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You Took Back your Power, Faced your Fears and Destroyed the Narcissist! 🔥

Disappear back Into Yourself and Take Back Your Power

You have a heart and you have a soul and you Finally Claimed Stake to all of who you Truly are on the inside, mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually! You Took back your Power and you are now Standing with a long sword in hand ready to take on anyone, anytime, anywhere, any Battle!

Standing Fearless You Took Back your Power!

You threw off the Shawl of Mediocrity and you Stood up to your Oppressors! Besides, Mediocrity isn't for you, it's for the Narcissist!

You Fearlessly did what most will never, ever do! You turned around, faced your fear Fully and Completely and You Stared deep, deep, deep into the Terminal Darkness of the Abyss of Hell and found it staring right back at you! Feeling its eyes upon you, locked on, realizing there's no escape! Realizing there's not a single place on the planet you can run to, to escape the grasp of the evil one looking back at you!

Terrified, Scared you Ran, you took Cover, you Walked, Blocked and Stood your Ground through thick and thin no matter what! Lost and Confused you had no idea what to do, who to turn to or where to go! Worse, nobody had any answers! They didn't understand... 

Only those who have Sincerely Looked into the Abyss know this Feeling!

All Alone, Lost, Terrified and Confused you did what you Knew you had to to, You Stood your Ground with No Regrets willing to Fight for your Life!

At first you felt devastated, completely alone without a single soul on the planet who you could or would talk to! Who can you trust? Who understands what you are going through? Who is real? Who is a Demonic Narcissists? 

Like a Battalion of Infantry Soldiers in the heat of battle you Blew the Horn of Retreat and you immediately ran for cover! You Retreated to Protect yourself, to Recover, to Heal your Spiritual and Emotional wounds. Little did you know this was all a part of the healing and EMPOWERING PROCESS!

This very Experience of Darkness, Loneliness and spending all your time alone was the very thing the Gods pushed you into! They were Forging Steal that Only the God's can do!

Without you even knowing, Pitting you into Battle against the Darkest of Demonic Narcissists who Hail Satan! It was Do or Die! It was Kill or Be Killed! Sink or Swim, you had no choice! And Yes, YOU fought with the Fullness of Your Power! And you came out Victorious still feeling a bit lost and confused realizing you had this Power underneath, within you, inside that you never knew you had yet at the same time "YOU KNOW YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS OPEN UP AND CLAIM IT FULLY 100%!!!!

Yes, it had to be done this way for you to Finally Stake Full, 100% Claim to your GOD GIVEN Divine Power, Spirit, Life and Soul and Fight Back with everything You've Got!! 

There is no Try! There is no 1/2 assing it! There is no Kind of Sort of! It's all or Nothing! Thats' life!!! PERIOD!!! You Either Do or you Don't Do!

"There is no Try! There is only Do or don't Do!"



The God's did not Abandon you! Your Ancestors, Grandparents, Grandmothers Spirit, friends from past lives, your former Husbands, wives, children were cheering you on sending you Healing Love the entire time you were under attack fighting for your life, fighting for your Heart, Spirit and Soul!

This is a Spiritual Battle

You Made them Proud! You Took a Stand, You fought Back and You defeated the Enemy within and without! You fought a war on 2 fronts, in the 3rd dimension and in the Spiritual Dimensions! You fought a war you had no idea even existed. It caught you off Guard, you were blinded! 

What was really happening was you have been fighting this Battle your entire life being belittled, lied to, embarrassed, humiliated, gas lighted, tricked, mentally, emotionally and physically abused and Traumatized!

You were taught not to listen to you "SELF!" You were taught to deny your Feelings and Emotions and to not Listen to your Intuition! You were taught not to have compassion for yourself or Love yourself!

You were taught to ignore your own physical and emotional and spiritual pain and suffering. All for the benefit of the Narcissists who could destroy you and your life out of pure Narcissistic Jealousy! You were taught to DENY your very own Power and Force from within!

1 day! 1 day you had enough and you fought back and, Like Giving Birth to a Child going through the Birth Canal, you Exploded into a Bright Blinding Super Nova like a Star Exploding Deep into the Night Sky you came to Life and your Light was turned back on!

And Now the Narcissists Know Who you Are! Everywhere you go, The World Knows who you are!

You are the Light! 

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I'm Mike Kollin

I am a Highly Trained and very Powerful Personal Development Coach and Healer! 

I have over 30+ years Professional Experience working with men and women, husbands and wives, Fortune 500 CEO's, Professional Athletes and business men and women!

I have over 41 Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Energy Healing including Reiki, Huna and Pranic Healing! I am also Certified and trained in HNLP, Energy Medicine, Consciousness work and Communication! I studied psychology at ASU, Arizona State!

I am a Dating and Relationship Professional and I specialize in My New Discovery in Communication for Romance, Love and Seduction! 

My Main focus is to help you to heal emotionally and on an energetic level using energy healing modalities and techniques. I also help people to see things from different, radical perspectives because it's the learning and seeing your hurts and pains from Newer, More Empowering Perspectives that allow you to open up, heal emotionally and move forward in life with Power, Excitement and a Renewed Spirit and Passionate Love for Life!

I Specialize in #1 Giving you the tools for Achieving more of what you want out of life including Happiness, Love and Success in dating, relationships, life and business! 

#2 I Specialize in showing you the Pathway to your Own Power that has always been inside you, locked up, waiting for you to Discover! This is the Hidden Secret that has evaded you, your entire life! And yes, this is why some succeed and some don't!

I will show you how to live a Powerful, Meaningful Life and Thrive by teaching you how to Step into your Power and Take Back your Power Fully and Completely! I am here to Show you how to Be Powerful and Empower you so you can Finally Stand up, Fight BAck and Speak Up for yourself, Your Dreams and what is rightfully yours!


Contact us for Empowering, Life Changing Sessions and Trainings that will Change your Life! 

415 747 8598 


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