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Why Men Never Express their Emotions! Revealed


Men do Express there emotions All The Time!!! The lie is that we don't... Fact is Men Express their emotions in the male language and in the male body language which is all left brain processing! Women can not process this in the right brain and dont' even recognize it as Expression of Emotions.

Thus she believes you do not express your emotions! You do!!!! All the time!!! But you have to learn how to communicate and express your emotions and self in the Right Brain Way so she can Relate to it and understand and recognize it!

If you do not do this no matter how much you hurt emotionally or express your emotions to her she will NEVER!!! EVER!!! In a Million years believe you EVER Expressed your emotions!!! And she will feel hurt and empty and all alone and walk away believing you never cared for her even though you did with all your heart and soul!!

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