receive an Elite Level of Coaching, Conditioning and Training where you begin to get more of what you want out of life!


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