Why Women Like to Argue | Dating tips for Men!

Why women like to Argue! Dating tips for men San Francisco

Why women like to Argue!

Dating tips for men San Francisco

Ok, ok, so you are wondering why women like to argue!!! And how do you know if a girl likes you!  When "girls argue with you they like you!" Well, the answer my friend is also in the question, "Why do women like to argue?"

Answer: Because it turns them on sexually and makes them want to have sex with you! Now you want to talk about xxx 50 shades of grey? Well, arguing can be one of the greatest turn ons for women. It gets their energy and juices flowing, literally and can turn into a very, very powerful bonding experience for her and you! Arguing with a girl / female literally triggers attraction and Powerfully turns her on sexually and makes her want to have sex with you!

So you want to learn how to gain power in a relationship? Well, this video is just one single step in that direction. Believe it or not, but women actually want men to know how to do these things that I teach in my course because they all lead to amazingly passionate connections and understandings with her, the real her inside that is hidden from the world. See, it's your job to learn how to find that little girl inside each and every woman! So come on and learn how!









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Why Women Like to Argue | Dating Tips for Men



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