What they Did Was Very Wrong | Narcissist Abuse 🐹💖

What they Did Was Very Wrong | Emotional Healing | Narcissist Abuse 🐹💖

"This is an important Message I You Need to Hear about Narcissist Abuse!" 🔥🔥


Empaths, Light Workers, Light Warriors, You Need to Hear this Message!

Take Back your Power and Live an Awesome Life by Learning How to See the Invisible Enemy that's been Destroying your Life!

0:00 What they Did Was Wrong

7:00 Healthy Teachings are Twisted

8:25 The Meaning of Words

12:10 Jesus said, "Turn the Other Cheek." = Means Walk Away

12:54 The Power of Walking Away

13:49 They don't Want to Go up! They're Terrified!

17:16 It's a Lazy Hypnotic Program!

19:24 This is Why You, Yes You, came to me!

20:21 You Will Heal through My Energy and Finally Let Go! 🐹👻💖


Emotional Healing

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