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What does it Take to be a Dating and Relationship Coach?

 This Post is in Response to someone who emailed me and asked me what it takes to be a Dating and Relationship Coach.

I am re-reading your first email and you mention Dabble.

No! You don't dabble with peoples hearts... especially not for profit or to make a living... 

It has to be your Calling!! It has to hurt emotionally so bad that you couldn't quit even if you wanted too...

I Don't care about Vacations or Travel or going out Friday night... There is a moment... a moment in time... when you are working with a client and the lightbulb goes on for them!!!

You see... an "Aha" moment in their eyes and demeanor that absolutely freezes them in time... You see a sense of purity! A serene calm washes over their emotions, feelings and their heart... you see Hundreds, thousands and thousands of memories rush past them from the day they were born to the moment they walked in for today's session... you see them realize their entire lives, no matter who they studied with, who they learned from... they have this realization that everything they thought they knew...

Was totally and completely wrong!!! 

They... sit there stunned... in a deep, deep trance from the far past... re-alizing, re-aligning, re-understanding everything from day 1 to right now in this very moment in time... 180 Degree perspective shift on everything their mother said, father said, girlfriend said, wife, teachers said was not what they thought it was... and now they can See... Hear, Feel and Know... Tears pouring from their eyes.... falling off their cheeks onto the floor... not moving, barely breathing... crying... just sitting there... Overwhelmed and completely stunned... Left with a level of clarity they couldn't even imagine before this very moment in time...  

All that hurt, all that pain was never necessary... it was all a misunderstanding... it was just 2 people viewing, perceiving and understanding the world in 2 completely different ways from 2 completely different perspectives!

All the Hurt, all that Pain was a Misunderstanding of What Love Truly is!!! 💕

People over use the word "Passion" because most people have no idea what that word means.,.. they just throw it out there because it sounds cool, it's the Key Word of the day... so to tell you it has to be your passion isn't, it doesn't give it justice... It's not even close...  

It has to be something you are Madly, Passionately, Powerfully in Love with like it's your first born Child! It has to be your heart, your soul and your entire mind, body  Spirit and every ounce of your emotions... It has to be who you truly are within, your First, your last, your only Love!!!

It has to be the Very Reason you exist!!!!

Otherwise take your skillset and find a way to express your hearts desires and your passions to reach and help the world!!! 

What do you really, really, really want to do??? What keeps you up at night??? 

I haven't slept a decent night in over 30 years... I can't stop! It won't let me... 

And I am ok with that....


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