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Who You are Inside is What you Attract | Manifestation and Law of Attraction

Manifestation, Meditation and Consciousness

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I have been fortunate to compete and fight on the National Level and win! I have also been a straight A student, lead in Choir, music and art. I was lucky to move around as a kid til I was a teenager and experience widely different things, practices, arts, fight sports from Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Football, Racing etc.. And now a business owner, Life coach, Personal Development Coach, Hypnotherapist etc. etc..

My overall point / purpose is that there is a Common Thread through everything you are doing in your life!

As I watch this video I reflect on my life! And how I spent years meditating and for a moment in time completely disconnected from society! I also remember as an athlete completely leaving and going out into nature or simply into my bed into deep, deep prayer. 

It was this alone time that allowed me to discover myself and greater truths in Life! 

"Be a Loner, That gives you time to Wonder, to Search for the truth! Have Holy Curiosity. Make your Life Worth Living." - Albert Einstein 

"Be Alone, that is the Secret of Invention. Be Alone, that is where Ideas are born."   - Nikola Tesla

The World does not respond to what you say. The World Responds to who you are inside!

In this video it talks about Jorge Masvidal a rising star who should have been a star over 5 or more years ago! It wasn't until he took time off to spend with himself that he really found himself. And when he found himself he could then express himself. And now people can get to know him for who he truly is.

And Finally, Jorge is the Star that he was always meant to be and deserves to be! He didn't beat anyone that was better than before or more famous. In fact that's the thing, Jorge Masvidal has been beating top competition for years and years yet he never got the Title shot or Big Pay day or media attention. Not until "Now" that he has found himself. And now you can see him too!

The Common thread in anything and everything you do is "Who you are Inside is What you Attract!"

You could be an undefeated fighter for years beating the Greats yet no one will ever notice you. At least until you Find your "SELF."

And as they say in the video: 

"Information overload with render you paralyzed." 

So find a way, a space, a place, meditation to clear your mind so you can become clear once again as you were as a child. 

And Remember, What you are Inside is what you Attract!

So clean up the things in your life by cleaning up what you have / are inside! 

If you see or have patterns of being mistreated or constantly failing or things just don't go your way, it's not coincidence. It's just the energy you hold inside of you... Seek therapy and healing services to help you to begin to re-connect with those parts of you that are in disarray and watch how they begin to heal and integrate and become One with you, Opening you up to your Greater Power!

Life truly is Within You!

Good Luck!


Mike Kollin is an:

NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, HNLP Master Practitioner, Certified Personal Development Coach and much more with over 25 years Professional Experience working with the Pros!

I can help you Let Go, Change and Shift into your Power!

If I can do it for Professional Fighters and Top Fortune 500 Executives, I can do it for you! Let's do this!


Mike Kollin


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