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Hello there and how are you San Francisco and World???  :) Smile! This is Mike Kollin of MGK Enterprises http://MikeKollin.com Ok, I just wanted to write a super, duper quick blog today because I just got off the phone with a new client who just lost his fiancé before they got married! And that is super, super sad! But there's good news! He found me... hahaha... There is an Answer to Save Relationships and teach men the real Secret to Making her a happy little girl inside. :) Well, what do I mean? I mean, that he now opened the door to the rest of his life in Love and Relationships. What is missing in relationships is very, very clear to most women, most of the time but women are not quite conscious of the why as in why in the hell don't men get this? Well ladies, the answer is because our brains are wired completely differently! The male way of receiving and giving love is the opposite of yours! See, men deeply attempt to love you and give you the deepest of love. But you don't even recognize all his efforts as love because your system does not recognize this as love when men give you Love! The Good news is that I discovered a way to teach the male brain how to Open up to his right  brain! hahaha.. yea! I did! I figured out a way to not only teach him how to open up to his right brain, but also how to understand how to speak the "Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally fulfilling INTERNAL Language that women love to receive! hahaha... See, guys it's right there! Yes, right there! hahaha... I just spoke female language, literally! She needs to receive your love in a Hidden Female language that Mother Nature purposely hid from the male brain! Yes Ladies, Mother Nature hid this "Indirect" "Internally Stimulating language from him!" I know, sad huh! And this is why so many women dont' believe their boyfriends or husbands love them, when in fact the complete opposite is true! Men do Love you!! Very, Very Much!!! But they don't know how to communicate it in the way the Female system can see, hear or understand this! So this is so so sad... but good news! Your Hero of Love, Communication, Understanding and Deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connections is here! hahaha... So you can say this is a Happy Day for Man and Woman kind! Happiness, Love, Understanding, Clarity, Stimulating Conversations, Emotionally fulfilling and Meaningful bonding experiences are Now Very, Very Possible! Give me a call and let's set up a workshop for the ladies and a Coaching series for the men! Mike Kollin 415 456 8558 Here is a song that exemplifies my teachings and what they are all about: Love, Communication, Understanding and Romantic Seduction! Yes guys, Seduction! Powerful, sensual, sexual Seduction! Let's Go!

Love Somebody

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