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Why do Women Feel Invisible in Relationships?

She Feels So Untouched and Invisible!

Since I was a child I could see and hear how women will literally Cry out to be Seen, heard and or Felt! As I got older I began to notice how most men would just shrug it off saying, she's being emotional.

NO! She Crying out to you to see her, feel her!

After 30 years of Teaching men how to Understand their Wives or Girlfriends and how to See them it has become very, very apparent men can't see who she is on the inside!

Now what do I mean men can't see women? She Feels Invisible and Untouched no matter how much you see or touch her!

You know how they say Cats Can eyes process visual information differently than humans and that cats can see better at night? 

Cat's also see colors differently than humans!

Another thing that cats do is they give off different body language than Dogs just like men and women do!

Well Guess What?

Why do Women Feel Invisible in Relationships?

Women Process Visual Body Language different than men do and that's 1 reason why women feel invisible to their husbands no matter how hard you try to show her that you Love her!

The way a women Process body language is in the complete Opposite way than men do! 

She processes Relationship Information in the Right Female, Relationship Brain, which is where she is supposed to Process Relationship Information. Men however stay in their logical left brain processor which gives completely different meaning to body language!

The Left Brain is the direct Brain! It is not the Relationship Brain at all... So when you express your thoughts, actions, body language through your left, logical brain she can't understand it because she is in her right brain when she is with you, because the Right brain is the Relationship Brain!! It's the brain you are supposed to be in when you are in a Relationship!

The Left Brain is the Logical processor! It gives completely different meanings to communication, Body language and anything else you do or say!

The left brain is very, very similar to the Older IBM Computers Processor! Yes, I am serious! It is the Logical, linear processor! Which means it processes in a Linear way which simply means in a narrow line! Which is the way men process. And the Male language is the linear language, which means it goes up and down a line!  

The Female, Right Brain Processor is the Expansive, Non Linear processor! Yep! Just like the Apple computers processor! Just like the Apple Computers processor is designed for music, sounds, colors and artwork so is the right brain!

The Right Brain processes through the 5 Senses, See, Hear, Feel, Taste and Smell. The Right Brain is very good for Art work, Music and anything to do with Creativity! Just like the original Apple Computers! 

Are you beginning to see something here now?

Cat's and Dogs Body Language:

Cat's and Dogs Give 2 completely different meanings when they use their body language!

I am going to give you 1 example: 

When a Dog Wags its tail, what does it mean? 

It means "Hello! How are you? Please, Meet me? Can I come over and say Hello to you!" It's a Friendly Greeting. A White Flag of Peace and Good Will.

When a Cat Wags its tail, what does it mean?

It Mean's Battle Positions Ready! Prepare for Battle! If you Take 1 step Closer I am going to Kick your Ass and Totally Destroy your Battle Ship! Back off!!!!!

But, what does a dog do when it see's the cat wagging it's tail? It gets all happy and approaches the cat to rub noses and say hello and walks over to the cat! And then Sudden "Meooooooooooowwwww!!!" and the Cat Scratches the dog on the nose!" 

And just like men, the Dog pulls back with this totally lost, sad and confused look on his face and looks up at the owner with this lost look saying, with a whimper, "What happened? I don't' understand? Why is she so mad at me? Why did she do that?"

No Matter how Hard you Try to Love a Women you Will Fail if you don't learn how to "Open up to Your Right Brain again the way Men Use to be many years ago!" 

The Modern Male is completely lost and stuck in his left brain and has Zero Awareness because of computers, technology and money! All of these are left brain things that the left brain understands. And because of this men have lost the art of being in tune, tuning in the way Caveman and men up until around the 40's or before were!

She Said, "I feel like I am living with a Stranger who can't understand me!"

I said to a client of mine, "Women feel like they are living with a Stranger who can't understand her like they are speaking 2 different languages!" My client looked at me, paused in silence and then said, "That's what my wife use to say before she kicked me out!"

She married you hoping, believing and praying that "YOU WOULD BE DIFFERENT THAN OTHER MEN?"

That eventually, one day, you would figure it out! That somehow she would find a way to teach you even though all of the other women on the planet have failed! It's not her fault! And it's not your fault either!

Yet we are all suffering Tremendously! Our Hearts and Souls are being Ripped out, shredded and torn apart! 

You do not have to suffer anymore if you are willing to truly take the steps to learn how to Love a women, Communicate in her language, the hidden right brain language! If you are willing to Open up once again the way men use to be!

These Truly are the Of Old before the turn of the Century, before the 1900's... 

Men use to be able to sense Danger from a mile way! Men use to be able to tune into an animal well enough to know when it's hurt or injured or sick! Men use to break able to read women and children in the right brain hidden way! 


Men simply couldn't read a women's Body language "Literally" to save their Lives or hers!


Women constantly ask, "What happened to men?" 

Answer: "The Industrial Age, Money and Technology!" 

Why Do Women Feel Invisible and Untouched in Relationships?

Remember, the Right Brain Processor is directly connected to the Body and literally processes information from and through the Body!

The Left Brain processes information through the forehead / brain. 

Which Processor do you think you need to be in for her to feel "YOU!" The Real Person on the Inside? You need to open up to your Right brain that processes information through your Emotions and Feelings!!!

She needs to Feel the Person inside your body! Inside you!!!

Logic is Not Love! Thinking is not Love!

You can not Love her through thinking! Thinking literally blocks you and disconnects you from your heart and emotions! And that's who she wants to connect with and feel emotionally!

It doesn't matter how much you Express your Love to a woman when you are doing it logically, mathematically through the logical processor! Because this is not who you truly are! And this is not your emotions and feelings!

And just like a Cat she can not receive your Love in this way! It's not Possible!

Do Men and Women Speak 2 different languages?

 Yes we do! And this is why Women Can Not Receive Love in the Way Men Express their Love! 

Remember how I was talking about how the Left Brain Processor is like the IBM Type computer processor and the Right Brain Processor is like the Apple Computers Processor?

Well these 2 processors not only process Body Language and Vision in 2 completely different ways! It also Processes communication in 2 completely different ways!

In Real life the IBM Speaks a different computer language than the Apple Computers Processor! So if you try to connects these 2 computers together they won't be able to understand each other without a Translator!

Just like men and women!

Now here's what Happens!

When a Woman is in her right brain and communicates through her right brain  and Says A. Unconsciously what he does is bring these same words over to his left, logical processor and it changes the meaning to everything she just said!

So she's saying A. but he's Truly Hearing B.. And no matter what you say to him he's Hearing B and Not what she actually said, "A!"

And thus the Battle of the Sexes Begins!

No matter what you say to him, he is hearing B. and not A. and that's it! She will do everything in her power to help him understand that she said A. and Not B and this just infuriates him!

Why does this happen? 

Because A. We are Speaking 2 completely different Languages! The External, Linear, Male Languages vs. the Internal Non Linear Female language!

And B. We are Processing the same words in 2 completely different Processors that process Language, Body language, Love, communication and information in 2 completely different ways and changes the meaning to the same things!

Thus we are not Hearing each other! We are not Understanding each other! And we are not Loving Each other! We are totally and completely lost to each other!

But there is a very, very, very POWERFUL ANSWER to all these Dilemmas for men and women!

I have studied like a Mad Scientist for decades to put together the missing pieces that Completely Put the pieces together like a Puzzle! And that's exactly what this is! When you see how the pieces fit together you will realize there is a way to absolutely Romance, Love and Understand Each other in a way that Opens her up, Melts her Heart and Makes her Cling to you for Life!

Another thing that Helped me put the pieces of the Puzzle together was something I learned from a Buddhist Monk on what Love is to a Woman! This Changes everything! 

I promise you 1 thing! After you take the course you will Clearly See the answers to the Puzzle of Romance, Love, Happiness and Understanding between men and Women!

But there's More!

What is Love to a Women? 

What is Love to a Women? I Mean Real Love! The Kind of Love she can not Resist?

Before I go I want to tell you, what you think is Love to a Woman is not! 

For the Win: "What is Emotional Fulfillment?"

Well the short answer is, "Love!" 

Now I know you have heard of Deep Love Strategy and the Predicate System. I also know you have heard of the 5 Love Languages! But is this Truly Love to a Women? I mean Complete Love!

The Kind of Love that Melts a Woman's Heart, turns her on uncontrollably and Makes her want to Make Love to you in the Most Passionate of ways and never Let you go!!!

But what is Emotional Fulfillment?

Well it's what Women have been Crying and Screaming for, for Centuries, even thousands and thousands of years!!

If you truly want the Answers, Take my Course on Crack the Female Code and the Codes will be Revealed and a form of Power will be Placed in your hands that very, very few men on the planet have!

You won't learn this in Pickup artist courses! You won't learn this in any books! You won't learn this from Tony Robbins or Men are from Mars or anyone else!

These Hidden Secrets are only taught by Me and will Reveal the very Master Piece you have been looking for your entire life!

Start here with my Book "Crack the Female Code" First! Then Take my Course for men!

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