Why is it so hard to Love a Woman? Dating & Relationship Coaching San Francisco to Las Vegas!

Women are like Diamonds in the Sky! Gentle, yet Ferocious! Kind yet Brutal... Strong yet soft... Needy yet Independent...  Loving yet.... Some of the most Beautiful creatures on the planet and some of the most confusing! The sad part is that men truly from their heart of hearts do everything in their power to Love you. But if you were to ask the average women this, she wouldn't agree. My real question and answer, is "Why?" My father is a perfect example. He did everything in his power from cooking extravagant meals to filling the kitchen table with flowers, even paying a mariucci band to play for my mom! As a very young boy, I knew my father loved my mother with all his heart and all his soul. In fact, everyone knew this fact. I mean everyone except my mother! All I remember was my mother crying, saying, "You don't Love me!" In fact the very reason I  become a Love and Relationship expert was because many years later, my father suddenly burst into tears, broke down and cried in a way I have never seen and cried out, "Why is it so hard to Love a Woman? No matter how much you love them, no matter what you do to show them you love them, they only get mad!"

I know a lot of men can relate to this in a big, big way!!!

It was on a bright, beautiful sunny day when this happened and it completely caught me off guard. And it changed the rest of my life... I didn't suddenly know where I was going but many coincidences happened and doors would suddenly open and step by step over the years the emotional hurt and pain led me here! Up until 2 years ago, when I explained to my mother over the phone in about 3 or 4 sessions the way men express love is not the way women receive Love! And that is what this is all about. Unfortunately for my mother and father it is truly too late. My father passed away 15 years ago and my mother truly, her entire life burned up believing that my father never loved her. She was so, so, so hurt until I explained that the way he was expressing his love was a deep, deep, deep form of Love in the male, linear way! I think for her, it was bitter sweet. But I do believe it did bring her a bit of joy and relief. A sense of peace and quiet calm came over her. But, for you, it's not too late! You can learn the hidden secrets that mother nature hid from the male brain. And for you ladies, you can finally understand that men actually are wired differently in their brain and nervous system when it comes to loving you! In fact it is the complete opposite in the way that you express true, deep love. And that's why you don't relate to the male form of Love and literally can not receive his love when he offers it to you from his heart and soul. (And for you NLP buffs, I am not talking about the Predicate system or Deep Love Strategy. This is 10 times more powerful than that. Although, I do teach that in my course!) What I am talking about is something that I learned from a Buddhist monk a long time ago! It is the very Key to Loving a woman's heart in a way that she can truly feel and be loved by you! This also Powerfully shows single men how to meet that special girl. So whether you want to save your marriage and truly, truly bring back the Happiness, Joy and Bliss, or if you are a single man and you desperately want to meet that special girl and learn the Secrets to melting her heart, come to our next seminar and let's make this work for you before it's too late! And ladies, I am filling up small group workshops for ladies only to teach you the 3 missing keys to being loved. There truly, truly is an Answer! This is New, this is different and this Works! Love and Emotional fulfillment for deeper, more meaningful experiences together Now! Because, for you, it's not too late, you still have time to save your heart and hers! And that is what my course is all about! Love & Understanding through my New Discovery! SEMINAR DATES: Coming soon. Check back to this page or go to my website. Dates will be up soon for everyone! Give us a call and let's set up a small group workshop or couples coaching. This Discovery will relieve you  and show you what is missing so you can finally relax and be loved. 415 456 8558  Http://MikeKollin.com  

You are Diamonds in the Sky!

http://MikeKollin.com 415 456 8558 * Please feel free to call for a free consultation to ask question and find our more! Note: Every single woman I have spoken to from my Book Keeper to my mother to female clients to friends, to even younger girls, all women understand what I am teaching and desperately wish men could understand this. Well, Now you can! Take that step and join a very elite group of men who are aware of what has been hidden from men for thousands of years. Not even the experts are aware of this. I have had Psychologist as clients who have been absolutely blown away at my teachings. These teachings are not found in our college systems. Trust me, this is a completely out of the box course of the truth and what really works! Are you ready?  
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