Why do you think some people are successful in some areas of their lives, but struggle in relationships?

I think it's their energy that needs to be cleared. What I mean is, we see people all the time who have a great career, love their life, have great children an amazing relationship, family, etc. Then there are those great people who have a few areas of their lives that are really working well for them, but maybe no matter how many books they read or personal development seminars they go to or relationship seminars, etc., they still can't seem to make it work. So something on some level inside just isn't clicking. Sometimes it flat out could be, it is not their time to be in a relationship and they have learning's to experience for a few years or maybe even more before engaging in a relationship. It could be a misunderstanding on some level and or a level of growth. And once they click with that or learn that 1 little thing. All of a sudden, an entire new world opens up to them and bamm! They are off to the races and their entire life suddenly changes. And that is why it is so, so, so important to hire a specialist/expert in that field. How many times have you realized something or learned something years and years later after suffering a lot, and then looked back and bit yourself on the ass and said, "If I only knew that back then, I would still be with that girl or I would have won that tournament or I would have saved so much time & money?" I don't really think there is 1 answer for every person. It could be a different answer for this person and maybe a combination of learning's, discoveries, overcoming their own fears, etc. etc. I think the idea that we are all supposed to be in a relationship all the time is just pure foolishness. I have seen people learn and grow massively and become much better and more peaceful people first and then later make that special connection. I say, go with the energy, go with your energy and trust that it truly is leading you into a much better space. And let go of societies expectations of who or what you are supposed to be or supposed to be doing. Enjoy our life, be happy and learn and grow. And remember, it's ok to have rough patches and go through rough times. Especially if you are seeking some form of healing and or learning help. Because it's the learning and healing that will change your life for the better. http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com Dating, Relationship and Male to Female Communication Expert And Personal Development coach and NLP Trainer / Sports Hypnotherapist Mike Kollin
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