Why Women Love to Argue and Fight in relationships

Why Women Love to Argue and Fight! #3 Dating Tips Relationship Coaching!

Ok, this is another reason why women love to argue and fight, even if they are not consciously doing this! Many times, many, many people, men and women express their needs unconsciously through yelling, starting fights, etc.   #1 So the other person can understand what you are feeling. That's why a lot of people will try to get you in the same mood they are in. They want you to understand by relating, by feeling their hurt or pain. And if you are feeling their emotions, they feel close to you and feel like at least 1 person on the planet understands them. #2 Fighting!!! Ok, today's blog is going to be much faster and to the point. But a Very Important Point!

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Why women consciously argue and Start Fights!

So I have written a couple of blogs to explain why women consciously sometimes start fights. And at other times start fights unconsciously. In the last blog, I stated that women can have "MENTAL ORGASMS" through arguing and fighting. And I also talked about how certain duck species, the female will purposely mess with another male duck and then swim back to her Lover / Mate and then they will start fighting. And how this gets the adrenaline going and also gets his and her sexual energy going big time. Now, let's simply talk about 1 thing. Now, in high school, I was a very rough and tumble kid. I was state champion in Boxing and captain of every football, baseball and wrestling team I was ever on! And I went to the state championships in wrestling.

My point, I was a very, very aggressive guy! And, growing up in Napa California, it was a bit tough in the sense that everyone felt like they had to prove themselves. And thus everyone fought, a lot and it was intense. That's why Napa had a lot of professional athletes come out of there in boxing, kickboxing, NFL Football, baseball, etc. etc. For a small town, it had a lot of great athletes. We were an aggressive bunch. Now, needless to say, I had been in more than my fair share of fights. I wasn't backing down to anyone! And after a few years, everyone pretty much figured that out. So, some where along the lines, a good friend of mine, he said to me, "Haven't you ever noticed how when guys get in a huge, fist to fist, all out fight and try to kill each other, that after words, they literally become best friends and also protect each other and a lot of times hang out all the time?" So, I thought about it, and he was right. I could remember in my life how a few of those guys were currently my best friends. Now in sports, this happened a lot in practice. We would fight our hearts out to win a position on the the team. And in so doing, we would bond. In fact, this is one of the core, core purposes in the beginning of the year for the coaches to make sure we kick each others ass's to the maximum, because it create group cohesion nad thus a much better team through more effective team work and working together as a team.

You see, when you have fought in the trenches in sports or on the battle field, those guys who show up every day, side by side with you, become family and many times closer than family. You care about those guys more than almost anyone. This is why childhood sibling rivalries & fighting at a younger age can lead to the same bond where a brother will lie for a brother or jump into a fight to protect his brother. So when one of your buddies gets knocked on his ass in a football game or is losing a match in wrestling, you scream 10 times louder to get him fired up! Because, in your heart, that's your brother out there. And when it's your turn to step onto the football field, it highly, powerfully motivates you to step it up and knock the shit out of your opponent to get back at that guy! To keep him in check, to let him know that you are not messing around.

Now that's team Cohesion and can cause an entire team to fight like BEAST MASTERS all the way through a fight! And that's the team that is going to win every time, hands down! See, when some guy kicks your ass or you kick his ass, you earn each others respect. Yes, even the guy who wins the fight respects the other guy, especially if the other guy fought his heart out. See, if the other guy is fighting his heart out til the bell rings, trust me, you are also going to have your ass kicked and left with bumps and bruises and cuts nad black eyes. So you learn, "man, if I mess with this guy, I might win, but I am going to know I have been in a fight and walk away with some serious injuries and a whole lot of pain." So the other guy can proudly stand there, knowing you will think twice before you mess with him again. So, not only does this earn his respect and your respect, but something else, much, much more powerful happens.

An Emotional Connection and Bonding happens that will make you 2 like family! This is true in a male and female marriage or relationship or friendship, and or in sports or on the battle field. See, human's tend to be stuck in their foreheads or mind not emotions, a lot. Most humans that is... And if you want to truly connect and bond on a deep level, then fighting is one of the best ways to bond. Because when you go into an absolutely complete rage, you are actually going deep into your emotional, right brain where emotional bonding occurs. And, the Chemicals are massively released and we tend to get high off of these chemicals and we cry and yell and scream and we open up completely emotionally and that's how you bond on a deep, deep level within emotionally!

Fighting in Relationships

See, Fighting is an extremely intimate, intimate thing to do!!! It creates a bond just as powerfully as when you have your first child and baby! So the next time you start to argue or fight with a stranger or whoever, you might want to ask yourself if this is someone you want to be intimate with on the level of sexual-emotional intimacy. It is literally like being completely naked with them emotionally. So if it's with your wife or girlfriend, let it rip... let the emotions fly. But make sure you go through the healing process afterword... hehe... I mean the kinky, hot sexual healing process. Now, all joking aside, sex on a very, very powerfully emotionally fulfilling level literally is a healing process and will bond you for life! Now, the more powerful you guys bond, the more likely the relationship will last.

Staying Married and in Relationships is challenging

One of the reasons why men and women are having a hard time staying married, is because it is so easy to get married. It is so easy to have sex. There is no earning process. And, and, men since the late 60's, 70's Hippie, feminist movement have taught men to be so polite and to not stand up for themselves to the little feminine princes who is walking all over him testing him and thus he fails her tests and she gets bored and is not bonded emotionally with him and thus does not feel he will stick around through the tough times. So she eventually leaves him. And most importantly, the Emotional connection does not happen on a deep level. Sure, you are both being politically correct, following rules that have nothing to do with creating a worthwhile, meaningful relationship that will last for a life time, but who cares about that stuff right? "YES, I AM BEING SARCASTIC AS HELL!!! SO DAMN IT!!! GET SOME BALLS, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, HAVE SOME FREAKING BOUNDARIES, DON'T LET HER PUSH YOU AROUND! SHE'S TESTING YOU! SHOW HER YOU HAVE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES AND DAMN IT, STICK TO THEM!!!! You do that, and she will melt and swoon into your arms, proclaiming,

How to be her Hero

"MY HERO!!!" I know, I know and all this time you thought your job was to be Mr. Nice guy and be perfect and not make waves! Women are weird huh? hahaha... So I am here now telling you and proclaiming to the world for you, "MAKE SOME DAMN WAVES, SHAKE AND RATTLE THE BOAT WHEN IT'S TIME TO SHAKE AND RATTLE IT!" And she will respect you, honor you and love you! And want some kinky hot sexy sex! (That's the fun part!) See, college fraternities understand this and so do a lot of business, sports, etc. There is  a period in the beginning where you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will do anything, that you will do whatever it takes to make the team or job or sport, etc., even risk life or limb many times to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, through injury, severe pain, sickness, public humiliation that you will do whatever it takes. And then they will hold you to the standard after you make the team.

This is the exact same thing that women want from men. This is what women mean when they say, "I like it when a guy calls me on my shit!" So what does this cause? It causes you to Massively, Highly value that group, team or organization. That's just pure human nature, any psychologist worth his or her weight will tell you that! Period! And you know what, it's the same with relationships. Are you going to be there through thick and thin? Are you going to be there no matter what, when you are sick or hurt or lost or confused? Are you going to get back up no matter how many times you get knocked on your ass and fight and claw for every inch you can get?

Are you going to fight for her love? Is she going to fight for yours???????? People, this is what this is all about!!! Because life is tough and we need people in our lives who are in our corner for sure! Just like my Kick boxing coach. He's on my side to this day, and I know it! If you have to prove to society to her, to her parents, to yourself, to GOD that you will do whatever it takes to make her your wife for life, then you will value her 10 times more than if she just gives herself to you sexually! If her mother or father or family tries to push you away and you fight back and keep coming back and don't give a rats ass what they want or think, then you will earn her hand in marriage because you showed her heart and soul that you are there for her! And the same goes for her! That's why in my past writings, I have written that you should tease her, don't have sex with her for a while, make her earn it. I am serious.

Make sure, she proves to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you, that she is the one for you! Period! Does she cook for you, clean, massage you, do special things for you, is she there for you when the going gets rough, when you are going through rough patches? If you do this, you massively, massively increase the likely hood that your relationship is going to last. This also means, that during the relationship that she holds up her end of the deal and works hard to make the family, relationship and you happy  and vice versa. Because this is what makes a valuable worthwhile relationship that you are proud of and is highly, highly emotionally rewarding on a deep, deep level. You know, it's just like in gambling.

The gambling agency's paid a lot of money to figure out just how often to let people win to keep them coming back, to get them addicted. You would think if you let them win every single time or ever 2nd, 3rd or 4th time, they would stay no matter what and come back for life. Well, turns out this isn't true at all. Turns out, if people win too much, it becomes like a very, very boring job and eventually they stop coming back. Now if my memory serves me right from psychology 1 class, it was something like a random mixture of winning between ever 16 to 26 times or something like that.

If people have to focus, work and earn it, it becomes and is much, much, much MORE VALUABLE to them!! So don't' give your love or sex away!!! My point is, you can't make it easy because if it is, they may not stay with you for life! And the passion will not be as intense and deep! Now, in a few blogs ago or chapters ago, I wrote about having this amazing, amazing dominant sex and how more and more women are coming out of the closet, even speaking on National TV talk shows about how they want more erotic, dominant sex.

And I also talked about this new book that is getting raves from women all over the world called 50 Shades of Gray. It's a book about Kinky, erotic sex where this guy dominates women sexually, ties them up, etc. etc. My point is this. Extremely passionate sex no matter how you get there, will blow open the doors to your right brain, or your emotions, just like fighting, arguing does. It's all about EMOTIONS, PASSION AND DEEP LOVE!!! And this is why women like to start fights and argue. The end! :) If you really want to learn more, buy my book on sale now or set up your Private, Elite coaching series Now!!! Buy book here: 


It's not over until you Win! See, that's why you are here!!!



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Why Women Like to Argue | Dating Tips for Men



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