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What is Love? #1 | You Don't Understand Love!

What is Love? #1 | You Don't Understand Love!

In the series of Video's coming up on my youtube Channel I describe in depth and break down the Core Key components to what Love actually is!
The Challenge is, Love is not what you think it is... Sure Love is emotional and love is about Feelings etc.
Love goes much deeper than that! Love is something that happens inside your body / mind. It's an artery in the Lower Reptilian brain that relaxes and opens up fully thus allowing blood to flow into the larger right brains hemisphere! This opens you up to your emotions and feelings and thus Love!
I also talk about how a hidden form of communication Romances a woman and arouses her sexually by allowing this artery to open wide open! 
The Key Phrase is Emotional Fulfillment! 
Without giving it all away, follow this video series and watch how I break down this complicated subject into very easy and manageable bite sizes. Most of the follow up video's are as short as 3:33 seconds to 4:44 seconds up to around 6 1/2 minutes... 

How to Talk to Women | Dating Tips for Men
How to Talk to Women is a New Discovery on Understanding how to Romance, Love and Melt a Woman's Heart! There is a Hidden Key, a Code, that will Absolutely Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Understanding The True Nature of Loving a Woman's Heart in a way she will Cling to you, Hold onto you and Love you with all her Heart! Without this Hidden Key you will be Lost in Chaos and Confusion forever! 💕
If you Want to sign up for Coaching Sessions please take a look at my "How to Talk to women Page!

How to talk to women | Dating tips for men

How to Talk to Women | Dating tips and Relationship Coaching
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