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How to Talk to Women | Women are Right Brain Beings

This image is a Great image that visually depicts my entire course!

The Brain this is talking about is the Right Brain...

The Right Brain is the Creative, Spiritual Emotional Brain!!!

The 5 senses brain... where you see, hear, feel, smell and taste!

And remember, her Mating System is connected to this brain! Which makes this 
brain very very very very very very important to her heart and soul "LITERALLY!!!!!!" 

Men Process other Men's Voices with the part of the brain that processes simple sounds such as car engines and machinery. but they process female voices with the part of  the brain that processes music

It's about Lights, Love, Emotions, Spirituality and Feelings!!!  (It has Nothing, Nothing, Nothing to do with Logic!)
Love is not Logical! Love is EMOTIONAL!!!
It's the artistic brain you use when you paint or sing or dance or play an instrument or do poetry or play sports!
The people who are really good at sports are very good at opening up to their right brain!! Sports is not logical. It's emotional, very very, very emotional and creative and spiritual and artistic! How many times have you heard an athlete say, "I Just got to Feel it! I just got to get into that zone!!!"

There is no thinking in the zone! It's all Feeling and Emotions, Natural... the right brain is the Natural Brain!
One day I pray you will be brave enough to Awaken to this side of who you truly are within and connect with the "REAL YOU INSIDE!"

This is what my entire course is all about... 
It was never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever about her!!!!! 
It was and is always about you finding your "SELF" inside!

Because what she wants is to get to know "YOU!"

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