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Why are you Afraid to meet women? There's an Actual Answer.

Why are you Afraid to meet women? There's an Actual Answer.

I have heard all kinds of thoughts and or answers to this including it's in our DNA Bullshit. Well, I spend a lot of time talking about DNA, but why would a Caveman be Afraid of a female? 

I know why the modern male is afraid of women.

The male way of approaching women pisses women off! 

Thus... since you were a teenage boy approaching women in your logical left, linear brain, you were irritating or even scaring her without even realizing it. That's the biggest thing my clients begin to see once they learn how to come out of their logical left brain. 

Learn how to meet sweet women.

Once You learn how to open up to your Right Brain and Shift your Perspective and see the world from this Right brain perspective, suddenly you will notice how "ULTRA LINEAR & LOGICAL" men are.

You will also begin to see how much men scare the living crap out of women even when they are trying to approach women and pick up on women they like. In fact the mating system is right next to your Hunter System, which means you "Literally" go into Hunter Mode when you like a girl. 

Thus women "Literally" feel like you are hunting them. I'm serious. But you can't se it from your left  brain. You have to see it from your right brain. 

Next time you watch a guy approach a girl, notice a few things: 

Notice how he leans forward instead of standing back. 

Notice how he locks on eye to eye like he is laser beaming her with his narrow pupils. 

Then Notice how she crosses her arms to put up a barrier to protect herself. 

Then Notice how she may lean away or pull away or even step away to put up another barrier or add space between her and him. 

Also notice who she may turn her body away from him to protect herself. 

These are all Major, Major, Major Warning signs and men miss them all day long!!! 

But women in the area will see them clearly and will go into help her!

If a woman is putting up a barrier like these, You are scaring the crap out of her!!

So, the reason you are afraid of approaching women, is because your unconscious mind is picking up on these signals she is giving you, as in the barriers and how afraid she is. So you start to get scared. 

And since you were a teenager, women have done all of these things including ran away, walked away, told you to get away, called you creepy or yelled at you or made fun of you in public. 

The reason why women do this is because they are scared and thus they striker out at you. Thus your nervous system is conditioned to be afraid of public humiliation and simply getting rejected or hurt emotionally. 

Hey, I understand, it really does hurt, a lot!!! I know! 

So by the time you are in your 20's or 30's or later, you have been hurt so many times, that your entire emotional nervous system is afraid of women! 

What can you do? 

Well, for starters, relax!!! 
Just breath deep, slow down and take your time. Seriously, you really need to slow down a lot. And breath before you speak. And breath when she is talking to. It will help you relax which will thus help her relax with you too!

See it from her perspective. You are a Total and complete Stranger. She has no idea who you are! And you are a guy. A male. Men have 4 to 5 times more testosterone than women, so even if you are physically smaller than her, you can kick her ass and she knows it. And if you are bigger than her it means you have to be able to calm down even more so she can relax when she first meets you. 

Also, GIVE HER SPACE!!!!! 

I am telling you, the #1 thing men do that scares women is they invade her space!

Now this is 2 fold. 

You can invade her space physically. And you can also invade her space with your eyes. And women hate this! 

Most men think women want you to lock on eye to eye when you talk to them. 

Nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth!!! Do not do this! This is your hunter mode getting activated and it scares the crap out of her. It is very controlling and she will RUN!!! 

So what should you do? 

#1 When you approach a girl, give her physical space. At least 2 or 3 feet space. Let her come to you. 

#2 Stand Neutral. Do not lean forward. That's just creepy. And when you are at the bank or grocery store or anywhere like that paying for something, "DO NOT FREAKING LEAN" over the counter!!! That is Seriously Freaking Low level Social skills and Low Level Awareness. And that is Massively Creepy!!!! Everyone else in line see's you doing this except you! 

#3 Take a 1/2 step to a full step back. 

Yes, even at the grocery store or bank or any counter, take a step back and notice how much she relaxes. She will breath deep and slow down and relax. And this will let her to fall into you! And that is the Secret. To allow her to fall into you! 

#4 So what do you do with your eyes? 

Well this is a really tough one because there is a lot to it. I teach this in my course much more in depth.

For now, simply go into Peripheral vision and then put your Awareness on our chest and back / Body. This will take the pressure off of her and allow her to breath deep and relax with you. DO not pressure women at all. 

If a woman is uptight, talking fast, has rigid, quick movements, it means she is nervous. 

So if you simply give her space, slow down, relax, take a step back and allow her to finish her conversations with you, she may likely feel better with you. 

#5 Do not leave your mouth open!!! Close your Mouth. 

I can't tell you how stupid this looks. Ugh!!! This is really low level stuff!!! Especially from the female perspective. 

Simply close your mouth. 

P.s. notice how when you take a step back when you are talking to a female, how she takes a step forward. Now this is the first step to Making Her Chase you! 

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