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Mike Kollin

Super Seduction Course | Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching

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$4,995.00 USD

The Most Powerful Course on Love and Romantic Seduction 

Courses and Elite 1 on 1 Coaching are Available Now! 

Call first to Make Payment Arrangements and to Set Date!

I'm an Elite Dating and Relationship Coach and Communication Expert. I Specialize in Healing Relationships and Emotions!

Save your Marriage, Meet the Girl of your Dreams and Create a Relationship worth Having filled with Romance, Love and a Deeper Emotional Connection than you have ever had! 

I am a Master Coach with over 41 Certifications in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Energy Healing, Communication, Linguistics, Personal Development and Male to Female Communication with over 30 Years Professional Experience!!

I have also Trained Professional Fighters, Wrestlers, Boxers and Kick boxers at Top levels; National and World Champions! You will find that I am a mix between the Absolute most Determined Fight Coach on the Planet and a Master Mind behind changing your thoughts, images and beliefs about Yourself and what you're Capable of!

You will get a Coach with 110% Commitment with the Discovery of a Life Time! Bring your A Game and Watch your Life Transform!


I will Shift and Change your Perspective! There is absolutely NO Question about that!!!

This is not an Intro Course!

This is A Mastery Course!

This is The Game Changer!

You will Shift your Perspective COMPLETELY!

180 Degree Shift!

There is a Decision you have to make right now! Are you Ready for this? Because if you are, a Doorway will Open and you will find A form of Hidden Power Within you that you never knew existed!!

“Your Life Will Change”

You Deserve a Better Life!!! And you Deserve it Now!!

So, you want to Be The Man she can’t stop thinking about!!

You want to be her ROMANTIC HERO!!!

This is your Ultimate Resource in getting the absolute most out of my course “Crack The Female Code and Getting the Girl of your Dreams!"

These Hidden Teachings will Unleash your Hidden “Internal Power” and Open you up to a Greater, Much more Powerful way of “Being” so you can “Get the Girl & Keep the Girl!”

“Crack the Female Code” is the Ultimate in Making her actually want to Be with you, talk to you and keep you with her forever!

“Crack the Female Code” is a Unique blending of Western and Eastern Psychology / Philosophy, Energy Healing & Understanding of the Opposite Sex, with an actual Step by Step Action Process to getting More of what you want = Real Life Results!

#1 The Ultimate Coaching Package 

Grand Total = $5,995

On Sale Right now = $4,995 

 (Includes $250  Non Refundable Deposit)

* Call & ask how you can get a better $ Price!!

This is the Grand Daddy of them all. If you are Absolutely Serious about attacking this from Every angle and putting in the Time and Effort, this Package will get you the Break Throughs you have been Looking for!!

This is like Having your own personal Live Seminar Training

(Also Available for Small Groups Trainings!)

Plus Live in Field Training as well…

In this 10 Session Package you get:

#1 10 Full – 3 Hour coaching Sessions = 30+ hours Training!

#2 3 Live - in Field Training Sessions  W/1 Hour + Training before we go out into the field. You will be Prepared! = 7+ hours training!

#3 Email support – Free (Normally $25 per 5 emails)

#4 Phone support – Free  (Normally $250 per hour)

#5  My Personal – Complete A to Z - 43 Page Crack the Female Code Training Manual to take home with you! – $225 Value


#6 Plus My Biggest Hidden Secrets I “Only” Teach to those who Complete My 10 Session Courses!

(These are literally Hidden Patterns inside the Females mating System that trigger her mating system! Yes, actual, real patterns just like when you watch birds do their mating dance. Once you see these hidden patterns, they will reveal a New World of possibility for you!!! This is Mother Natures way of making sure only the Smartest males mated with the Prettiest Females. To make Smarter and Healthier/Stronger Children/humans.

When I say there is a Code, I am not Kidding! I Will show you a multitude of hidden codes which all make up the Master Code.)

I.  The Master Code – My Powerful Secret that simplifies it all!!

This is flat out a Monster when you have this in your Hands to use!!! This is the Ultimate Tool in my entire Arsenal… I absolutely demand that you Master using this Super Simple Tool. And that’s the point. This 1 tool simplifies it all and teaches you how to get laid like a Rockstar hands down!! This is like a Nuclear Weapon!!!

Note: This is only taught to students who take this 10 session course! PERIOD!!

II. The Master Communication Pattern 

This is like Shifting Gears in a Car. This will make it super, super, super simple to shift from one state to another and take her from where she’s at in the moment to taking her where you want her to go with you!!! I also call this the “Lead her into the Bedroom” Technique!

III. My Powerful Secret Love Technique that makes it super easy to Melt her Heart & Turn her on! My Y1,Y2,Y3 Technique! I only teach this to students who take this course!!

IV. Find your Stuck State and Clear it with the right Teachings and Understandings in what you are missing!!! 

#7 In this course we will be doing Day Game & Night Game! We will be going to Cafe’s, Target, Malls and also Night Clubs and other night situations. In this package we will hit every side of the Pickup Artist Game!! 

#8 You Get my Absolute 110% Full Support & all My Skills in this Package!!! This is the Premiere Package!!

* This is the only 1 on 1 session course where I will be using my NLP/Hypnosis, Energy Healing / Awareness and Psychology Skills, that I use with Professional Athletes who have Mental Blocks, whenever it is needed!

I literally throw every tool in my arsenal at your Challenges to Restructure them and turn You around 180 degrees to start working effortlessly in an unconscious way for you!

Everyone and I mean everyone has a Stuck Area where no matter how many courses you take or no matter how many techniques you learn you still simply can’t get the results you desire! Well, no More! With my training and my course we will find what area’s you are challenged in and we will put you right back on track where you belong!


If after the 3rd session, you are not 100% Completely Satisfied, and Clearly See where we are going and why this is so Powerful, you get your money back not including the Non refundable Deposit!

"Take a Look at the Testimonials Below!"

Soon this will be You!

Call Now & Set up your Life Changing Appointment 
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