Using NLP & Hypnosis for Dating & Relationship Coaching Clients

Using Hypnosis & NLP for Happiness, Fun & Success in Dating & Life!

Trust me, YOU WILL LAUGH! 

Using Hypnosis For Happiness, Fun & Success in Dating & Life!!

Personal Development Coach, Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer and Communication Coach Mike Kollin

I anchored him to this pen.
Every time I go to use this pen he keeps laughing because I anchored him to it a day before and forgot about it.

We've been trying to do this session for 10 minutes. Focus in. I'm going to break his pattern. So look to the right. You can look at me, OMG!! Look at the pen now. It's smooth, cylindrical and calm... so how was that?

At MGK International we have a good time. Say it's fun?

Adam, "I don't even know why I am laughing. "

Me, "I think you are anchored to any kind of pen is what it is. Look." Oh yeah, it's the pen. To all your nlp and hypnosis practitioners, do not anchor your clients to pens because you have to use a pen to illustrate shit. So now we have a problem. Houston we have a problem."

Adam, "This is like a workout dude."

Me, "Would you say this is a fun course?"

Adam, "Yeah, this is a lot of fun man. hahahaha... yeah, it's been good fun!"

Me, "I've never seen a British dude laugh that much in my entire life."
Adam, "Nor have I."

Me, "We are going to get to the 2 most powerful patterns that I teach men. I only teach it at the end because #1 you have to understand it #2 I am not giving this stuff away!!

This is worth a lot and Life Changing!

Bye... Happy 2017

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