Women's Inner Secrets for Dating & Relationships

Women's Inner Secrets for Dating & Relationships

Women have a series of Seduction Secrets they wish men knew, but you have to be in the Know in order for her to tell you or for you to figure it out. Even if she told you, you wouldn't understand. It has to be Taught and Conditioned into you!

I have made a series of video's I uploaded, towards the bottom of this page!

Ok, so what do I mean when I say in the know? I mean, you have to learn how to open up to and enter your Right brain, because this is the brain she is processing from. So, when she hears your words, she processes them through this Processor which processes through her emotions and feelings, literally. And thus she can Understand you!!

#1 Technically she is processing them through her 5 senses. So she see's, hears and feels your words, "LITERALLY". Now, when you are in your Left, Male, logical brain, she will not reveal the truth to you because #1 you won't understand it.

#2 And you are seen, not just as a Stranger, but more as the Enemy!! 

You are a foreign being to her.... But... When you learn how to open up to your Right brain, she feels comfortable with you because suddenly she can relate to you.

It's as if you are one of her kind. You are Kin... you are of the group... as if you are one of the girls... There is an understanding, a trust a "KNOWING!!" On an unconscious level.... she see's you as her kind.,.. yet doesn't realize it. But if you are not in this part of your brain, she has the wall up and won't reveal all...

One of the fastest ways to get to know and understand women and learn how to pickup on and seduce/turn on women is simply by being in your right brain and processing from that side. Because women will constantly share with you without even thinking anything of it because you are now on her side. And she can understand you and vice versa.

Imagine learning how to open up to and be inside your right brain and then learning the "Hidden, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling language that triggers her mating system!"

All of a sudden walking into a coffee shop or going to a party or any social event suddenly becomes seamless. Suddenly you the guy they all comfortably talk to. And suddenly talking to women is easy and comfortable and becomes fun!

Now you are the guy the other guys are looking at saying, "What's so special about him?" And you are the guy all the girls are talking about. Yes, it is this easy. Sure it takes a little bit of work and practice. And over time you get better and better at it.  

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