Why men just don't get it. Mike Kollin - Dating & Relationship Coaching

"Why Men Just Don't Get it!" Mike Kollin (Dating & Relationship Coach) #1 Blog

Do you want to know why men Just Don't Get it? Because they are Neurologically wired Differently.

"Emotional Fulfillment is now Possible"

Why Men Just Don't Get it! Mike Kollin - Dating & Relationship Coaching

Men and women don't have to go empty inside and feel alone anymore! 

No more meaningless, lost, confusing conversations where you feel all alone, empty and or living with a stranger who you have been in a relationship for years with. 

Because Men Can Get it! Men can Learn, see, hear, feel and Understand women with my New Discovery and Teachings in what I now call Male to Female Communication. 

More Love, More Mental Stimulation and more Emotionally Fulfilling & Meaningful Connections through a greater, more in depth form of Communication that creates Meaningful Experiences together. 

Women need to be Loved in the Female Way!

It's Extremely Challenging for the Male Brain to Understand how to Love, Communicate with and actually Understand women, but it's very possible for men by Opening up to their Right Brain & Then Love, Communicate and Understand women. Yes! I teach men how to Open up to their Right Brain and Communicate from this space. 

Mental Stimulation & Emotional Fulfillment! 

Mental Stimulation & Emotional Fulfillment!

Yes, I posted that 2 times on purpose! 

This is MGK International and we teach men how to:

Open Up!

Speak the Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language of Love to her Heart! 

Men!! It's all about Emotional Fulfillment in the Hidden Right Brain Indirect language!!! 


Why Men just don't get it, doesn't have to be Anymore.

Yes, I teach men how to Open up to their Right Brain and Learn how to speak the "INTERNAL" Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language of Love that Truly Touches your heart and fills you up Emotionally with his words!

I made The Discovery of a Life time! And I promise you, this is The Answer you have been looking for your entire life! 
Heal your Emptiness once and for all...
When I was a child, I watched my mother and father absolutely Struggle to Love and Understand each other. And it was one of the most Heart Wrenching Experiences I have ever had to go through as a child and as a young adult. I also went through the same thing for years with my first 2 loves, only to watch the relationships fall apart due to lack of understanding, communication and understanding how to Love the Opposite sex and truly give her Emotional Fulfillment.
So for over 2 decades I began to Study Psychology and communication, Human Behavior, and everything I could get my hands on from NLP to Hypnosis to anything on Unconscious Processes, Dating & relationship teachings.
It's a long, long story but ultimately I accidentally opened up to my right brain through practicing different forms of Meditation and "Internal" awareness. And suddenly the Entire World Opened up!!! 
I had no idea what happened. I was stunned, Shocked and at the same time Exhilarated...
And this is what happens to my male clients when, about the 4th or 5th day they finally open up... Suddenly the entire world looks different, sounds different, feels different, even smells different. 
Suddenly they are Wide Open and Spacious and Feel very, very comfortable with themselves and women... and now it's suddenly easy to talk to women but they don't know why! In fact they don't even realize they are opening conversations with women at the cafe or at the restaurant, etc. To them in that moment it just feels natural.
Unconsciously they are speaking in the right brain language. 

I literally teach men how to open up to their right brain and speak the "Internal" Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling language of Love & Deeper Understanding so he can fill your heart with his Love!!

This is What Love is to a women! But he doesn't know what this is! Yet! 

"At least this is THE DOORWAY to leading her into her heart"

It is all about Mental Stimulation & Emotional Fulfillment through this hidden Right Brain, "Indirect" Language! This is Love! 

So why men just don't get it is a Neurological process.

Corpus Callosum

And here is where it Starts. 

The Female Corpus Callosum has more nerves than the male's Corpus Callosum. All that means is the nerve bundle between the Left and Right Hemispheres, the left brain and right brain, of the woman's has more Connections, connecting the Right brain with the Left brain. This is the Corpus Callosum. 

So in the female, she has more neurological connections between the 2 hemispheres. Which means she can shift from right brain to left brain super, super fast. It's like a super highway between her hemispheres. So she can be logical in one moment, then in her right brain, Emotional / Creative another moment. 

Now let's contrast that with a male's neurological wiring between his hemispheres. 

His Brain does not have as many Neurological connections between hemispheres. So what that means is, he is a lot slower when it comes to shifting from the logical brain to the Right, Creative brain. And I mean a lot slower. It's not impossible, but it does take a while for him to focus on art or music as in playing an instrument for at least 10 to 15 minutes. 

In fact, in High school Choir, I noticed that after about 15 minutes of warming up and singing, I would suddenly feel great and open, I was so relaxed and could breath deeply and was calm inside. But I didn't know why. And whenever I walked out of choir, I felt Great for most of the day. 

NOTE: Now here is the Good news!!! 

One of the Core Pieces of my course is that I #1 Teach men how to Open up to their Right brain through a series of Right Brain Techniques which opens him up! This is the Game Changer!

Yes, Opens him up in a way he is actually accessing his Emotions and Feelings and sensing the world around him so he can be "In TUNE!!!" Yes, he can learn how to do this!! 

#2 These Exercises also help him to be able to switch pages a lot faster. He needs to practice this a lot daily to improve speed and awareness, etc..

You know what I mean. You know when you say, "Keep up, I'm on a new page, etc."?

See, women can switch from left hemisphere to Right Hemisphere Fast, Instantly! But he, well... he can't... but!

The Left Brain, called the Male Brain, is the Logical, Rules, Structure Communication Processor! So men process communication / Words literally through Logic & Rules.

Thus words to him are logic. No feeling or sensing at all.

And this causes the "Either Or" mentality! The "Right or Wrong" - "Black or White" mentality. He literally can't think outside of the box, rules or structure that others have laid down for him. He can only follow rules and do what he is told while he is in this part of his brain. 

When a Male Opens up to his right brain he suddenly can think for himself and see the world in a much more Expansive and Powerful Right Brain way. 

This is The "And & Both" Mentality! 

The Right Brain, called the Female Brain, is the Creative, Emotional processor. This processor processes communication through the Emotional / 5 senses Processor. Thus she feels communication. Words become Emotions to her, not him. 

In other Words, Words are Literally Processed through Feelings and senses. Thus the Words go through this Filtered Processor of 5 senses and feelings and thus she is Literally Feeling the words he or she is speaking! 

Words are Processed through Feelings / 5 Senses = Feeling / Emotions.

* Remember, women are both left and Right brain.

He can learn how to develop this ability to be able to keep up and notice when you have switched. It will take a real committed effort on his side, but after time he will get faster and faster and faster because he is developing these neurological connections and getting better and better at it! 

#3 This will also increase his ability to understand your language and your communication and also be able to communicate to you on that Deeper, Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling level which you so desire! 

It also allows him to see Body Language a lot better and will automatically know what to or not say or do. Because he will be able to clearly see it!

And all of this gives him Greater Social Power by understanding and seeing Social skills a lot better! 

So yes, you can be on the same page! 

End Note.

What was happening, was I opened up to my creative right brain. And this is when you are relaxed, calm and open. And for most of the day, after Choir, I would really feel close, emotionally,  to & with, and get along with my Girlfriend because unconsciously I was in my Right Brain. And She so Loved this as women do Love it; when a guy can open up to this part of his brain and connect with himself physically and emotionally, because it allows & helps her to open up to her right brain and feel her body and tune into the world around her as well and feel life again.

One way I like to think of it, is helping each other to Relax, open up and simply let go and feel ourselves and connect with ourselves. 

The reason I say that, is because a lot, ok, "ALL" of my clients ask me, "What do I do to her?" And my answer always is, "NOTHING!!!" It's what you do to yourself that counts. 

And what I mean is, I teach men how to Open up and connect with themselves in a way that Grounds them Mentally and Emotionally, so he can feel "Emotionally Grounded, Down to Earth and Be Calm & More Aware." This Makes him more of a man too!

The Right Brain ads Emotions to his Left Brain. It's like Adding Fuel to the Powerful Ferrari. Without the Fuel that Powerful Ferrari engine can't even be turned on. Power On.

This allows his energy to flow and his emotions to Open Up!

The Challenge is, that word/phrase is a very foreign Phrase to men. Men are like, "What? Emotionally Grounded? Emotionally Fulfilled? Bonding Emotionally? Um. ok...??

These are foreign, odd and strange terms to the male Brain. I hated it when My step mom would say, "You need to bond with your father!" I was like What??? Ugh!!!

What's worse is men may think, "Oh, I know what that means as they are in their Left, Logical Brain Thinking it means B. when you mean A.. And this is a huge problem between men and women. 

We are not on the same page. We are speaking english or whatever language you speak, but we are processing the same words in 2 different parts of our brain and this changes the meaning drastically. Thus we are not saying or understanding the same thing at all. k

She's saying A. out of her Right Brain and he takes those same words and processes them through his logical left brain and thus it changes the meaning and sadly he really believes you are saying B. When you are saying A.!!!! 

So it's important for him to learn how to open up to his right brain.

And this helps you, to be around a man who is Down to earth, Mentally and Emotionally grounded, so you can feel more Grounded, Down to earth and Experience more Emotional Fulfillment with him in an Open, Relaxing, Natural way!

So men have to be taught in a very specific way in order for his brain to even understand what I am Talking about! But he can learn this! And the Major part of this Discovery was figuring out how to teach it to his brain in a way he could eventually understand Right Brain Processes. 

Trust me!!! It's HARD!!!!!!! I put my heart and soul into this effort!!! And he has to put his heart and soul into this Effort! Because that's what it takes! He can learn this and very very very well... 

Men Can Learn how to Open Up!

So You say something out of your right brains processor and he processes it through his logical left brains processor which completely changes the meaning to the exact same words. And thus there is the Problem. You are both speaking 2 completely different languages, processed in 2 completely different parts of your Brain! 

And this is what causes the most heartache and loss of Love no matter how much you Love each other! But we can Transform him! We can teach him! We can Rebuild him and turn him into the $6 Billion Dollar Communication Man Of Romance, Love and Emotional Fulfillment! OH! And Mental Stimulation. Let's not forget that.... 

Love & Understanding are just around the Corner! 

Left Brain Processor vs. Right Brain Processor

 Ok, so what is going on between the left and right brains processors? 

The left brain, which is called the Male Brain, for both men and women is the Logical Processor. Meaning it literally processes through logic. It also uses the word "Literally" because this is the Brain that is about being literal. So if a man is saying "Literal" at least in that moment he is in his Logical male left brain; or if it's a woman in her left brain.

So when I say male brain or female brain, I usually mean left processor or right processor, not a man or woman necessarily. 

Now what is different between the left brain and or the right brain for a man or woman? 

Well, for now, the Left Brain is the Direct brain. It Literally means what it says. So when a man is in his left brain, which he is almost all the time, especially when he is talking, he means what he says. 

Another way of saying this is, A Mean's A. That's it! There is no deeper meaning! So yeah, this is the Shallow Brain. 

But the Logical Male Brain has a very Powerful Purpose to keep the family alive and fed. 
See, in the caveman era he couldn't screw around so he had to be direct. There were not grocery stores or restaurants or 7-11's or trucks or high powered hunting rifles. He had to walk for days to get a deer or whatever they hunted back then. And then he had to get it home as soon as possible to feed his wife and children. This is why the left brain was designed to be direct and see things for the way there were. A mean's A.

Whereas the Right Female Brain, is "Literally" the Indirect Brain. It does not mean what it says, at least directly. It communicates in a rich, descriptive language in symbology. It's a much more in depth way of communicating. When a woman, or anyone who is in their right brain says A., they "DO NOT MEAN A!" They mean something more in depth.

I can hear 100,000 men Screaming Right now!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 

Now ladies, I know you might, ok, you do find it unbelievably hard to understand or relate to this, but most men, most of the time Go Batshit, Crazy Insane when you say to him "Well, yeah, I said A. but I didn't mean A. I meant B!" hahahahahaha.,.. Because they, men can't do it, process in this way, but he can learn! 

I Love it when, I am at the grocery store or some place out in public, and a lady or girl says something to her boyfriend or husband. Especially when I can tell she is saying A. but means B. and he is in Agreement, stating how he understands her, but he thinks you ACTUALLY Mean What you are saying, A.. he's agreeing with A. not B. what you really mean. And then later or the next day he says, "But you Said A.!!!" And she says, "Well yeah, but I didn't mean A. I mean't B...." and he just blows a fuse and calls you or her Crazy!!! Hahaha.... 

Well men, if you are reading this, believe it or not, but there is actually a real way to actually Learn & Understand this Hidden, Right Brain, Female's Language. Yes Ladies, it is a hidden language you have been speaking for years, so to you it's easy & seems obvious. But to the man who isn't right brained and doesn't process through the "Internal" "Indirect way, it can be a bit challenging to say the least. 

Ok it's impossible for him to have a clue you are saying something other than A.!! hahahahaha.... At least until he takes my course!! 

Love, Communication & Understanding is what this course is about!

Yes, it does take real effort, Time and Patience, but men can learn it! 

Now the left brain is all about Rules, Structure, logic and singular focus. Yes ladies, his brain is wired to be very, very good at locking on to 1 single thing and blocking out the world. 

Now that comes from hunting and fighting wars. He had to be an expert aim to feed the family and hunt. So over thousands and thousands and thousands of years, he developed this very linear way of being, including Linear Communication, for survival of the family! And it's paid off very well... 

We are Evolving

So you know when he is watching his favorite movie or his favorite sport or Football game? And he is totally focused on it? This is the way men get the MAXIMUM Joy out of Life! See Visual Cortex Below:

Well the Female Brain is the Opposite. You Love to Open up and Feel the World, See, Hear and Feel, Taste and Smell... And I can teach him how to do this so it makes it easier for you to enjoy the world in this way with him. But!

When he's Watching Football, just let him be a Man and Enjoy the World the way he enjoys it during these moments. Because trying to distract him or get his attention is only going to make him miserable and thus make both of you miserable. 

Men Like to Focus on just that one thing!! They do not like to be distracted. So don't! 

It's like when women say it's ladies night out or tea time or such. Women like to enjoy Female Energy and Open up, to the right brain processing, and let the energy just simply flow and enjoy the relaxing experience of opening up. So it wouldn't be fair for him to take that away from you. 

Ok, more about the left, logical processor!

It's really simple! No seriously it is. If you have ever said, "UGH!! MEN!!! They are so surface level!!! You Mrs. are Correct. The Logical brain was designed to be surface level. 

See, the left brain is all about Rules, Structure and Organization. It literally organizes our language. It's also about seeing / viewing things in a black or white manner. No fuzzy, kind of sorta maybe possibly. 

Now another process of the Male brain is it's Direct and functions in a linear fashion, which means his language, form of communication & thinking is very, very simple. It goes in a line.

If I haven't already stated, Linear simply means to go in a line! 

Linear = Line / ar. It's a word that was developed so it could flow in the english conversation. It's easier to say "The Linear language" vs. The language that goes in a line." Or "He is a linear guy" vs. "He thinks in terms of lines." 

It literally goes in a step by step process like in a line, like on a football field, going up and down the numbers. This is why most male sports have lots of lines and rules and structure!


6 Before

5 After

4 Then

3 Third

2 Second

1 First

It goes like this. "So first I am going to talk to Steve, 2nd I am going to find out what it costs, 3rd, then, later, after, but before, furthermore, etc."

So basically the way a male communicates is super, super simple. (Yeah I know, go ahead and laugh ladies.) Now remember, this was developed to Feed the family. To be Direct, to go hunting, not screw around and bring the meat home to feed the wife and kids. So it very much has a higher purpose. 

See, you have to understand, up until very, very, very Recently in the New, Very New, Modern world, we didn't have Grocery Stores or High Powered Hunting Rifles or Farms or Dairies or 7 - 11's or anything like that at all. We didn't even have Freezers or ice or Refrigerators. 

So men had to constantly hunt. And there was no time to grab ass or play around or goof off or go into poetry time! You had to stay alert, pay attention because of the Dangers of other Deadly animals and be aware of where the animals to hunt are, etc..

And this Forced him to use his Right Brain to literally be able to Smell Danger from 100's of yards away or sense danger from a mile away to have a heightened sense of hearing and seeing either danger or an animal from miles away in the thick brush etc. 

Note: YES!!! Cavemen & mean up to about 1930's, actually were very, very Right Brain & "In Tune" with their 5 senses, Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, taste; as well as left brain. He was much more integrated than the modern male. 

The Modern Male is a bit Disconnected. And this makes her, the female around him or in his life feel disconnected and gives her tremendous anxiety. This is one of the first thing we will work on, to get him more Grounded, Connected to himself so she can feel a sense of being whole and complete and connected. 

The Cavemen was very, very Emotionally Grounded, down to earth and was very much "In Tune" with his Bodies Radar Systems and thus nature and his surroundings, and could feel  and sense, smell, etc. very, very well. And this turns on the Females Mating system, because it tells her mating system that this guy is aware and thus a good mate to mate with!!

An Aware Caveman triggers her mating system because an Aware or Self Aware man can notice the subtleties of life and colors and sounds, tones, tempo, rhythm and subtle body language, etc.. Thus the "Tuned In" / Self Aware man can see who is being congruent and who is not. Thus he can get ahead in life! Because he can see, hear, feel and notice the subtleties. 

This Self Awareness makes her feel safe and comfortable.

But the modern world doesn't require this anymore, Especially at the Lower Levels of society and rank and Financial status. So the Modern male can hide behind his logic and avoid feeling and sensing any kind of danger using his right brain's 5 senses. The Modern male can make this thing called money simply by using his Left brain. And thus by default and laziness the modern male is very left brained and very rarely uses his right brain and thus is not "In Tune!" 

This is what women mean when they say, "What happened to all the Good men?" Well ladies they have been turned off!

The Lower 90% + Males can simply do as they are told and follow the Rules the other males set for them! They will never truly succeed or make a lot of money or move any where near the top but they can fit in, follow and survive. Not Attractive to women's mating systems.

But, any 1 of these men can learn how to Lead Himself which is what a leader truly is! And this is what it means to lead a woman. Not by going external, rather, Internal, by leading yourself. 

Men: When you are "Internal" Connected from your Left Brain to your Right brain, this triggers her to mate with you! This is a Good mate! 

Remember, men can develop this way of processing and being and being "In Tune" and move up the ladder of society, the military and the corporate world. Anyone can actually. It takes work and practice and developing.

The men who grow business's successfully and move up the ladder of power in society are those who develop their Right Social Brain much more than the others. Because this is the way you can read, understand and communicate with a wider, broader range of people in any society. And this triggers the female's mating system; thus a better mate for her and her children. 

End Note.

And remember, he didn't have a 4X4 Super Truck to drive over the rough, tough, IMPOSSIBLE Terrain that he had to tackle every single day with his feet and legs alone. He had to walk for miles and miles which may take him hours to an entire day, then climb up a hillside or up on a tree and with his sharpened stick, Hope and pray a deer or animal walked underneath where he was at. And he would still have to wait there for hours and hours... And Hopefully drop down with his sharpened stick. Hunting was Tough! 

So this took up a lot of time! 

So he had to be direct with his fellow cavemen and this was the brain he developed to feed the family and the linear, male language, included. Thus the male brain tends to be very direct, especially in his younger years. Thus to the point. To him this is the correct way. 

So the way to talk to a Caveman, I mean your Husband, is to say, 

"Well, first I have to do this, then I want this done, 3rd, we need to go to the grocery store and get this and this and this, then, after that we still have to get this done and that done." This is how he understands and processes communication. 

Yes ladies, it's that simple. 

In fact, I was at the Toyota Dealership and I spoke with a sales lady there and after I explained this to form of communication, she started to laugh. So I asked, "What's so funny?" 

Well, here's what she told me! She said, "Well, for at least a year, I couldn't figure out why men wouldn't buy from me. I would give them The Best Price in the state. I would lower the interest Rate, I would give them more options, Everything!!! And then sure enough I would see them a few months later in the same vehicle. And they paid more money, more down, higher monthly payment, higher interest, everything and sometimes they got less options, etc.. It really blew my mind they would spend more time going to another dealership and pay more money for either the same exact car or sometimes less." 

She stated, "I couldn't believe it was simply because I was a woman. There had to be more to it. I mean they were paying a lot more money for the exact same car. So then 1 day out of frustration, I simply did what you said. I said to a client, "First we have to take a look at the car, then we have to take it for a drive. 3rdly we have to talk about the specific options you want in a car. Then we can sit down and go over the costs, monthly payments and interest rates. And Finally we can sign the paper work and I can hand you the keys and the Car is yours!" 

She stated, "I massively improved my sales to men from that point forward. I was blown away how simple and easy it was to sell to men! Just give him steps to follow!! Hahahahaha..." 

Development of the Right Brain

Now women on the other hand didn't get the excitement or thrill of the constant hunt. Because hunting can be very, very dangerous and also very Rewarding Emotionally in an Exciting and Powerful way!

So after cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and picking berries and picking berries and fruit and doing the day to day stuff, year after year, after year, women got Freaking bored to tears. 

So, women Developed a Much Richer, much more Developed and much more descriptive language in their Right Brain. And thus have a larger, more developed Right Brain. And this is where I come in to teach men how to communicate in this rich and delicious language or Romance, Love and the Flavors of Life! 

The Right brain became very adept at noticing the slightest of differences in colors and smells and sounds and feelings, flavors, tastes, etc.... And this has tremendously added to the richness of life. 

And thus the birth of Descriptive language and words came to light. In other words, instead of a man just saying, "I have an Awesome Truck." She might say, "Yes, he has a Big, Powerful, Bright, Red, Shiny, Ford, 4X4 Truck!" So a man may use 1 descriptive word, but a woman will use a minimum of 3 to 5 or more for the same exact  sentence or thing. 

Hint: Guys, this is the beginning to Romance, turning her on and Mental stimulation. I go much, much more in depth in my course on how to Love & Romance a woman from Your Heart.

True Life Story First: When I sat down with my mother and taught this to her, after a few hours she got really really quite. I explained how the right brain and left brain process differently. And I explained how the Mating systems are connected to 2 different parts of our brains and how mother nature made us differently for Romance, Love and Communication. 

I Explained to her how men Experience Love. And that men unconsciously express their Love in this Male, Linear, External way, because to him this is Love. So this is why he expresses his Love in this way.

But, the Problem is: "This is NOT the way women Receive Love!" 

She got really really quiet. And, I just paused and there were a few minutes of pure silence... 

After a few more minutes, she finally spoke and said, "So your Father did Love me?" And I said, "Yes, with all his heart... you just couldn't receive it in the way he offered it..."

To this day I remember the yelling and crying... She just wanted to be Loved, truly, Deeply Loved. 

When I was 20 or 21, I was visiting my dad. And I was walking down the Driveway... and out of nowhere he cried out, "If God is so Great, Then why did he make it so hard to Love a woman!!!! I did Everything I could to Love your Mother!!!! No Matter what I did it only made her angrier!!" 

That was the first time I saw my father Cry out loud. To this day I have this vivid memory in my mind. And to this day I cry every time I remember this... Without realizing it at the time, it was this very moment that Drove me for decades to find The Answer to why men and women can't Love each other. 

If I could only go back in Time to teach this to my Father. But I can't. He's gone... But I can reach you and I can help you!

This is why I do this work.

So take a look at the way women developed this richer, more in depth right Brain language. Women did a lot of things over and over  and there was very little excitement, at least in the Caveman days. I mean you can only clean & pick berries so much before you get bored to tears. 

And thus the Birth of a Richer, more Descriptive language was Born.

To the Caveman a berry is a berry. But a woman might say, "No that's a Raspberry." And then the caveman Grabs a berry that is blue and calls it a berry. But again she says, "No, that's a Blue Berry." All the white irritating him, cuz a damn Berry is a damn berry! Then he might Grab a berry that is darker and calls it a Berry. And she says, "No, that's a Black Berry!" 

Well to Cavemen, they are all just damn Berries. Why do you have to complicate it so much? 

So the right brain began to notice the slightest of subtleties in colors and hues and shapes. Women began to create such an amazing way of talking and expressing that over time it simply went passed the males brain. 

 There is such a deep form of communication created that when 2 people are truly tuned into each other they can truly begin to almost read each others mind by the slightest body language, the slightest glimmer in each others eyes or even a feeling, literally. And that's what this course is about. To help you learn how to open up to each other and communicate with each other and be in tune with each other so you are not just talking, you are not just having sex, you are not just making love, You are Powerfully & Passionately Opening up to a Spiritual Level of Knowing! "Oneness"

Now, most women beg for men to simply be in tune enough to even understand her when she is simply talking to him, in what she thinks is direct communication. In this course, we are going to take it way past this!

When I was a younger Man, I simply did not believe there was a color Fuscia. I thought it was a fake made up color that didn't exist. I mean it looked exactly like Pink! I couldn't tell the difference at all. To me, there was no difference at all.

I thought it was women just being airy fairy, making stuff up. Because to men, the female language sounds like it's play time make up stuff time. But in fact the female language is a very in depth, very colorful and absolutely meaningful form of communication you simply can not reach or understand by being Logical.

Well, years later in art class I remember the teacher hold the color scale with pink and Fuchsia right next to each other and there actually is a difference. If I remember right, Fuchsia has a bit of purple in it. 

The Right Brain is what has taken the Human Race out of the Jungle, out of the Caveman Era and into the modern world, Where I would Like to Believe we are almost about to Step Bravely into. Into a much Greater Understanding of one another with True Love & Real Understanding of one another instead of Logically Judging each other Harshly!   

Any man or woman who takes my course Absolutely will shift into Higher Level of Love, Communication & Understanding. There is No Question about this! 

Ok, so let's get to some every day stuff first and then maybe to some more in depth, pleasurably romantic stuff soon enough.

Story Time

Ok, so you know how when your husband comes home and you ask him a simple question over and over and over and he finally flips out? hahaha...  

So in walks your husband from a long days work. And you merely say, "How was your Day Honey?" And by now I am sure you have learned this usually doesn't turn out so well... In fact, usually your Caveman blows his lid at the mere thought of this question... well here's what's going on.

He comes in the door and you ask him, "How was your day?" And he Responds, "Oh, it was fine or it was ok or it was good, or Great, or Awesome, Amazing" or any single one of these words at a time! 

So let's say he responds with, "Oh, I had a good day!" Well you merely ask him again, "Well, how was your day?" And he kind of looks at you like, "Are you deaf, I just told you?" In fact, I have actually heard men say this to their wives.... 

When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to live with my football coach, "Wild Bill" and his family. Well, 1 day, the exact scenario actually happened, for like a week or longer... hahaha... 

Now this guy is a Big Guy! He's like 6'2" and about 275 pounds. 

And his wife innocently asks him, "How was your day Honey?" And he smiles, "Oh, it was ok...." And she says, "Oh, ok..." And you can see in her eyes that she was a bit lost or wasn't satisfied with that answer... 

So another day he comes home and again she asks him, "How was your day Honey?" And he looks at her again and musters a smile, "Oh, it was ok, you know, just like yesterday..." And she is a bit perturbed at this point. But she is patient... 

So another day goes by and she asks him when he comes home from work, "How was your day honey?" And he is mildly irked at this point. No, not because he had a bad day at all. In fact when he walked into the house, he was actually a bit chipper and had a smile on his face. It was because every day she keeps asking this question... 

Well, now at this point he says, "Well, you know, it was ok, it was fine." And me and his son were smirking because we knew the fireworks were about to happen... Hahahaha... 

So of course, she presses. "Well How was it?" with a bit of push in her voice. And he kind of gets out with a mild whine, "Well, it was ok, it was fine, you know!" And she pushes some more... and asks again, "Well how was it?" And he's on the verge, the verge of blowing his lid, but manages to hold it in... And he says, "Well, I just said, it was a good day, it was fine, not good, not bad, just a normal day." And she is a bit disappointed and she kind of turns away and says, "Oh, Ok" with down tone in her voice.

(Now here's why? She literally can't understand this form of male communication. She needs a more in depth and descriptive form of communication in order to even understand what he is saying. Yes guys, Women "DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU!!! AT ALL!!! Most women will say, "I feel like I am living with a stranger." You've heard that before haven't you?)

So the next day the Fireworks begin!! hahaha... 

So in he walks, and Barry & I were on the couch waiting to see what happens, with smirks on our faces. In he walks and his wife in a very happy, upbeat tone, eagerly asks with enthusiasm, "How was your day Honey?"

And he says in a positive tone, "Oh, it was good, it was a good day!" And she says, "Oh, ok..." And we think, huh? Maybe not today... but then it happens... She digs her heals in Deep with Determination and says, "So how was your day?" And he, with a bit more volume in his voice, pushing back, states, "I just told you, it was good, it was fine!" And she says, "Well, how was it?" And he yells, "It was fine, I just told you!!!!!!" And she yells back, "But how was it, what happened?" Now at this point, he simply blows his lid and Screams, "It was Fine!!! Not good Not bad!!! Like any other day!!!!" And she yells, "What does that mean?????" 

Now he, this Big Man, literally spins in circles and screams, "It doesn't mean anything!!!!! Not everything has to have a God Damn Deeper Spiritual Meaning!!!!!!" And she says, "Oh, Ok!" 

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa CaveMan!!!! 

Now at this point Barry and I are on the verge of busting out Laughing!!! hahahaha... 

End Story: Begin Lesson... 

So what happened? 

You are going to absolutely Love this! 

So here is what's going on!  


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