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Why Women Love to Argue and Fight! Yes They Do! #1

It's Sexual in Nature!

This Powerful understanding will help both men and women understand each other and themselves and help create more understanding, healing and more pleasure! Sexual pleasure! Have you ever noticed how much some women, some times seem to either enjoy arguing and getting enraged or pick fights with you on purpose? Well, I am about to let you in on a little known kinky secret that will help you understand your little Cave girl. hahaha...


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Ok, now here's what's going on? It's Story time! Well, when I was in my mid 20's, I was deeply, madly in love with this really cute Laotian girl. Man she would drive me crazy... ugh!!! But, I learned something extremely powerful from it that changed all of my intimate relationships with hotties from that point forward! hahahaha...

See how here: So here's what would happen on a regular basis, almost weekly, sometimes 2 times a week. I would be in a really peaceful, happy mood and life was AWESOME!!! Then, I would hear a faintly feminine knock on my door and to my surprise, it would be my little cutey sexy Laotian girlfriend. I would open the door and there she would be all smiles and happy, slightly bouncing in delight, all 5'2" of her with a bright light that seemed to surround her. Well, upon answering the door, I would just light up in delight and all of my 5'9" finely sculpted World Class Kick Boxer's and Muay Thai Fighters body, all 165 lbs. of me, just rock solid, absolutely cut from Granite ready to attack on a moments notice. I was a mountain of chiseled muscle with that Roman Warriors jaw line! But my little baby girl was there and nothing in the world made me happier than seeing her! I Loved that little asian girl. She just knew how to make me happy. Unfortunately, she also knew how to make me extremely angry!

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" goes the Caveman Warrior! So anyways, there I was standing there all happy and full of delight, smiling, when I noticed, she suddenly went from smiles to kind of a... hmmmmm... not mad, but almost upset look... Well, long story short, she started to play mind games with me like only an Asian girl can. She then lied about what she just said and it just got worse and worse and worse... Until finally I began to absolutely "Boil Over" like a Powerful Mountainous Volcano ready to explode into the atmosphere with molten hot lava. (Well, I could have sworn I saw a glint in her eye, almost like a smile...) And this just made me madder.

Well, I held my tongue and I tried to calmly ask her why she was doing this, etc. etc. I was trying to rationalize what was going on, not realizing, she had her own motives. And I was literally like that Hot, Explosively POWERFUL MEGA TONS of Molten Lava in that Hawaiian Mountain of a Volcano ready to explode deeply into the night sky with it's Pure heat from the Core of the earth... Well, she would just twist my words and everything I was saying, almost like she was doing it on purpose... MAN!!!! I was pissed off... And then I saw it... yes, I definitely saw it... A subtle yet perceptible grin that she just couldn't contain anymore... Well, this brings me to this Amazing book that changed my life when it comes to understanding human behavior and relationships and groups.

One day I was walking through the Book Store and out of no where, this book, literally jumped out at me visually with it's brightly colored reds and oranges mixed in with green and dark black all around it. I then grabbed the book and the title blew me away and I almost set it down until I read the sub title. The book is called The Lucifer Principle and subtitle says,  A Scientific Journey into the forces of History!

So, I was intrigued by the pictures on the cover of war, Mao a rat and germs. I opened it up and turns out, it's about the evolution of human behavior and why we are so aggressive. Well, on page 33, it talks about how a few Duck species have a peculiar thing they do. Now on this page alone, it talks about how women, and I quote "Encourage Killers" "Women are "Violent" "Females are as much a part of the apparatus that triggers male violence as the men themselves" etc. etc. So then it goes onto say, Nobel Prize winning ethologist Konrad Lorenz described a common behavior in several species of Ducks.

Why women Like to Argue with men

The female runs out to the edge of her husbands territory and tries to provoke another duck, then runs back to her male, stands next to him and then looks behind her at the enraged rival in the hope that her mate will jump into the fray.41 Many are the Human Females who have tried to stir up a similar fight. 42 Well, it goes on to talk about other ways women of all species including human females will do things to either encourage men to go off to war to kill or fight in daily life.

So, this triggered me to investigate this much further, not only in this book but in other studies on the correlation between female violence and triggering men to fight or even kill and get angry and enraged. And you want to know what one of the biggest purposes is? Because it sexually turns women on! YEAH!!! I know, right now, you are probably having an OMG!!! moment aren't you? Well, this doesn't turn out all bad and I am not here to knock women. But, I am here to teach you how to effectively deal with this in a way that fulfills her mating desires and her needs completely in a way that nobody has to die! Sound good? hahaha.. yeah, it does!

Well, without going into any more scientific detail, scientific study or Nobel Prize winning studies, at this point, here's what's going on. When the Male Duck or Human gets enraged like a freaking Mountainously Chiseled, Warrior Caveman, ready to Explode and blow up into the night sky, with his neck veins throbbing, pulsating and pumping blood through his Powerful body, his adrenaline begins pumping big time and his testosterone and or pheromones are shooting or flying all over the place. So not only does the image of her Powerful Caveman about to explode into the night sky like Glowing, searing molten lava, but his pheromones begin to release and she smells it and it triggers her mating system to want to have POWERFUL, POWERFUL, EROTICALLY EXPLOSIVE, MALE DOMINANT SEX IN THE BED!!! And for some women, (Notice I said some, see Generalization Disclaimer above) this is the most Powerfully erotic turn on a woman can have!

Females Can have Orgasms through Communication in Relationships

In fact, some women can literally have Powerful orgasms right there watching there Caveman, you, scream and yell and rant and rave and explode... yeah, women can have orgasms right there without even having sex! Cool huh! I bet you didn't know that! Now, here's another very, very, very important side note that I must include real quick right now! Women have been pushing and pushing into the corporate world to prove they are just as equal as men, etc. etc. Well, right now, for at least 5 to 10 years, more and more women are giving up and saying, I have had it. (Again, please see Disclaimer above and please notice I didn't say all and or every one.) Statistically and socially more and more women are dropping out of the corporate world and this fight fight fight to prove themselves to be equal with men. Why? Because more and more women are finally realizing, they want a Caveman to sweep her off her feet, melt her heart with his masculinity, power and testosterone!

Women want both to be independent and have a powerful caveman! This is soooooooooo hard wired into the female's mating system, which is in her lower cave girl brain, it's not even funny! This is an instinctual, intrinsic need that women have. (Please see disclaimer for those who... well, you know.) It's literally part of our natural mating instinct. But men (Disclaimer) don't do this anymore. And women keep saying, "Where are all the good men!" She does not mean nice and polite at all... She means masculine, dominant, take charge, throw her over your shoulder, smack her on the ass and lead in this way! Right now, we are living in a time when more and more women want to be powerfully seduced, turned on, sexed, pounded, penetrated and exploded into!

Women, ok, some to many women, (Disclaimer) are now finally, openly, even publicly admitting they want to find a man they can surrender to, to a powerfully dominant man, in the bedroom. And respected in public. ( I Teach how to effectively do both in my courses! This is literally an Art) Note: The #1 Complaint I here married women say to me is that they are bored in the bedroom because he's being too nice. No Caveman dominance, etc. The #2 Complaint is men don't speak the Internal Female Language that triggers her mating system. You are in luck, I teach both of these in my courses. The problem is, you absolutely must understand the duality of the female mind and how women want to be seduced and also respected. I Massively, Powerfully teach this in my courses. And, the female form of being seduced is completely and totally foreign to the male brain! I specialize in teaching this form of female seduction to men in my courses. In fact this is the only course on the planet that can actually teach you, not only how to understand this, but to open up to this part of your psyche / Brain to powerfully do it from a natural place so you don't have to think or be logical, because that will ruin it!

Now, I am going to talk about a phenomenon that is happening right now in our society! There is a book that has been on all the TV Talk shows, I believe I saw it on Oprah. It's called 50 shads of grey. It's a very, very erotic, kinky and dominant book. It's about men or a man dominating women. Now, I have not read it yet. But I have seen talk shows and also met a few women who have just finished it. This book is literally hot off the presses! (Women are even advertising it in their online dating pages discretely and ask if you have read this book yet!) Women are eating this book up and also saying, "Hey, we want to be dominated more and more." The old 70's, I am independent is kind of taking a back seat right now and women want to be dominated. But this is a fine, fine art that I have been teaching in my course for over 15 years now! Because women are both independent and want to surrender! This is the Key to Understanding women which I teach in my courses. Now, here's what's really going on. People, women are sick and tired of trying to live up to this unrealistic expectation of being pure  and perfect.

Men and women have desires, powerful desires. And that is what my course is all about. Combining, integrating both the left and right brain, combined with our Caveman / Cave girl lower, reptilian brain or RAS Activating system, our instinctual system. This is what consciousness is all about. For years and years and years our modern society has tried to crush, destroy our pleasure centers desires and has tried to shut that down and act like we are not of the Flesh like an animal. The fact is, we are also flesh and have an instinctual animal brain. And, shoving it down will only make you and society go crazy!

My Course is all inclusive! My course teaches you how to integrate your Whole Brain. Why? Because your entire brain is so much more powerful and so much smarter than just your intellectual brain. Your body and or emotions and instinctual brain contain all of your knowledge and higher being. And this is much healthier to live in a complete way. Think of it this way, do you really think that by disconnecting from your deeply held emotions and feelings that you are smarter? Do you really think that by shutting off from your right brain, the emotional, creative, spiritual brain that some how you are smarter because you have less power and less knowledge. I think you already have the answer!

I teach men how to use their full brain power  and double their intelligence capacity! If we as a society are ever going to raise our consciousness and find a way to peace, we must open up to our higher and complete, Whole Brain. Denying our natural instincts and inclinations is simply limiting. Now, back to the story. So, now Oprah Winfrey and other talk show hosts and radio shows have been interviewing women and the author of this book, 50 Shades of Grey and how revolutionary this book is.

And how women want men to take charge in the bedroom and even tie them up and dominate them. Now, about 15 years ago, I was in Emeryville California in the restaurant called Elephant Bar. And I told the hostess I specialized in Communication between men and women. And she was about 20 years old, in college and said to me, "If you really want to understand women, you have to buy and read the book "My Secret Garden!" And, she said had me go across the street and buy it right then and there. That was the best thing I ever did in my life. Ok, one of the best. This book, my Secret Garden is a book written by a Liberal, Feminist woman, but it will surprise you. It's another book about women's Sexual Liberation and how women have sexual desires just as much as men do if not more. YOU absolutely must read the very, very beginning of the book...

Now here's the deal. hahaha... This young little girl was extremely feminine and petite and in my eyes, extremely innocent. And I was treating her with kid gloves and being very polite, correct, etc. And as I look back now, I clearly see what it was that triggered her to tell me to read this very, very, very Erotic, XXX rated, sexually energized book. The book is about this author who interviews dozens of women on their fantasies and what they wish their husbands or boyfriends would do to them. Needless to say, they are about Domination and submission, being taken by her Caveman, spanked, tied up, leather, whips, talked dirty to in a way that was extremely shocking to me, because my entire life, being raised in the 70's in the Bay area, California, all I ever heard was to respect women, honor women, don't see women as sexual objects, etc. etc. etc. So, I, like a lot of American men became that boring lover and boring conversationalist whom women despise.

She, the author, goes on to say that she thought the feminist were the ones who she believed would support her book nad praise it because the feminist movement is about female empowerment, freedom and equality! She thought writing a book and gathering stories from dozens and dozens of other women who wanted to share their wild, erotic fantasies would free women more and give women sexual freedom. But it was the Feminist groups that shut her down! Surprisingly, it was the other core women whom supported her and also agreed with her on her point of female Sexual Liberation. My point is this. When women say, "What happened to all the good men?"

They do not mean what happened to all the nice, kind, polite men who open doors! In fact, they mean, where did all the Masculine, Beastly Cavemen go? Where's the man who is going to absolutely ravage me, dominate me and sweep me off of my feet and melt my heart? So there I was, yelling and screaming, Exploding like a Ravaging Caveman Warrior at my cute little Asian hottie girlfriend... And, I saw it, I did!!! I did!!! She smiled! She f'king Grinned and was about to burst out in joy and pleasure!!!! She actually began to quiver and shiver, with her arms crossed, holding her hand to her mouth tightly, with her other arm tightly held across her body, trying to hide that she was having an orgasm right there at my doorway!!!

"I WAS ENRAGED!!!!" "I WANTED TO EXPLODE!!!!" "HOW DARE SHE F'CK WITH ME ON PURPOSE!!!" SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING AND SHE WAS ENJOYING IT THOROUGHLY!!!" (At the time I didnt' realize she was having an orgasm, I just thought she was smiling and grinning and enjoying it on that level because she pissed me off!)

I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!! So I called her on her bullshit!!! And screamed at her and said, "You like this don't you?" "This is actually making you happy isn't it?" Well, she denied it again and again! But was grinning the entire time, she couldn't hide it. and had this glimmer in her eye, kind of like Santa Claus when he does a good deed.

Now here's what happened. I was confused and I was like What the F'K is going on??? Then it hit me. This is turning her on! She gets turned on sexually when I get angry and go into a rage!!!! So I yelled at her, "You like this don't you?" "It makes you happy to fuck with me like this doesn't it?" "You like making me angry  and hurting me huh?" "You're sick!" "Your sick and need therapy!" "You need to see a psychologist and get some help!" So I turned around and walked into my living room and she said, "No Baby, no!" "I don't!" "I Swear, I don't like to make you mad!" And then, she hugged me and melted me... I was so confused and hurt and angry and I didn't trust her at all...

(Which is why I wrote this, because this behavior angers, enrages and creates a ton of mistrust in men for their wives when women do this. She is trying to get turned on powerfully. You think she's just trying to hurt you for no reason. She is actually trying to get massively turned on sexually. When you see it from this perspective, all of a sudden you can shift your perspective and then go into acting mode, she won't even know you are acting. And you can realize, she's not just trying to mess with your mind because she has some kind of psychological dysfunction, it's instinctual and very, very Powerfully Erotic to her!)

This was the biggest down fall to our relationship until I read that page 33 in The Lucifer Principle and the rest of the book and also My Secret garden and how women (Disclaimer) need and Powerfully desire to be taken by a caveman! Needless to say, she was crying and was hugging me and kissing me... And I loved her, I wanted her to Love me too... She calmed me down with her loving and nurturing ways and we were crying, kissing, and I literally grabbed her, threw her over my shoulder, smacked her on the ass and carried her into my Cave and threw her onto the bed and ripped her clothes off and we made love more passionately, more powerfully than ever in our entire lives! It was the most amazing sex we ever had...

And then something happened. Something Powerful, something amazing. I can't explain to you how powerful this from of sexual orgasm after orgasms is, it caused us to emotionally completely open up and powerfully explode into the spiritual level of connection filled with bliss, nirvana, purity and a deeper love than I have or she has ever felt in our entire lives! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life! I can't explain to you the level of connection that happens when you just completely throw all of societies rules to the curb and just totally, completely go for it, something Energetic, emotional, spiritual happens! You Bond on a level you simply can not imagine! We were like 2 peas in a pod. We could literally read each others minds and the slightest body language, etc. etc. We Knew each other Biblically you could say! NOW THAT'S ROMANCE!!!! (Powerful, dirty talk, take charge, hold her down, CaveMan Style! Disclaimer, in our modern society, you really need to learn how to set this up and lead her into this. So take my courses and learn how!)

Side Note: A few months later, I asked her, if she did that on purpose? I asked her if she came over to my place and when I was in a very happy mood, would purposely piss me off? And she said,

"Yes, because it turned her on sexually!" Being the nice, polite guy, opening doors and pulling out chairs, following rules bores her to tears... What I am saying is this. You don't have to get angry when she is trying to purposely piss you off! What you need to do is know this, understand, see, feel and absolutely know, she is trying to powerfully create that connecting, bonding experience of a life time!!!!! She loves you and is doing everything in her power to get you to open up to your heart of hearts, deep, deep, deep, deep inside to simply OPEN THE FUCK UP TO YOUR REAL HEART AND EMOTIONS, CRY, LAUGH, SCREAM, YELL, OPEN THE FUCK UP AND CONNECT WITH HER EMOTIONALLY! BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THIS LIFE AND THIS RELATIONSHIP IS ALL ABOUT!!!

See, you don't have to get angry any more or hurt or smash expensive furniture or TV's... Instead, just know, that you need to act like a caveman. Grab her, throw her over your shoulder, smack her on the ass hard, take charge and be the man! Throw her into bed and ravage her, talk dirty, really, really dirty and turn her the F'K on!!!! I promise you, this is so much more than sex! This is literally and I mean literally a spiritual experience you area bout to open up to!

Your Heart Chakra will literally open up and you will feel the energy flow right through you in a very warm, open and sensual way!

There is a mental connection, emotional connection and then a Powerfully Physical / Sexual Connection that opens you up to a deeper level of Emotional Fulfillment! And remember, she needs you to respect and love her in the morning and especially in public.

Romancing a women is not opening doors and paying for dinner! Wake up already guys! She wants to be ravaged and needs to surrender to you emotionally. But that is an art! The art of Romance, Love and Seduction. Romance = Powerful Seduction leading to a Powerful Erotic form of Sex! If you want to learn how to Powerfully Seduce your wife or girlfriend, I highly, highly suggest you take my complete 10 session intro course! Your wife, your girlfriend, your Love is worth it! 

It's all about Emotional Fulfillment for her!!

P.s. there is a song by Nine Inch Nails called "Fuck you like an Animal." It says: "I Want o fuck you like an Animal." "I want to feel you from the inside!" Listen to this song, listen to the powerful music and it's words and you will understand what she wants and needs from you!

It not only turns her on Sexually but it makes her Feel Loved!

Dating and Relationship Coaching | Loving Communication | Man Standing on a Rock with One Foot up With the Sun Setting on his foot like a soccer ball with an orange dusk back ground!

You need to satisfy a women's needs Mentally, Emotionally and Sexually through this hidden form of Communication and Body Language!

 It not only turns her on Sexually but it makes her Feel Loved!

This is where you get your True Power in Relationships! 

Yes, it's all about communication. This form of communication not only gives women love and emotional fulfillment, but also turns women on. This is the internal language and the indirect subtle form of sensual pleasure that is hard wired to her mating system through her right brain. Men are turned on sexually through their eyes and visual system. Women are Powerfully, Powerfully turned on sexually through their ears! Yes, their ears and through this hidden form of Communication that I teach in my courses!

P.s. just know, that you don't actually have to get angry or hurt anyone or smash anything. But, act like you are raving mad, sweat, spit fire and BE A CAVEMAN and grab her and throw her over your shoulders and smack her on the ass and give her powerful, powerful sex!

Dirty Talk with women in Relationships is an Important Art

YES, Talk Dirty, but there is an art to that and you have to know how, otherwise she may get pissed off, hurt, etc. If you really want to learn more, buy my book on sale now or set up your Private, Elite coaching series Now!



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