Why Men Don't Get It - Emotional Fulfillment Mike Kollin

Why Men Don't Get It - Emotional Fulfillment - Mike Kollin

Right now I am listening to what I consider or call a Modern Concerto! 

It's Beautiful, it's Passionate and it's Alive! Exactly the way your relationship, love and life should be, full of Life! 

I am sure if men are listening to the lyrics they just might actually agree. 

Delta Goodrem's song Lyrics "Enough"

What do I got to say? How do I got to pray?
What do I got to do? Tell me.
Who do I got to be? What do you want from me?

What do I got to give, how do I gotta live,
When it's not enough for you?
When it's not enough for you.

I am sure many people, men and women alike can identify with this song's lyrics! For now though I am reaching out to men for women's hearts!

Why men don't get it. 

What does that mean? What is Mike Kollin talking about? Why does he keep posting and talking about "Why Men just Don't Get it? Get what? What do you mean Mike Kollin?" 

The Greatest Teaching on the planet is "Literally" staring you in the face, but are you smart enough to see it, hear it and understand it? I would say, "NO Sir you are not!"

But I can teach you, show you and help you along this path in a way no other person or course has ever attempted to. And still it won't be easy! The Greatest challenge you will ever take is this course!

I'll simply say it in the right brain, female language. Sure, you wife will understand but she won't understand that you are not hearing or seeing what She is seeing in these words here:

I teach men how to open up to their right brain and learn how speaking, the "Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling language" of Romance, Love & Seduction so you can fill her heart with your Love. For Clarity, Understanding and every day communication as well as Emotional Fulfillment!

Once you truly, sincerely understand what I just wrote, TRUST ME, it will then be ENOUGH! And that guy is The Point, so she can connect with your Greater Purpose in a much Bigger way! 

Yes ladies, I do teach men how to open up to themselves internally, within, inside so men can reconnect with who they truly are so one day he can learn how to not only communicate to you what he truly is feelings, seeing and thinking but / And also so one day he can share with you what he is experiencing in the moment so vividly, so powerfully that you will finally connect with who he truly is in that very moment!

So what is this all about? "Why Men don't get it?" No! It's about opening up so he 1 day finally does get it! It's about 3 words: Love, Communication & Understanding!





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