The Ultimate Package - 4 eBooks Plus Phone Consultation

The Ultimate Package - 4 eBooks Plus Phone Consultation

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The ultimate package is the complete guide to attract women to you, see her sex signals and romantically seduce her.

This package includes:

In this incredible package you get my ground breaking Crack the Female Code ebook along with the powerful, and I mean powerful, Sex Signals ebook.

These 2 books alone will change your life. I’ve had clients fly out from Ireland, London England, Kansas and Michigan all after reading my best selling Crack The Female Code ebook. Adam, from my YouTube videos, is another person who flew out from London after only reading the first section of my book Crack The Female Code.

Not only do you get the benefit of the additional ebooks like Get The Girl & Keep The Girl to really help you master this hidden form of communication with women but I also include a 1 hour phone consultation to answer any questions, personalise some steps and really push you from a casual reader to an action taking doer.

Remember, the female mating system is directly connected to her right brain’s communication center. This hidden form of communication / language automatically triggers her sexually.

Get started today! The Ultimate Package can be downloaded from the confirmation page after checkout and is also sent to you via email.

For your phone consultation, email me at and provide your order number and we’ll schedule a call that works for you.

The only greater way of understanding these teachings is to come to an event or book a one on one coaching series with myself to become a true master of female communication, attraction & seduction.

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