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What did Christ Mean when He said, "I am The Way?"

Jesus said, "I AM" the way! = The Left logical brain is open to the Right Emotional Spiritual Brain. When the Mind is first "Open" to the Right Open Brain that is the I Am Jesus spoke of... The Forehead is the I the Open Heart is the Am. This is when the 2 become 1. You can not enter through the gates of Heaven unless you first become One. At + One = Atonement! It literally means At Onement! You must become ONE with yourself.

The left and right Hemispheres must be open to one another and on the same Wavelength literally. They can not be closed / Divided from one another and on 2 completely different wave lengths! They must be "I Am at One!" As Christ spoke "He Shall be Married One unto She!" Christ is speaking of the Left Male Brain to be open "ONE" Unto She the Right Female Brain!

Christ Also Spoke and said, "Look Within!" This is the Way! Because this is how you Open the Logical Brain up to the Right Brain!

This is what I Do! I have been teaching people how to become One within by learning how to "Look Within" through a series of teachings, Techniques and Exercises and how to Open up your Energy!

This is the Way to "I AM!"

Contact me if you are interested in learning how to do this and develop this within your "Self" which by the way is the "Am" the "Self = Am!"

You must connect with your "Self" within you! "Look Within!"

I Am Mike Kollin

God Bless you All... 💖
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