What does it take to be The BEST Singles & Relationship Coach?

HEART AND SOUL AND A REAL DRIVE AND DESIRE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND FIND THE ANSWERS! I just read a posting on linkedin.com in the dating and relationship categories. And the Title will shock you, and the responses will shock you even more because many of these so called professionals were not nice at all. But finally the person they were talking about left such a "WHOOP ASS" Response that I had to applaud, agree and comment as you will see below: Female 25, leaves her job from the voluntary sector working with children where she worked until 2012 to set up a "Dating Agency" After six months she's calling herself a "Professional Matchmaker" Article Link here: http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&discussionID=129396113&gid=3218721&commentID=89311257&goback=.amf_3218721_55805852&trk=NUS_DISC_Q-subject#commentID_89311257 My Comment: Mike Kollin • Well, I don't know about y'all but that was one "WHOOP ASS" Response! hahaha... Good job and well put! You've got what it takes to make it! And that's what makes anyone great in any field or endeavor! It's not the degree. By this time in life all of you should well know that no matter what your degree is from a bachelors to masters to phd, it's all about the person's commitment & true desire. So many educated people get a degree in a specific field so they can make a lot of money, not because they want to be the best and really help people. We have seen these highly educated bafoons who just spin in circles... ' And then we have also seen these amazing geniuses who have barely even attending college make millions or more and make amazing ground breaking breakthroughs like Tony Robbins and many, many others! If there is one thing I know for sure, it is truly the sheer desire in a person's heart that causes them to do everything in their power to find the real answers and offers something up real and genuine that makes a difference in other peoples lives! Bless you all... http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com Mike Kollin San Rafael, SAn Francisco / Bay area Love and Relationship Coaching Expert and Male to Female Communication Expert New Discovery! ------ Now, that was my response. Now I will tell you about myself! I absolutely fell in Love with Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and communication in my early, early 20's. All I would do is go to class, study, read books on psychology, and then go to certification courses on NLP every chance I could for 12 years. And I still read and study NLP and Hypnosis, etc. on a Daily basis. I Love it! And around 15 years ago, I began to notice something very specific in the female's mating systsem and how women think, communicate and fall in Love differently than men and I began to solely focus on that with everything I have learned and began to focus and study and master this over the years! I will tell you this! I may not be the Best Marketing Expert in the world and I am still learning how to use social networking sites and social marketing tools to get the word out there and I may not have the prettiest design for my website or business cards, but I can tell you this! HANDS DOWN, I have the absolute best course on the planet for any man or woman who truly wants to understand the opposite sex for Dating, Relationships, Marriage, Romance, Seduction, Pleasure and creating that deeper bond! ----- LET me tell you this! NO, I do not have a Masters or Doctorate in Marketing! But I will tell you what every single client male or female has told me about me, my course and my teachings! Every single one of my clients has told me almost verbatim, word for word! "YOUR MARKETING, YOUR WEBSITE DOES NOT REFLECT WHO YOU ARE OR HOW POWERFUL YOUR COURSE IS!" "Your course is so, so, so much more than what you advertise or how your video's or website or ads get across!" Now mind you, the majority of my clients are adult males in their 40's to early 50's with a Masters or Doctorate degree usually in Psychology, Communication or Human Behavior from Major Universities like Standford, Berkeley and even Harvard! And their typical response, especially those who are Professionals in Psychology or Communication will say, "Where did you learn this?" "How did you figure this out?" "I have never seen or heard of these teachings anywhere!" I am telling you right now, that this is not being taught in any school or major university on the planet! You will never, ever find these teachings in colleges or from any of the Love and Relationship Experts or the pickup artist courses because these are literally hidden teachings! I may not have mastered the art of marketing or sales or advertising, but I Guarantee you my course will blow you away! This is a Ground breaking course that you will never find any where else! This course is a course based on true understandings for real life Results! If you want to go find someone with a Doctorate degree, go ahead, be my guest! IF you want to take a course that is politically correct and is playing the game, go ahead and be my guest because those things will waste your time and money because they do not work and are not based on what's real and what works! If you are looking for the real deal and are looking for RESULTS, then give me a call: 415 456 8558 Mike Kollin Dating and Relationship coach Male to Female Communication Expert NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and much, much more...
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