Wake up to Your Power | Orange Ball of Energy in Hand

Your Life Could be Epic Right Now | Wake Up to Your Power

Wake Up to Your Power | Orange Ball of Energy in Hand

Your Life Could be Epic Right Now | Wake Up to Your Power

All you have to do is decide!!! Decide to Change your life and Grab Ahold of it! Because "YOUR LIFE" Is literally in your hands!!!!

Take Charge of your mind of your thoughts and of the people you associate with!!! Take Charge!!! And Be Happy!!!!


This has been the Greatest Summer and year of my entire life! And I have done some Awesome things in my life from going Airborne Infantry to training with the Greatest Fighting Trainers on the planet to studying with Buddhist Monks side by side in the temples to winning State and National Championships to having World Famous boxing and Kickboxing Coaches and more....

This Summer I have made more money in my business than I have ever made! I have traveled up and down the Beautiful California Coast, going to some of the absolute Most Beautiful places on the planet!

Hire Professionally Trained Life Coach | Personal Development Coach Mike Kollin and Win!!

Mike Kollin Professional Life Coach, Dating Tips and Relationship Coach and Success Coach wearing Sharp white Kiton Dress Shirt and Brown Kiton Dress jacket

Discover Your Hidden Power Within and Change Your Life!

From Napa Valley to Long Beach to Redondo Beach to training in a World famous MMA Gym with literally some of the Greatest Athletes ever to compete in the World...

I spent 4 days with a Beautiful, Beautiful Family and their Beautiful Daughter; one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life!

"Your Life is in your Hands like a Fire Ball of Energy!"

What are you doing with it?????

I am going to give you the #1 Most Powerful tool you will ever use!!! And it's simple! Super Super simple!!!


"You get what you Focus on!!! So Focus on what you want!!!"

Talk about what you want!!

Read about what you want!!!

Look at what you want!!!!

Day Dream about what you want!!!!

Talk to your friends about what you want!!!!

Imagine having and experiencing what you want!!!

Listen to Music that makes you feel good!!!

Life is a choice!!! PERIOD!!! Take Charge of it!

Take Charge of your thoughts and your words!!!

Take Charge of what you look at, read, listen to!!!

I guess I am Divinely Blessed!!!

I was so severely Abused and Physically damaged....

And then Ran over by a car that made it almost impossible to walk from my car into the store for 4+ years.. and then I could barely walk or even think.... It took me 10 years to heal enough to be able to carry a normal conversation and be able to physically move...

I had 1 Choice!

Do or Die!!

Live or Quit!!!

Out of the Blue a Former Mentor, World Famous Coach, IKF Vice President simply sent me a message out of the cold blue.... that said,

"Don't Give up!"

It was that day the 5th year after my accident I could barely walk down 1 flight of stairs holding the rail shaking like a 90 year old man... with no one to help me from day 1.

His message came at the right time. Because that day walking down those stairs I remember saying to myself...

"5 years and this is how far I got? I can't even walk..." I wanted to Give up... 

Empower Yourself Spiritual Awakening

I Decided... I was going to keep going through all the Fking Pain and Suffering and unbearable burning in my entire spine and body...

I was going to push through all the pain and suffering...

I also realized I had no choice other than to "LITERALLY" Embrace the pain and suffering and make friends with it and Love it and hold it and literally Embrace it because my Pain was and is and always will be my best friend...

It was that day I began to laugh with my pain and laugh because of my pain!!!

Last year I finally got strong enough to really make a push to get my business off the Ground!! I was finally making it! Finally!!!!!

And then Corona came along and they literally shut everything Down...

I Looked up and God and I Cried and Cried and Cried... I mean What the Fuck more do you want from me????

I stopped leaning on God and started Leaning Forward...

I laughed and I told God... hahahahaha... you are going to have to do a lot better than that... You are going to have to Kill me... I Won't Quit on my Life, on my Business or on my Happiness!!!

God Began to Smile down on me!! It was at this point I realized, God Loves me, that's why he kicked my ass so hard!!! I am truly blessed and have received so many amazing Awesome Blessings!!! Blessed by God is what this Buddhist Monk Said to me.

Buddha Kham smiled at me and said, "Chosen One!"
Yes I Am!!!!!!!!

So the Awesome Happiness Train Continued forward...

Clients began to pop up out of no where!!

Work began to pop up from places I never thought they would pop up!!

I started Traveling more than I have ever traveled in my life!

I turned off the Fake Negative News and got off my facebook personal page and I began to listen to The Good News! It's all around you! it's everywhere!!!

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I began to see new discoveries, began to develop my healing abilities and coaching skills to a level that I never imagined was possible!!

I Began changing peoples lives and introducing people to their own Power inside them!

What are you Focused on? Because that is what you are going to Get!

I am focusing on Healthy food, working out, pushing myself and just Flat out Being Awesome because it makes me happy!!!

I Love you all... I will tell you this, you have to Start Loving Yourself!!!!

And you have to start getting off your own damn Ass and make your Life Happen!! And you have to do it right now!!!

Everyone I am involved with business wise are all soaring right now!!! Their lives, finances and business's are doing better this year these last 6 months than ever before!

If you want to believe the Fake Bullshit negative news, then you go right ahead...

or you can Discover, find out that you truly can create whatever life you want to create Right here, right now in the year 2020!!!

2020 as I Predicted in January in my youtube video's has been the Greatest year of my life!

Be Awesome!! 😊🐹👻

Your Life Could be Epic Right Now | Wake Up to Your Power


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