What is Romantic Seduction? Elite Dating & Relationship Coaching tips for men in the San Francisco Bay Area

What is Romantic Seduction? Elite Dating & Relationship Coaching tips for men in the San Francisco Bay Area

A lot of people ask me what do I mean by Romantic Seduction? Well, let's start off with what it's not. It is not hurting someone! It's not taking advantage or someone! And it's not using someone! [caption id="attachment_522" align="aligncenter" width="300"]This could be you! Dating tips & advice for men. Meeting women is easy once you know how![/caption]

So, what is it?

Ultimately it is Mother Natures Choreographed mating dance! And, just like animals and birds there is a very intricate mating dance that, when mastered allows the Seducer to spread his seed and or she gets to choose her mate and thus the DNA for her Children! When done Correctly, it is done with class, grace, power and style! Ultimately it creates a much stronger emotional bond that allows the relationship to last... Unfortunately in our society, in the modern age most men are taught by society, church, movies and misunderstanding what seduction actually is, that seduction is wrong or bad and that women don't want to be seduced or turned on! Which by the way is completely and totally false and wrong. Ever notice how many women either read Romance novels or romantic articles with Romance stories within them? Is it possible that women are starving for this form of Romantic Seduction because men don't know how to do this? Why yes it is. In fact that is the very answer that is true! See, I keep repeating over and over that women are looking for and want and understand and are aware of this form of seduction. Now you might have noticed that I said, "This form of Seduction!" See, there is the male form of seduction, which is about being tricky, using tricks, being manipulative and taking advantage of her so he can get what he wants. And yes, this does hurt women when they realize what you have done. And this is why so many men think women don't want to be seduced or turned on sexually! Well, let's expand that truth 1 step further. Women don't like the male form of seduction because it hurts them emotionally. So now we get a bunch of men who go to the extreme opposite and try to be Mr. Nice Guy, which turns her off! This is not what she wants either! She wants a man with a set of balls who is wiling to put it all on the line and be honest about his intentions with her! NOW RE-Read that again!!!! She wants a man who will be honest with his intentions! Now a lot of you nice guys right there fail miserably, because you lie about your intentions! Of course you want to have sex with her. And that's absolutely fine. That's why playing the nice guy or even being somewhat submissive is misleading. It's like a criminal minded person setting her up to fall and take advantage of your friendship. I remember I asked a girl why a guy friend should never try to have sex with her. And I said, "What? I Thought that women always talk about how their lover should be their best friend, etc.!!!" And she said, "Yes, her Lover, not her friend!" Now after we talked for a while, what she meant was that if you approach her as a friend, then she will connect with you as a friend, not a Lover! And then, as she said, "If you try to change that, then you are taking advantage of her, just like a criminal minded person setting her up!"

Do you get that?

[caption id="attachment_1336" align="aligncenter" width="300"] That's Me Teaching the Monks in the temple![/caption]

Do you want to know why the nice guy always fails or how does the phrase go? The nice guy always finishes last.

Well, you want to know why? Because she wants you to be a man, be upfront and let her know that you are sexually attracted to her! Let her know that your interests in her are sexual and not platonic. Therefore, she knows what she is getting herself into! And then you are allowed to proceed from there down that path of the Romantic Dance of Seduction. See, Seduction is a 2 way road. She as a female has already mastered the Dance of Romantic Seduction. And she is looking for her equal in the Dance. So, are you inept? Do you know the appropriate way to approach a female letting her know your attentions in the hidden female way! Do you know the art of triggering her mating system in the hidden female way? Do you even speak the right brains hidden Female Language that she so enjoys and is deeply pleasured by? The answer: No! How do I know this? Because it is sooooooooooooo rare for men to have even a clue what any of these 3 Secretly Hidden Keys are, it's like 1 in a Million. Sure, sure you have the male form of lying and trickery which rarely works and only leaves her in despair, wondering where her Knight in Shining Armor is? See, Mother Nature purposely hid these 3 Hidden Keys from the male brain for a higher purpose. To allow the mentally smart and mentally driven male who is willing to put effort & time into figuring this out to be able to choose his mate, a higher level female for smarter, stronger, healthier children! Now, let's back up a step or 2. I first said that she is looking for a male who has the balls to be upfront and honest about his intentions. Now, I already know what you are thinking. You have tried that and it usually pisses women/females off! And you know what? You are right! Hahahaha... I bet right about now, you are thinking, "Mike has lost his marbles. He just said to be upfront and tell her your intentions." Well, yes, I did. But you can't do it in the male form or the male language! If you do, it will really offend her! See, you must do it in the "Indirect Female Language!" Yes, there is actually a Hidden Female Language & Body Language and more. And this is one of the things Mother Nature purposely hid from the male brain. Again, it's because if you can #1 Discover what this is and #2 Learn over time how to develop this language, you will literally trigger her mating system to Powerfully want to have sex with you! And this is the #1 Hidden Secret to the mating dance in humans! If you just learn this 1 thing, you will have women flocking all over you! And, if you are married, you will save your marriage if it's not already too late! She will only wait so long for you to learn how to do this before she leaves you! The problem is, the male brain was wired in the complete opposite direction as hers and his mating systems nerve is connected to a different part of his brain thus leaving him completely unaware of what this is, so he continues to do the male form of Seduction, being the nice guy, paying for dinner, drinks, gifts and flowers only to see her storm of mad and angry or say, "I have a headache!" And once you learn how to do this, you will do it in the way she Likes, Enjoys & Understands. Now She can Dance with you! And the Dance of Life has begun! And this is what all women are waiting for! And, remember, just like learning a dance, she knows and is clearly aware of what you are doing and likes it and supports you in this form of Romantic Seduction. She will even help you learn it and develop it better and better, just like learning how to do the Flamenco Dance routine or any dance. Why? Because this form of Romantic Seduction really, really turns her on! * This is a Deeper Form of Communication which all men are oblivious too. But, come learn how to communicate in this hidden way and master the art of Loving her heart in a way that gives her emotional fulfillment and melts her heart, allowing her to completely surrender to you and brings her back into your arms once again! See, women want to surrender to you. But there must be a few Powerful Key things in place. #1 You must learn how to let go of the narrow vision and develop this right brain form of Awareness. If you did, you would begin to learn her language of love! The problem is, Mother Nature did something to lock you into your Logical, Left, Male Brain. And thus, once again, another Locked door for men to discover what this Hidden set of Secrets is to a woman's heart and body! But don't worry, we hear at MGK Enterprises have developed a very, very powerful way to teach you the Secret to opening up to your right brain. There is a kind of default that we found in the male system that will open you up. Then we will teach you these Hidden Secrets from there! Because now at this point you can see them and understand why they work. So now your eyes are open! And you can see! This puts her system at ease and allows her to begin to let go unto you! But, not until you do this! Now, my buddy sent me a video about this really rich much older guy  being interviewed by a female in her mid 20's, talking to this girl about money and "how it's energy and it wants to express itself and how it wants to jump into your pockets, it really does..."And then he goes on in intricate detail about how money works and finances, taxes, interest rates, etc. etc., Money talk! Now, my lady and I start laughing & giggling, and my buddy is like, "What are you laughing about? He's talking about money and how you can create more, etc. etc., how's that funny?" And I looked at him and said, "Are you serious?" And he said, "YES, do you know who that guy is and how much he is worth? He is worth Billions. Only Bill Gates and maybe 10 other men are richer than him. You really should listen to what he has to say!" So, I take a step back and look my friend dead in the eye  and say, "Rewind that and listen to it again and watch his body language and notice how she reacts and listen closely to how her tonality shifts. And also notice how she gets a bit angry at him and how he blows her off and just keeps plowing into her verbally, and how what he says next actually seduces her sexually and turns her on right there on National TV. More importantly, notice how all of a sudden she goes right along with it, as if he just passed her test, and is now totally comfortable and happy with it. She literally swoons because she has just found her Knight In Shining Armor, A man who can speak this"Hidden Female Language" fluently!!!" Now at this point, my friend is perplexed because he was sooooooo certain this was an interview about money. And I said, "Oh, yes, of course it was! But it really wasn't at all. Sure, he is talking about money and how to understand it to gain more, etc. etc. but his personal intentions are to seduce that much younger girl into his bedroom. And he has successfully succeeded in doing so!" And he said, "What do you mean?" I Said, "There is a Hidden Language within our language that is underneath! And only the very, very few, elite who have discovered how to open up to this part of their brain know how to do this! And if you notice this man is a very, very rich and successful man. And the reason he is so successful is because he see's this Hidden World so to speak! Notice how old he is. It took him a long time. See, once you learn how to effectively see this and use this it will open the doors to everything you want in life, including women! This hidden form of communication and language and much more gives you Social Power, Influence and Dating & Relationship Power! This is what she wants you to know! Some come on, sign up now and learn how to gain your Power in Life, Business, Love and so much more! There is an Answer! And it's only taught here. There is a Secret that I was taught by a Buddhist Monk. And I have spent the last 20 years of my life perfecting the art of Teaching this to the male Brain. And that has been the biggest challenge; is figuring out how to teach this to the male brain who is not connected in this way to see, hear and know what this is! But Now We Can! And it's only taught right here at MGK Enterprises! This course will massively amplify everything you know and give you more Power, Influence and much, much more. And this applies to all men, including married men because she needs this from you in order to feel truly loved from you on a deep, deep bonding level within emotionally. If you are still relying on paying for things and buying her expensive gifts, then I guarantee you, the clock is already ticking and the relationship is already almost over!

Just open your eyes and see that Life is Beautiful!!!

So come now and learn how to Open your Eyes!

Its' everything you have always wanted to know!

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