What most of us call Love is in fact not Love | Spiritual Awakening through Emotional Healing 💕

What most of us Call Love, is in Fact Not Love. 💕

What most of us call Love is in Fact not Love 💕 | Emotional Healing and Reconnecting with your Energy is Love! 💕

True Love is a Healthy Spiritual / Energetic Connection with Ourselves!!

True, Healthy Love is when we truly fall in Love with ourselves and genuinely Love and Care for ourselves with a deep level of compassion! God Bless you All!

Love is when your Energy Falls back into your body and your Energy Field. When we Connect from being Whole and Complete that's Love! Once you Fully Embrace yourself from Self Love then you can truly connect with another! This is True Love! Yes, my #1 teaching is working with your energy and guiding it back into you inside of you!

Contact us and let us Help you Heal Emotionally by Connecting with your inner self / energy / spirit! 💕

The Love Doctor 💕


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Mike Kollin - The Love Doctor  💕

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