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Why Women Love to Argue and Fight! #2

It's Sexual in Nature!

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What? Ok, about 3 years ago, I was picking up a very close, female acquaintance at softball practice. (Name withheld for anonymity purposes!) When I pulled up, I was rocking out to Eminem's song, "Till I Collapse". I turn off the stereo and car and then I open the door and get out and all of a sudden I heard two girls screaming at the top of their lungs! Going back and forth, back and forth, yelling and screaming.

So I jump to and notice the few parents and kids left were at the opposite end of the field just watching. So I kind of backed off. And there, it was my little sweetie I was there to pick up!

She and her girlfriend were really having it out big time! Well, this went on for about 10 more minutes or so. And then they both broke down crying... (Hey, that's what happened with me and my girl in the last blog #1 on Women Love to argue... hahaha...)

Ok, anyways, I was shocked and stunned and wasn't sure what to do with my little female at this point. She eventually came over to me and I held her and hugged her and comforted her. I didn't say a thing and we just got into the car and went to dinner.

So about 2 years later, I was talking about how women  can have orgasms without being physically touched. And all of a sudden, she lit up and said yeah, I know... Well, she started to talk about this girl she was dating during softball, but also said that they never had sex. And I was totally shocked because we all thought they were LOVERS! If you know what I mean in a double picture kind of way! hahaha...

So I said, "Wait, you didn't have sex the entire time you were dating her?" And she said, "No, that's why we argued and fought!" "That's how we had sex?" I was like, "What?" She said, "Yeah, we were having mental orgasms!" So there you have it men, women are completely, totally different from you.

But the more you learn from me, the more you will understand your little cave girl and how to keep her mentally stimulating, fulfilled and satisfied in every way! (Note: have you ever picked up on or noticed women say that all the time, "Mental stimulation or it was mentally stimulating? That's the first step towards turning a woman on sexually, but you have to learn what it is, then how to do it!) There are answers in my course that not even Mother Nature will show you! If you really want to learn more, buy my book on sale now or set up your Private, Elite coaching series Now! 

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