How to Win at the Game of Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

How to Win at the Game of Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching



But, you have to understand what's going on unconsciously! There is so much going on in relationships, that you are not conscious of more than 90% of what's going on behind the scenes or on the unconscious level. Because, your unconscious Mind is capable of processing millions and millions of bits of information on a daily basis, to say the least, that's right! First of all, as I have said in past writings, we literally are communicating on 2 different levels in 2 completely different sub languages. (Which means, we do not understand each other!) 2ndly, we also receive love differently! Literally from the opposite direction. 3rdly, we are sexually turned on and stimulated in the opposite way.

 The Secret to Love


So when men attempt to turn a female on, it usually pisses her off or hurts her deeply! You know, buying roses, dinner, stuff like that. Now, today I am going to talk about a few things that will give you an idea of what I mean! Men nad women can learn how to understand each other and love each other in a way that deeply satisfies and fulfills each other. The problem is, we continue to try to communicate in a way that we naturally would understand, not realizing that the opposite sex, literally is not hearing what you are saying. And the same for love.

Men will pour their hearts out in attempts to show their wives how much they love them and work and work and work to make her happy and buy her "Things!" Which, unfortunately is not love to a woman, so after a while, she begins to put on her fake smile, nod and say thank you, but in her heart, she is feeling angry and probably after time; extremely resentful! Oprah Winfrey Did a show on this exact same thing! She brought up 3 families, husbands, wives and children. And the women and Oprah kept saying, "Men, it takes more than paying for the bills." And the husbands, who by the way were awesome, awesome husbands, would just break down and cry and say, "What more can I give?" "I get up at 5 a.m., fight traffic for an hour, work 50 to 60 hours a week, take the kids to their games, go to the parent teachers conferences, cook, clean, and do everything I can!" "I bought you a beautiful 2 story home in a beautiful, safe neighborhood, our kids go to private school, you have a brand new Mercedes, etc. etc.." "How can I possibly give more?"


How to Win at Love | Dating tips and relationship coaching


While the men sat there crying, Oprah, out loud says, "It's more than that!" "Your wife needs more than that!" "Being a husband is more than that!" Now, my first reaction was to verbally correct Oprah!!! "You couldn't have found any better men than these husbands!!! These are loyal, faithful, committed, extremely loving husbands, doting fathers and more! They have provided their families with every damn thing that has been asked of them by society, their wives, children, etc. etc.."

But, this is an exact perfect example of what makes my course soooooooooooo different and sooooooooo important!

No one else on the planet teaches the most valuable skill that will help men and women finally crack the code and figure out the most important piece of the puzzle! I understand what the women and Oprah are trying to say! But Oprah and the wives don't understand what they are saying to the men! And, most importantly that the way women are communicating this deeper need to be loved, the male brain simply is not capable of processing her language nad is not understanding, seeing or hearing what she is saying! First of all, Oprah should have stood up and hugged each and every one of those amazing fathers who are perfect examples and should have received father of the year awards! 2ndly, Oprah should have made the entire crowd give them standing Ovations all the way around! 3rdly,

Oprah needs to sit down with me as every single woman on the planet does! Because the way Oprah and these women and women for centuries have been communicating their needs to their husbands, clearly has not been effective, at all, zero!

And do you want to know why? No, Seriously!!! I am asking you, yes you, right now! "Do you really, really want to know why? Because men and women are speaking 2 completely different languages. (AND NO!!! I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE NLP PREDICATE SYSTEM OR THE DEEP LOVE STRATEGY TAUGHT IN MANY NLP TRAININGS OR TONY ROBBINS SEMINARS. This is much, much more powerful and lot more fun!)

And the way men express their love, is not LOVE TO WOMEN at all, Zero! A Bird flies and a fish swims! I am not saying that men are not expressing their love or that men don't care! In fact, I am saying quite the opposite! Many, many, many, many men Love their wives with all their heart and soul. But, the way a woman receives Love is literally the opposite of the way men express their love!

Now that is what I am talking about! And, And, the way Oprah and these wives and women for centuries, 10's of thousands of years have been expressing and communicating this need for men to love them, has clearly not been effective! Again, why? Because women are communicating in a foreign sub language that the male brain simply can not process!!! Are you listening? Are you hearing me?


Seriously, do you understand or do you at least have a clue that the way we communicate and the way we express our love is sooooooooo foreign, that no matter how much a man tries to Love a women with all of his heart, with all of his soul, she simply can not understand or see that he is expressing his Love with all his heart and all of his soul! Pouring every ounce of Love he has into the relationship, into her life, into her heart! Here she is crying, screaming, yelling, doing everything in her power to desperately get him to Love her! And yet, all this time he was pouring his heart out in the male language and the male way and she never even noticed, because this is the Male form of Love!

This clearly is not the female form of Love! And she honestly, respectfully does not realize that he Loves her! She honestly and sincerely believes that he doesn't even Love her or care about her anymore! Men, let me tell you right now what Oprah and what these women on her show, as all women have been saying!

When Oprah was saying, it's more than paying for the bills, picking up the kids from School, taking care of the family, buying her expensive dinners, flowers, gifts, candy, cooking, cleaning, movies, opening doors, waxing your car, shaving, dressing nice, working hard, buying her a Mercedes, etc. etc. etc., well, she and all women are right! Love and Romance are expressed through a very specific, right brain language that is completely foreign and odd to the male brain because we are not wired in this way. So we are not even aware of it no matter how many seminars we take.

There is 1 thing, 1 Universal thing that all and I mean allllllllllllllllllll women want, need and desire from men! LOVE! But, what does that mean? What does that mean to a woman? More importantly, how? Now, that is the real question, how? What it means, is that it has to be given to her in a very specific way that literally melts her heart, opens her up and causes her to completely emotionally and physically surrender to you! NOW THAT'S POWER!!! That's Dating and Relationship Power for men! And, she will Love you for this form of power that she desires from you!


But, it's not easy. This language and form of processing communication and body language is literally an art, that once performed effectively, give men all the power they have been looking for in life, love, dating nad relationships!


How to Win at the Game of Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching

How to Win at the Game of Love | Dating & Relationship Coaching


See, the male mating system is hard wired to his optic nerve, which simply put means, that his mating system is hard wired to his eyes and men are externally, visually stimulated or seduced, turned on, etc. etc. You know, a pretty, sexy lady, who moves in a sensually feminine way, etc. So, what this causes, is for men to pay for visual things; flowers, candy, gifts and do external things, wax the car, wear a nice clean shirt, pay for dinner, get a haircut,  pick up the kids, go to school functions...

But, this is the male form of Love! (Now, right now, women are dropping their mouths wide open and thinking, "WHAT?" "This is what men think Love or Romance is?" "Seriously!" Think of it this way. Men are wired the way men are wired. So, men try to attract, approach, talk to and seduce and Love women the way that men are attracted, seduced, turned on and loved! Get it! A Bird Flies! A Fish Swims! A bird flies, because that is the way a bird is designed. And a fish swims, because it was designed to breath and swim underneath water. There is nothing wrong with the bird because it can't swim and breath under water like the fish.

So it is just useless and wrong to punish the bird for this. And this is the equivalent for what's going on between men and women. And this is why it's just so wrong for women to punish men for giving an honest effort in Loving you, Romantically seducing you and trying to connect with you in the male way! See, a Man Loves the way a Man Loves, because that's the way he is wired neurologically in his brain, but he does not realize this. Just like she does not realize she was wired in the opposite way to receive Love! And a woman Loves the way a woman love and receives Love in the way a woman receives Love.

There is nothing wrong with her. And no, women are not crazy, they are just wired in the complete opposite direction for everything than a man is wired! Get it? See what I am saying? Do you understand what I mean? At this point, all I am saying and trying to get you to clearly see now, is that we, both men and women, simply do what comes natural to us. So, whenever a man tries to turn on, seduced and approach sex in the male way, this really pisses women off, because her brain is Loudly screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... that's the wrong way!!!!" So, what does she do? She punishes him, severely! But, she is wrong in doing so, just like the Oprah Winfrey show did to these wonderful, amazing men! Because you and these men are doing everything in your power to Love and Adore and Fill your wives with all your heart, soul and love to complete her! This is why men think that turning a woman on or seducing her is wrong! Hahaha...

This is the same reason that men believe that women do not want to be sexually approached or turned on. Hahaha... I know ladies, right now, you are saying, "Are you kidding me?" And this is why men are afraid to approach women, because since childhood/teens, they have been punished or approaching a girl whom they like. So his nervous system learns that it is wrong, but he wants to meet you! So, the more you punish him, the more he goes into his logical, linear brain and thinks that following rules and being a good boy will get him Love and Sex! But as women  nothing could be further from the truth!

So, buying her things, paying for dinner, flowers, gifts, dresses, candy, etc. clearly does not work! And clearly men, if this is what women needed, wanted and highly desired from you, you wouldn't be up on the Oprah Winfrey show getting berated in public. And women would not be crying and begging for you to Love her after you just spent $10,000 on an expensive gift for her, after you bought her that 2 story home, Mercedes, after you picked up the kids, after you did every fatherly, husbandly loving thing you could ever possibly imagine doing!

Now, these are nice and good fatherly things, but these things are not LOVE!

The Problem is, we are having a failure to communicate effectively, in a way that the opposite sex can truly, finally understand you and you them! And also how to Love a woman, in a way that "SHE NEEDS TO BE LOVED!" "She needs to be ROMANTICALLY SEDUCED AND TURNED ON POWERFULLY!!! And, women clearly have not been able to clearly or effectively communicate this and get this across to men as of yet in the history of mankind. That's because women are literally communicating this in the right brains language that men don't speak! But, I have figured out this Code! And yes, it literally is a code! Wait til I show it to you, it will blow your mind! And this my friends is what makes my course the Course of all Love and Relationship Courses simply The Best, because no on else is teaching this, because no one else is aware of how to teach this let alone, know what this is! And yet, women talk about it every day, do talk shows on the need to be loved, write books, attempt to teach you and do seminars and on and on and on! But nobody, not 1 person on the planet has Cracked the Female Code! (Because, women are teaching this to you in the female language, in the female way and it goes right passed your brain! But she doesn't understand that you and she are speaking 2 different languages and fall in love and receive Love differently!)

See, women don't know that you don't know. And men don't know that there is anything to know! Men don't' know that they don't know! (But egotistically and arrogantly he will tell you that he does. So you wait and wait and wait and years go by and you realize, clearly he does not know! But, he truly believes he does no matter how many times you cry, yell, scream and throw the roses on the ground and storm of angry, hurt and crying, only for him to come back another day with a more expensive gift or more roses! He just doesn't get that he doesn't understand, but, he believes he does! Because he is doing and thinking it's this male form of Romance, Love and Communication. Therefor, he really, really, really thinks he knows what this is, but clearly, clearly he does not!

I sit here and listen to couples in grocery stores or listen to women chat at cafes about this and I even watch the supposed Love and Relationship experts talk about 1 side of this, and not even know that there is a complete, opposite and polar side of this that they are missing! And when you put both of these 2 together, all of a sudden you clearly see how the puzzle fits together! And suddenly, you begin to clearly see how men and women uselessly struggle to love each other day in and day out, year after year, only to end up feeling lost and lonely and hurt and unloved even when they are trying to Love each other! And, you will then know what the answer is and realize, it's really not that hard once you know how! You will even be able to laugh at the fake experts who don't know they don't know! (It's literally the blind leading the blind! They don't know that they don't know and have been divorced 3 times each and yet charge you thousands and thousands of dollars and insist they have the answers! Sadly, they don't!)

There is a missing key that I teach in my seminars that no one and I mean no one teaches! And let me tell you, this is not easy to teach to the male brain. It's not easy to teach this to the female brain, but it is possible. And that is what the Discovery of a Century is in my course! Now, if you are one of those egotistical males who believes he has it figured out, I will bet you this, if you believe you have this key and you have it all figured out, then come to me, stand in front of me and I will give you 10 minutes to communicate this to me, express this to me in the way women need to receive love! It will actually only take you 2 minutes max, but I will be patient.

 I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not even the experts are aware of this, let alone know how to teach this to the male brain! So if you think that you know what this is, you just need to be slapped upside the head! Period! Because you don't know! This is New! This is Unique and this is The Answer! Period End of Sentence! For now, I will give you this.

Oprah clearly punished these crying men publicly who just poured their hearts out to her and their wives about how they love them with all their hearts and have proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are committed and love them and their children.

And yet, here is another Talk show, talking about how men just don't freaking get it.

And it is the soul reason these wives  brought these men up on stage! There is something they are not getting, it's called LOVE in the female way, the way she needs to receive it from you! Seriously, if you think men get it, then why in the hell do all the women's magazines talk about how men just don't get it? Why are there soooooooooooooooo many courses on how men just don't get it? Why do so many women on a daily basis complain about how men just don't get it???? Trust me man, you do not freaking get in a million years! Seriously, let me help you! Let me help you! Screw it man, I am going Tom Cruise/Jerry Maguire on your ass! "Help me to help you help me!" "HELP ME TO HELP YOU HELP ME!" Just open your mind her for a few moments and "Listen to understand!" WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LOVE!

Here is what I am talking about. The female Love system and mating system is designed in the complete opposite of the way yours is, that's why when men like Kobe Bryant who earn more than $10 million dollars a year and are worth far more than $100 Million dollars have their wives divorce them, even when they buy her a $2 Million dollar diamond ring alone, a $10 plus million dollar house, etc. etc. So, if according to you, men, it's all about money, looks, etc., then why in the hell do all of these women keep leaving their rich ass husbands for men who don't even have a freaking job? Well? Well? Is it possible?

Is it freaking possible that you are missing something extremely Powerful, Amazing and AWESOME??? Why yes, it is possible, because there is an answer that all women want all men to know! Yeah, I know and your entire life, you thought that women were all about looks and money and height, etc. Hey, Kobe is extremely world famous, extremely rich, powerful, super tall, in perfect shape, strong, aggressive, ambitious and everything a man thinks a woman is looking for! And yet, he just like Donald Trump and other rich men who have spent lavish amounts of money on women, only to find they lose their beloved wives and lose 1/2 of their fortune or at least millions nad millions, all because there is 1 thing that men are not aware of that women literally need in order to feel and be loved. (Note: Again, this is the Bird thinking and being like a Bird.

Men think the way men think and don't realize that women are neurologically wired completely and totally differently than them! And this is the problem! Guys!!! Women are not like you at all, period! Women communicate differently in a different, hidden sub language, women process communication and body language differently. Women fall in Love differently than the way you think and express love. And women are sexually aroused, turned on and Seduced completely, totally differently than you! Look, all I want to say is, "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!" TAKE MY COURSE AND GET YOUR DAMN POWER!!! I WANT YOU TO HAVE IT! I WANT TO GIVE THIS AMAZING POWER BACK TO YOU!!!!)

ANSWER: COMMUNICATION! Ok, I know, I know, you are thinking, "Oh, I have heard this before!" "I know what you are talking about?" Ok, spread your legs, 10 kicks are about to be repeated to your groin in rapid succession! "SHUT UP!!!" "You don't know, now let me finish!" The male system is hard wired to his eyes, through his left, logical, linear brain. Nothing and I mean nothing irritates women more than a man who communicates in this left, male brain language. It irritates the F'k out of women. Especially when you approach her and look her in the eyes in that narrow, locked on linear fashion... But, this is what men do, because that's the way they are wired and don't realize it. Ugh! Trust me, this pisses women off! But, I can show you and make this super clear to you, so you can see both sides of this. OH DAMN IT!!!

There goes your damn male ego again... I know, I know! You are saying, with a whiny tonality, "But, but, but women tell us all the time to look them in the eyes!" Me: Yes, they dooooooo... But they don't actually say look them in the eyes, especially not in the male, linear, penetrating narrow, lock on vision. If you actually listen to understand, what they are saying is, "Gaze into my eyes!" Now, in the female language, that literally means in the open, peripheral vision way that is softer, open and relaxing." And yes, I powerfully, powerfully teach this in my courses. See guys, what I am trying to say without going into an actual seminar here is this. Women say A. but you hear B. Your brain thinks she means 1 thing, when in all actuality, it means the complete and total opposite of what your brains gives the definition to. Our brains give different meanings to the same exact words. For example.

When a woman says, "I am looking for a man who is Romantic", what do you think that means? Well? Well? I bet you think it means open doors, be polite, pay for dinner, buy her flowers, dress clean, be respectful, etc. etc. Answer: Hahahahahahahahahaha... nothing, nothing could be further from the truth! In the female language, Romance or romantic means to be sensual, seductive and powerfully XXX Erotic. But, there is an Art to this and you have to learn how to do this in the female way, "NOT THE MALE WAY, which women find offensive and gross! See! Yes, women do want to be Seduced, turned and and powerfully aroused, but the Secret Mother Nature hid from the male brain is this amazing, indirect way. And yet, what do you do when you buy her roses, flowers, dinner, etc.? You stare, in the linear way, at her all night not noticing that she is leaning away, crossing her arms, turning aside getting more and more pissed off, clearly in her world/mind, telling you to back off. You didn't even notice her tone of voice and how short she was being with you! She was "Indirectly" telling you all night to lean back, relax, stop looking into her like that in that linear fashion, etc. etc.

(This is what creates the, "Oh, your such a sweet or nice guy and she shakes your hand or kisses you on the cheek and then she says she has a headache and goes home or says, "you are a nice guy, after you have spent hundreds of dollars on an expensive dinner and evening out!) Men still think that if they spend a ton of money on her, that it increases the likely hood that he is going to get laid! Good Job buddy! Treating women like professional prostitutes will attract any classy woman right!


Now ladies, let me tell you, men do not understand the indirect form of language/communication at all, it goes right over their heads. Period! This is why Oprah Winfrey clearly did not get the message across or these wives or women who have been expressing this to you in the right brains non linear, "Indirect" language. Yep, I can hear the male ego rising now... "OH, I got it, I know what you are saying!" OH yeah? Ready, swiftly, "Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick..." "SHUT UP!!!!" Jeeez man! Just shut up and listen already! Damn! Now, here's what's going on. The female system, mating system and Love System is hard wired through her "Right Brains, Emotional, Communication system/processor to her ears!" Now, all women are saying, well of course, I already know that! But, that's only because that's the way you are wired! He is not wired that way! So he has no freaking clue. Which means, he is a normal, healthy male. Don't punish him because he is not wired the way you are!

Now here's the thing, women think that the way men approach Relationships, Love and Romantic Seduction is alllllll wrong! Why? Simply because it is not the way she is wired. And that's all. The female system is highly wired to her auditory system. In other words guys there is a language that you speak into her ears that literally melts her heart and sexually turns her on! That's why so many women are raving about romance novels. "Oh God Damn it!" "I can hear your damn male ego firing off!" (Hint, you can read a romance novel but not have a clue what it is saying! Hint #2 The word Romance in the female language, literally means XXX Sexual, pornographic, OMG!!!!! But most men think that Poems and Romance novels are these nice, polite, romance books! Oh give me a freaking break. Romance Novels are the indirect, "INTERNAL FEMALE LANGUAGE", hidden form of XXX rated pornography! This language in these books is Coded! Yes, there is literally a Code that I will teach you to decipher in my course! So you can clearly know when a girl likes you, is attracted to you and is getting turned on. More importantly, I will teach you how to speak this code so you can choose to turn her on! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE GOOD MEN?

In the TV Show, Sex and the City, Kerry Bradshaw, the main character says, "What happened to all the Good men?" Have you ever heard this one? I bet you have, many times. And I bet you have zero clue as to what it actually means in the female language! Most men think, this means, "Where's the men who follows social rules, is a good boy, is polite, opens doors, pay for dinner, buys me flowers and talks nice, basically kiss my ass to get some sex, etc. etc. Guess what it really means? "What happened to all the dominant, take charge, aggressive, masculine men who lead, take what they want and don't fall for my games or let me  jerk him around and speak up for themselves and have strong boundaries and call me on my shit and put me in my place?" "Why do all of these modern men ask me where I want to go for dinner?" You think I am wrong? How many times have you heard a woman say, "I like it when a guy puts me in my place" ? I see it all the time, on the internet, online dating sites, etc. I have even heard it in person. If this surprises you and shocks you, then I promise, this course will open you up to the other side to finally understanding why women like these types of men. Well, I will tell you why. The modern, women's lib., feminist movement feminized men and taught men to listen to and follow women, to basically be submissive to her.

So, when a woman goes on a date with the modern, conditioned/socialized men, she gets a watered down version of her romantic hero. And trust me men, this simply will not do for a women who wants it all. Guys, in all respect, you have been brainwashed by women, society and Hollywood to be weak, wimpy, submissive and to sacrifice yourself and what you want so you can be loved! And yet, that doesn't turn or attract women! Women want men who have self respect, self esteem and personal boundaries!

Ok, I am going to be blunt! My course is going to teach you how to be the Modern Caveman! To be that Beast of a Man who knows how to twitter her hypothalamus. To have strong boundaries and know how to put her in her place in that way that makes her know and feel she is with a man who knows how to take charge, lead and make her feel soooooooooo good all over her body! So let's wrap this section up! #1 Men and women are literally wired differently neurologically, which causes women to communicate in a hidden language that he male brain doesn't process in the same way that she is. So she says A. but he hears B. thus we are not communicating.

You absolutely must communicate in her language! Period!

#2 The Females way of receiving true Love and Emotional Fulfillment is through the right brains, "Internal Language" because her right brain is the Emotional processor which means she is literally processing communication through her emotions and 5 senses. If you do not speak this language, all the gold and jewelry and gifts you can afford will only be mere, temporary sugar highs that are quickly forgotten. #3 The Female Mating system is triggered Auditorly through and or by Communication.

Again, it must be the right brains "Internal Language" that needs to be spoken in order to trigger her mating system to sexually nad powerfully turn her on nad Romantically seduce her! In other words, once you learn this hidden language that women enjoy, the POWER WILL BE IN YOUR HANDS!!! And she'll love you for learning how to trigger her little girl in this very special way! So, remember the male Love and mating system is hard wired through his "Left Brains, Logical system/processor through the optic nerve to his eyes!

So, what does that mean? Men are highly visual when it comes to Love and Attraction. So that's why men buy things.

Guys, no matter what you buy her, it is just a thing! That's all. I mean, think about it. If one of your buddies took you out to dinner and payed for an expensive piece of dead meat we call steak and it was on an expensive China plate at an expensive restaurant, would you suddenly get all hot and romantic because of the dead meat on an expensive plate? No, you wouldn't and guess what, neither does she! So let's get this moving! Give us a call here at MGK Enterprises and let's get your Love life  back on track. And let's make that little lady of yours happy all over!

Call: 415 456 8558 This is Mike Kollin, your Love and Relationship and Pickup Artist Expert! Personal Development coach Master Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer!

It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!! Period!!



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