You are Awesome!!! Live your Life and Be Powerful... Unbroken - Steve Jobs

You are Awesome!!! Live your Life and Be Powerful... Unbroken - Steve Jobs Video

It's time for YOU To BE AWESOME!!! You are not here to get by! You are not here to survive!!! You are here to Thrive, Kick Ass and Get the Most out of life!! So Push it every day of your life! Push it further than you have ever pushed yourself before!!! Do you remember what life was like when you were in High School? How hard you worked in sports or school or music or art or your grades??? Why aren't you living your life like that right now???  Do you remember what it was like every single day, every morning where you got up early when you didn't want to get up! You went to classes you didn't want to go to! You took notes, payed attention, then studied all night, wrote 1,500 word essays in 3 days, sometimes even 2,000 or more word essays!!! Do you remember putting on the headphones, turning on the music to get you motivated and fired up to get in the zone to do your english writing or studying science or math??? DO YOU???? And then going to practice every day no matter how tired or sore you were??? And then waking up and doing it all over again each and every day??? Do you remember what it was like to Be Alive and Live!!! Who says Graduating from High School or College or the day you got married is the end??? I say this is the Beginning!!! I say right now, get back up, start reading, start learning, studying, pushing yourself beyond beyond once again!!! WHY NOT??? BE ALIVE!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!! I am Writing this after almost 6 years later struggling after an Awful Accident!!! I got ran over by a Car and left for dead and nobody helped me for hours in front of a Beautiful Church on an Absolutely Beautiful Day! In an upper middle class neighborhood... in the middle of the street!!! I struggled for years from that accident... The pain was unbearable on a daily basis, standing up, sitting down, trying to sleep and lay down... nothing but Pain.,.. And I couldn't give up for some reason... There is a spirit and a soul, something inside of us that simply will not let us down!!! Whatever it is, it drove me and still drives me... I couldn't walk to the bathroom let alone climb into the shower... At one point, I could walk about 60 feet... then 1/2 a block... I almost didn't make it back that day... But I made myself get up and do it every day... 1 tiny, tiny little step at a time... Nobody helped me... nobody!!! Just recently I found out my insurance would have covered hospice and other care programs but my doctor never once mentioned this or offered me any of this... They even denied me physical therapy even after I begged for help... NOTHING!!!! I knew I had to do it on my own... I did whatever I could... even if it was only breathing deeply for a few minutes... that eventually turned into walking across the living room and back... and that lead to me walking down the hallway of my apartment complex... at night when everyone was asleep... Some how, some way without any help from anybody, I got stronger! I healed my back and my broken bones and my head injury! Even after my doctors told me I would never be the same that I would never be the person I was before, I never believed them because in my minds eye, all I could see was myself running again, talking normal again, thinking clearly again, working with my clients again and helping them!!! Now I can Run! Lift, Hike, Bike, a Fixie that is with one Big Gear!!! I am shadow boxing, kickboxing, sprinting, stretching, I can now kick above my head once again!!! I am a Force to be Reckoned with once again!!! I have a stronger determination now than I ever had. This accident was My Gift!! And I am forever Grateful for being left alone to sink or swim on my own!!! Now I know I can do it!! I honestly don't know how I did it!!! It wasn't easy at all... It was Impossible!!!!!!! I'm so lucky I never gave in!!! I am so lucky I some how took 1 step at a time and never gave up!! Some how this journey showed me how strong I am inside!!! And how much more self reliant I am now!!! The reason I am writing this, is not because I am complaining at all... I am writing this because I KNOW That Life Can be AWESOME once Again!!! I am attempting to get the message out, that I do what I do for a living because I care!! I want to help people with their lives!! This is a motivational course, a change course a combination course, a course on Love & Understanding all based on a New Discovery in Communication!!! I Care!!! I want you to find your Inner Power!!! I want you to know that there are things you can learn that will POWERFULLY Change your life!!! In this video, he is absolutely right!!! It's hard to kill the Human Spirit!!! Les Brown NO matter where you are at in this moment, right now, crippled in bed, hurt emotionally, financial broke, DON"T EVER GIVE UP!!! Simply start where you are at Right Now!!! And YOU CAN Make it Happen!!! I am going to give you the Biggest Secret to Success!!! #1 Start right now! #2 Start Right where you are at!!!! #3 Take 1 tiny baby step! And then another! And another and so on!!! Just Keep on Keeping On!!! Keep Going!!!! I do the work I do because I have the tools to make a Powerful Difference in Peoples Lives!!! And I am blessed to be so talented at changing peoples experiences in life and helping them make changes on an unconscious level!!! You have to know that people who are really talented in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and Change Technologies can Change your life! You have to take the steps... I am writing this because I was working with a client today.... and I was grinning from ear to ear because it has become so easy for me to help clients to make the changes they want and need to make inside their minds and nervous systems!!! Know this Right Now!! You Are POWERFUL!!! REMEMBER!!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN!!! Please don't do this for me!! Do it for you!!!! Trust me, if you can Live your Life for you in a way that is absolutely Beyond anything you have ever Dreamed of and reach for the stars, I promise you that you will make the world a better place!!!! This video is for you!!! Watch this video every day, any time you need inspiration... P.s. I just noticed the name of this Video: UNBROKEN
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